90’s Kimberly Woodruff


90's Kimberly Woodruff

Kimberly Woodruff is a name that is synonymous with resilience, perseverance, and unwavering strength. She is recognised for being the wife of the famed rapper, actor, and director Ice Cube, but her life is more than simply a footnote in her husband’s biography. This article aims to shed light on the life and career of Kimberly Woodruff and showcase her as an independent and successful woman in her own right.

90's Kimberly Woodruff
90’s Kimberly Woodruff

Early Life and Education

Kimberly Woodruff was born on September 23, 1970, in the United States. She was raised in a middle-class home in California and was the youngest of three siblings. Not much is known about her parents or her upbringing, since Kimberly has been famously discreet about her personal life. However, it is commonly known that she was a great student and attended college, where she received a degree in business.

Kimberly Parents

Kimberly’s parents were influential. They encouraged her hopes and objectives. They loved and guided her to success.

Kimberly Woodruff Relationship with Ice Cube

Kimberly Woodruff and Ice Cube met in 1988 when she was just 18 years old. At the time, Ice Cube was already a successful rapper and a member of the hip-hop group N.W.A. Despite their age difference and the fact that Ice Cube was already a public figure, Kimberly and Ice Cube hit it off, and they began dating soon after.

In 1992, after four years of dating, Kimberly and Ice Cube got married in a private ceremony. Since then, they have been together for over three decades and have raised five children together. Kimberly is generally recognised as being the anchor in Ice Cube’s life and career, giving him with love, support, and stability.

Celebrities dating one other is not unusual in the entertainment business. However, their love tales are not always as straightforward as they seem. Kimberly Woodruff, the renowned wife of iconic musician Ice Cube, had a love tale that began long before she met her husband.

  • Meeting Her First Love

Kimberly found her first love while still in high school. The guy she fell in love with was a fellow high school student. They began dating when they were both 17 years old and were together for many years.

  • Kimberly’s First Love

Doughboy, Kimberly’s first love, was a male. He was a rapper and part of the N.W.A. hip-hop group. Doughboy was born Dedrick D’Mon Rolison on September 2, 1969, in Los Angeles, California. He was Dr. Dre’s younger brother, who was also a member of the N.W.A.

  • The Relationship

Kimberly and Doughboy began dating while they were both in high school. They instantly fell in love and were together for many years. When they began dating, Doughboy was already a rapper and a member of the notorious N.W.A. group.

  • The Breakup

Doughboy’s imprisonment ended Kimberly and Doughboy’s romance. He received a ten-year jail term for his role in a bank heist. The split crushed Kimberly, but she went on with her life.

  • Meeting with Ice Cube

Kimberly first met Ice Cube while he was a member of N.W.A. They met at a party, and Ice Cube was instantly captivated. Kimberly, on the other hand, was apprehensive to begin a new relationship following her separation with Doughboy.

  • The Relationship with Ice Cube

Ice Cube and Kimberly began dating in 1988. For a while, they had a long-distance romance since Ice Cube was on tour with N.W.A. They did, however, manage to make their relationship work. They married in 1992 and have been together ever then.

  • Life with Ice Cube

Kimberly has been working with Ice Cube for over 30 years. They have four children together, and their marriage has endured. Ice Cube has always kept his personal life private, although he has often said how important his marriage is to him.

Thus, Before she met Ice Cube, Kimberly Woodruff’s life was full with love and heartache. Although her relationship with Doughboy did not endure, it was an essential aspect of her life. Meeting Ice Cube was the start of a new chapter in her life, and their love story has inspired many.

Kimberly’s Contributions to her Family

The importance of Kimberly to the family cannot be stressed. She makes decisions, participates in decision-making, and makes sure that family customs and values are upheld. She also gives emotional and financial support. When her family members need her, Kimberly is always there for them and will go above and beyond to support them.

Kimberly’s Challenges in Holding the Family Together

The size of Kimberly’s family obligations might at times seem too much for her. Conflicts may sometimes emerge as a result of trying to balance work, family, and personal obligations. Kimberly must also control her family members’ expectations and make sure that everyone contributes to maintaining the family’s closeness.

Kimberly’s Strategies for Holding a Family Together

A family may be kept together with the help of communication, compromise, collaboration, developing and upholding family customs, and spending quality time together. Kimberly makes sure that everyone in her family communicates clearly, makes concessions when required, and cooperates to uphold the traditions and values of the family. Making lasting memories and enlarging the family connection need quality time spent together.

As a result, Kimberly is what binds her family together. Her accomplishments are tremendous, and she always puts her family first. Family ties are important, and they may support families in overcoming any obstacles that may arise. The value of family and the part that each family member plays in society are shown through Kimberly’s narrative.

Kimberly Woodruff’s Career

Kimberly Woodruff’s career has largely been overshadowed by her marriage to Ice Cube, but she is a successful businesswoman in her own right. She has been active in several charitable and community-based organisations throughout the years, aiming to have a good influence on her community.

In 2012, Kimberly and Ice Cube founded the “Keri’s Cares” initiative, which is a non-profit organization that aims to support healthcare providers who work with children in need. Additionally, Kimberly has been involved in various business ventures, including real estate and fashion.

Kimberly Woodruff’s Net Worth

The approximate value of Kimberly Woodruff’s net worth is $25 million. Her profitable commercial endeavours, like as her clothing line and real estate investments, account for a substantial portion of her net worth. She has also made a significant sum of money via her husband’s prosperous profession as an actor and rapper.

Kimberly Woodruff’s Achievements

The accomplishments of Kimberly Woodruff go beyond her successful business endeavours. She is also well renowned for her motherly duties and charitable endeavours. Together with her spouse, she raised four children who are now accomplished adults. She has also donated to other organisations throughout the years, including the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital and the Lupus Foundation.

Kimberly Woodruff Philanthropy: Making a Difference in the World

  • Her Philanthropic initiatives

Kimberly Woodruff had a tremendous desire to give back to her community and have a good effect on the globe despite her success in the business sector. She started putting more of an emphasis on charity, utilising her riches and influence to help causes and organisations she supported.

One of the issues nearest to Kimberly Woodruff’s heart is education. She passionately thinks that every kid should have access to a great education, regardless of their background or financial position. To that end, she has supported a number of educational initiatives and programs, including scholarship funds and mentoring programs for underprivileged youth.

Kimberly Woodruff has worked in education, but she has also been a steadfast supporter of environmental concerns. In addition to taking action to lessen her personal carbon footprint via sustainable practises and investments in renewable energy, she has sponsored a number of organisations that are committed to conserving and safeguarding the environment.

  • The Future of Her Philanthropy

Kimberly Woodruff’s charitable activity is only one example of the critical role people may play in defining the future of charity. In today’s world, there are various concerns affecting our communities and our planet, from poverty and inequality to environmental degradation and climate change.

Philanthropy has the power to make a real difference in these areas, but it requires individuals like Kimberly Woodruff to step up and take action. People can contribute to the development of a better, more just, and more sustainable world for all by supporting causes and organisations that share their values and passions.

Thus, Kimberly Woodruff’s charity activity acts as an example to us all. Her dedication to giving back and making a positive impact in the world is a reminder of the power of philanthropy to effect real change. Let’s all learn from her example as we look to the future and work to improve the planet for both present and future generations.

Challenges Kimberly Woodruff Has to Face

Kimberly Woodruff has faced numerous challenges throughout her life and career, including racial and gender-based discrimination. As a Black woman in America, she has had to manage systemic impediments that have made it difficult for her to excel in numerous fields. In addition, juggling her personal and professional obligations has been difficult, particularly because she also runs a company and engages in charitable work while raising five children.

Despite these obstacles, Kimberly has persisted and made progress in both her professional and personal lives.

The Legacy of Kimberly Woodruff

The influence of Kimberly Woodruff goes beyond her home and private life. Her business endeavours have benefited the economy, while her charitable work has improved the lives of numerous children and medical professionals. Additionally, her story serves as a reminder of the resilience and strength of Black women in America and the importance of representation in various industries.


In summary, Kimberly Woodruff’s story is one of tenacity, fortitude, and achievement. She has faced numerous challenges throughout her life and career, but has pushed forward and continued to make strides in her personal and professional life. Her story serves as an inspiration to future generations and as a reminder of the importance of representation in various industries.

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What was Kimberly Woodruff’s profession?

Kimberly Woodruff has been engaged in several economic projects throughout the years, including real estate and fashion.

How long have Kimberly Woodruff and Ice Cube been married?

Kimberly Woodruff and Ice Cube have been married for over three decades, since 1992.

What philanthropic work has Kimberly Woodruff been involved in?

In 2012, Ice Cube and Kimberly Woodruff co-founded the nonprofit “Keri’s Cares” initiative, which provides assistance to medical professionals who assist underprivileged children.

Did Kimberly Woodruff face any significant challenges during her career?

Kimberly Woodruff faced numerous challenges throughout her career, including racial and gender-based discrimination. Additionally, balancing her personal life with her career has been a significant challenge.

How has Kimberly Woodruff impacted her community?

Kimberly Woodruff’s charity activity has had a beneficial influence on numerous children and healthcare practitioners in her neighbourhood. Additionally, her business ventures have contributed to the economy.