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First of all, a sincere thank you for visiting my page. You are presumably interested in learning more about me if you are here. I’m a young man who enjoys traveling. I like traveling so much that I ultimately left a lucrative corporate career to pursue it. It may seem ludicrous, but thanks to the miracles of the internet, I have been able to build a stable career where I can work remotely while traveling and supporting the growth of other companies. I thus work for some small businesses or enterprises, and because of the positive results they get, they refer me to other people. I also work with certain web marketing firms, and as a consequence, I am steadily expanding. I now work in a team with several independent contractors that share the same philosophy. Also, I write blogs on the 3 things I love the most and i.e. Travel, Entertainment and Automobiles.

Why have I created This Blog?

About Hollywoodtainment

I have a great deal of interest in the Hollywood industry (movies, web series, celebrities, etc.), particularly their struggles i.e. their rise to fame and methods for telling stories.  I thus created this blog page. I will discuss all of the current information I have on Hollywood here. 

By contacting me, you may aid me as well. I will share it online with your name and any blog or online platforms including social media handles. 

I hope you like it. If I make a mistake, please point it out to me so that I may work more, learn more, and assist more people. I like exploring new places, learning about new people and cultures, having new experiences, and learning new things away from home. I want to take advantage of all that this lovely world has to offer, including working and doing good deeds. 

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Thank You. & Wish you a Great Life.