Aljaz and Janette Split: The Real Reason Behind Their Shocking Breakup


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Aljaz Skorjanec and Janette Manrara, a famous couple, recently announced their split in the headlines. Their followers, who have followed their love journey for years, were surprised to learn of their separation. We shall analyze what caused their marriage to fail and go further into the causes behind their split in this post.

Aljaz and Janette Split: The Real Reason Behind Their Shocking Breakup

Who are Janette and Aljaz?

Let’s first take a look at Aljaz and Janette’s personalities before we discuss the causes of their separation. They both work as professional dancers, and they both became well-known thanks to the hit TV program “Strictly Come Dancing.” The pair met in 2010 and became engaged shortly after. They were married in 2017 and have since been a fan favorite.

There are reports of problems in paradise.

When Aljaz and Janette were not matched on the most recent season of “Strictly Come Dancing,” fans noticed the shift right away and began to worry whether it was a hint of danger. The pair refuted these allegations and assured their followers that their relationship was still very much intact.

The true cause of the separation

Regrettably, it seems that Aljaz and Janette’s marriage was in trouble and the rumors were accurate. The couple announced their split in a joint statement. They claimed their demanding work schedules as the primary factor in their separation. There isn’t much time for Aljaz and Janette to spend together because of their demanding occupations and significant travel for business.

The effect on their followers

Their admirers are devastated by the news of Aljaz and Janette’s separation. Numerous people have expressed their sorrow and support for the couple on social media. Their love story has been followed by fans for years, and they have seen their ups and downs. The pair were recognized for their close friendship and their capacity to maintain their marriage in spite of their demanding schedules.

What is next for Janette and Aljaz?

Aljaz and Janette have affirmed that they would continue to be close friends and coworkers on “Strictly Come Dancing” and have both emphasized their dedication to their careers and love of dance. Also, they have made it clear that they won’t be discussing their separation any further and have requested privacy at this trying time.


As a result, Aljaz and Janette’s breakup surprised their followers who have been following their love journey for years. The couple’s split seems to be the result of their strained relationship as a result of their demanding work commitments. Aljaz and Janette have promised to continue being close friends and stay dedicated to their profession in spite of this.

When did Aljaz and Janette first meet?

Aljaz and Janette first met in 2010.

How long were Aljaz and Janette married?

Aljaz and Janette were married for four years.

Will Aljaz and Janette continue to work together?

Yes, Aljaz and Janette will continue to work together on “Strictly Come Dancing.”

Will Aljaz and Janette make any further comments about their separation?

No, Aljaz and Janette have stated that they will not be making any further comments about their separation.

What is the main reason behind Aljaz and Janette’s split?

The couple’s busy work schedules are cited as the main reason behind their split.

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