Are Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Still Together?


Are Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Still Together

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, two iconic figures in entertainment, have delighted audiences for almost eight years with their on-again/off-again relationship. Over that time, fans have witnessed them experience romance, separation, heartwarming engagement, and eventually welcoming Daisy Dove Bloom into their family. Are Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom still together in 2024? Let’s examine their timeline and recent updates to answer this burning question.

Are Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Still Together

From Burgers to Blossoming Love

Love began for these two in 2016, following an unlikely burger encounter at a Golden Globes after-party. Allegedly, during a playful argument over who enjoyed the last In-N-Out burger. From thereon out, red carpet appearances, romantic getaways, and public declarations of affection followed suit.

A Temporary Pause

However, their fairytale was marred by some difficulty. After one year of dating and separation announcements made in February 2017 after their relationship became a “respectful and loving space”, speculation swirled regarding schedule conflicts or personality differences, though the exact reason remained private. Fans were heartbroken.

Rekindled Flame and a Blossoming Family

Remarkably, however, their break was far from permanent. Reconciliation whispers quickly turned to reality when they were seen back together again in early 2018, prioritizing communication and understanding instead of distance or conflict. Their renewed commitment culminated in a romantic Valentine’s Day engagement in 2019, complete with a beautiful flower-shaped ring bearing an emotive caption reading: “Full Bloom.”

Pandemic Delays and Parenthood Joy

Though wedding bells were expected, the COVID-19 pandemic provided an unexpected twist: instead of postponing their nuptials to prepare for parenthood and strengthen their bond together, they waited them until August 2020 when Daisy made her arrival into their lives – welcoming it with open arms as they navigated its joys and challenges together.

So, Are Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Still Together?

As of February 2024, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are still together. They support one another’s careers, attend events together, and post their happy family life updates on social media. Although a wedding ceremony hasn’t occurred, their dedication to one another and family life remains evident.

Recent Updates:

Here is what we know of their relationship status right now:

  • Katy recently celebrated Daisy’s birthday, sharing an adorable family photo on Instagram.
  • Orlando showed his steadfast support of Katy during her Las Vegas residency, cheering her on unendingly.
  • They have been seen enjoying numerous date nights together, suggesting they prioritize quality time together.
  • Katy and Orlando expressed affection and respect for one another during interviews, signalling a solid and lasting bond.


Although their relationship has had its ups and downs, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have remained strong through communication, understanding, and prioritizing one another. Their commitment to communication, learning, and prioritizing each other has created a beautiful family unit. Whether they walk down the aisle together or not, their love story inspires with resilience and genuine connection, so the answer to “Are they still together?” remains yes – their love story continues unabated with plenty of beautiful memories, yet untold chapters to unfold!

Why haven’t they gotten married yet?

There’s no official reason, but speculation revolves around focusing on their careers, parenthood, and ensuring their foundation is strong before tying the knot.

Have they faced any relationship challenges?

Yes, as with any long-term relationship, they’ve encountered challenges like balancing busy schedules, navigating career demands, and adjusting to parenthood. However, they seem dedicated to open communication and working through obstacles together.

Do they have plans for the future?

Beyond continuing their careers and raising their daughter, their individual aspirations remain private. However, interviews suggest they want to build a lasting and fulfilling life together, which may or may not include marriage.

Are there any rumors of breakups?

No, currently there are no credible rumors of a breakup. They seem happy and committed to their relationship.

Overall, what does their relationship status look like?

Strong, committed, and focused on building a happy family together. Their love story continues to evolve, and even without a wedding, their bond seems genuine and resilient.