Brielle Biermann Boyfriend 2024, Who is Billy Seidl?


Brielle Biermann Boyfriend 2024

Brielle Biermann, daughter of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kim Zolciak-Biermann, took her love life one step further on February 26, 2024, by announcing her engagement to minor league baseball player Billy Seidl.

Fans who have followed Biermann through her journey through love and heartbreak on various reality shows such as “Don’t Be Tardy” are delighted by this news, especially Billy Seidl – her apparent chosen one! Let’s delve further into their blossoming love story!

Lets know in detail about Brielle Biermann Boyfriend 2024:

Brielle Biermann Boyfriend 2024

From the Mound to “I Do”: Billy Seidl’s Baseball Background

Billy Seidl is 24 years old and was recently selected by the Chicago White Sox in the 2022 MLB draft. Now playing for Kannapolis Cannon Ballers (minor league affiliate of White Sox).

Seidl’s passion for baseball began at an early age, playing throughout high school and college years. He attended IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, to develop top athletes before ultimately choosing UNC Wilmington as his collegiate home.

Though Seidl’s professional baseball journey is just starting, his talent and hard work have already earned him recognition. Boasting a fastball that can reach up to 97 miles per hour, making him an effective force on the mound.

A Match Made in Reality TV Heaven: Brielle and Billy’s Love Story

Brielle and Billy have kept much of the details surrounding their relationship private; however, reports indicate it began sometime around early 2023. Seidl posted a picture of them together on his Instagram feed in January 2024, which hinted at an impending romance; then later, Biermann could be seen cheering him on during baseball practice as further proof.

Brielle took to Instagram on February 26 2024, to announce their engagement. Her post included photos that captured Seidl bending down on one knee to make his romantic proposal. Biermann beamed with joy as Seidl put on one knee himself and bid him farewell with “forever with you,” as her caption expressed their emotions.

Fan Reactions and What Lies Ahead for the Couple

Brielle’s engagement has sent shockwaves through both reality television and baseball communities. Fans have expressed their excitement for her future with her partner by sending numerous congratulatory messages on social media platforms such as Twitter.

As Brielle and Billy are just getting acquainted, it’s too soon to predict their love story’s unfolding. However, given their passion for success, it is likely their journey will be filled with love, support, and exciting possibilities.


Brielle Biermann and Billy Seidl’s engagement marks an exciting new chapter of life for them both, one filled with love and support as they look ahead to an illuminating future together. As the journey unfolds, fans eagerly anticipate watching these two extraordinary lovebirds unfold their story together.

Is this Brielle Biermann’s first engagement?

No, this is Brielle’s second engagement. She was previously engaged to former football player Slade Smiley in 2016, but the couple called off the engagement in 2018.

Does Brielle Biermann have children?

No, Brielle Biermann does not have children yet. While she has expressed a desire to have children in the future, she has also stated that she is currently focused on her career and her relationship with Billy.

What is Brielle Biermann’s net worth?

Estimates of Brielle Biermann’s net worth vary, but it is generally believed to be in the range of $1-5 million. This figure takes into account her earnings from reality TV appearances, endorsement deals, and her cosmetics business, KAB Cosmetics.

Is Brielle Biermann still close to her parents?

Yes, Brielle Biermann appears to be close to her parents, Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Kroy Biermann. She frequently features them on her social media and has expressed her love and appreciation for them in interviews.

What are Brielle Biermann’s future plans?

Brielle Biermann has expressed interest in several ventures beyond reality TV. She has explored acting opportunities and has stated a desire to expand her role in the beauty industry through KAB Cosmetics. Additionally, with her recent engagement, it’s likely that planning a wedding will be a significant focus in the near future.