Charles Osgood Children: The Legacy of a Broadcast Legend


Charles Osgood Children

Charles Osgood, a widely revered radio and television personality renowned for his soothing voice and signature sign-off line “And so to bed,” tragically passed away in January 2024. While widely lauded for his professional achievements, he also lived a fulfilling personal life raising five children who are all now leading successful lives of their own.

Charles Osgood Children

A Second Marriage and a Growing Family

Osgood was initially married to Jean Crafton before their first marriage ended in divorce; together, they went on to have five children – Kathleen, Winston, Anne Elizabeth, Emily Jean and James Edward – together raised in Englewood, New Jersey, while teaching them values such as hard work, compassion and an appreciation of art.

Kathleen Osgood: Following in Her Father’s Footsteps

Kathleen followed in her father’s footsteps and pursued a career in broadcasting, beginning as a radio news anchor and reporter before transitioning into television production. Kathleen has worked on award-winning shows like 60 Minutes and Dateline NBC, where she earned acclaim for her meticulous research and storytelling abilities.

Winston Osgood: A Life in Law

Winston, the second child, took an unusual path. He earned a law degree and became a highly successful corporate law attorney specializing in corporate matters. While less known than his parents or sister, Winston is well known for his sharp intellect and devotion to his clients.

Anne Elizabeth Osgood: Embracing the Arts

Anne Elizabeth, the third child, pursued a career in the arts. As a musician and photographer, her work has been shown in galleries and exhibitions nationwide. Anne Elizabeth has become known for her creativity as well as being able to capture its beauty through photography.

Emily Jean Osgood: A Passion for Education

Emily Jean, the fourth child, has dedicated her life to education. As both a teacher and curriculum developer, Emily Jean strives to shape young minds for success in the future while making education accessible and enjoyable for all students. She holds a great passion for providing equal access and participation opportunities across campus.

James Edward Osgood: A Private Life

James Edward, his youngest sibling, has chosen a more private life. Although details about his career choices remain confidential, family members describe him as being kind and thoughtful while deeply respecting their privacy.

A Close-Knit Family

Although their interests and pursuits differ significantly, the Osgood children remain close-knit. They frequently join for family celebrations and cherish memories of their father – speaking highly of his gentleness, sense of humor, and unfailing support in interviews.

Carrying on the Legacy

Charles Osgood left an incredible legacy that continues through his children. While they all lead their own unique lives, they share their values of kindness, integrity, and an appreciation of life.


Charles Osgood’s children serve as an inspirational reminder to us all of the power of family and the impact an attentive, loving parent can make in life. Each has achieved success in their chosen fields while remaining true to the values instilled by their father – offering us all motivation for pursuing our dreams, cherishing loved ones and making positive contributions to society.

How many children did Charles Osgood have?

Charles Osgood had five children: Kathleen, Winston, Anne Elizabeth, Emily Jean, and James Edward.

What were Charles Osgood’s most important values that he instilled in his children?

Charles Osgood’s most important values that he instilled in his children were hard work, compassion, and a love for the arts.

How did Charles Osgood’s children remember him?

Charles Osgood’s children remember him fondly as a gentle, kind, and supportive father with a great sense of humor.

What is the legacy of Charles Osgood?

Charles Osgood’s legacy is carried on by his children, who have each achieved success in their chosen fields while remaining true to the values instilled in them by their father. Their stories serve as an inspiration to us all, reminding us to pursue our dreams, cherish our loved ones, and make a difference in the world.