Christina Meursinge Hall: From Real Estate to HGTV Star


Christina Meursinge Hall

Christina Meursinge Hall, known to audiences as Christina Haack on screen, has made her mark in television history as a pioneering real estate investor and TV personality. As such, she revolutionized the home renovation genre and captured audiences’ hearts with infectious energy when flipping houses. However, Christina Haack’s journey extends far beyond reality TV; it encompasses personal development, entrepreneurial pursuits, and her dedication to living a fulfilling life filled with purpose.

Christina Meursinge Hall

Early Life and Breaking into Real Estate

Born Christina Meursinge Haack in Anaheim, California, in 1983, Christina’s early life paved the way for future success. Boasting an aptitude for business and design, Christina embarked on a real estate career fueled by a desire to transform undervalued properties into valuable investments. During this period, she met Tarek El Moussa; their professional partnership soon transitioned into romance.

Flip or Flop: Breaking into Reality TV Stardom

In 2013, their combined expertise and undeniable onscreen chemistry helped secure their breakout show, “Flip or Flop,” on HGTV. The show chronicled Christina and Tarek’s journey of purchasing, renovating, and selling distressed properties — providing viewers with an inside peek into real estate flipping. As ratings went through the roof with “Flip or Flop,” Christina and Tarek became household names among home renovation enthusiasts as they cemented themselves as home renovation television celebrities.

Beyond Flipping: Expanding Horizons and Personal Growth

“Flip or Flop” cemented their place on television, but Christina wanted more for herself than co-starring alongside her then-husband. In 2019, she launched “Christina on the Coast,” a show that showcased her individual design aesthetic and expertise in transforming coastal properties. This move demonstrated Christina’s entrepreneurial spirit and established her as an established force within her industry.

Navigating Personal Transitions and Accepting New Beginnings

Christina’s personal life has long been the subject of public scrutiny as she navigates marriage, divorce, and motherhood with poise. After separating from Tarek El Moussa in 2018, Christina married Ant Anstead a short while later and welcomed another child before their relationship ended in 2021. Shortly afterward, in 2022, she found love again when she married Joshua Hallmarking a new chapter in her journey.

Entrepreneurial Ventures and Building a Brand

Christina has actively been building her multifaceted brand beyond television. She authored “The Wellness Remodel: How to Transform Your Home into a Haven of Comfort,” sharing her expertise in creating spaces that reflect personal wellness. Furthermore, Christina has collaborated with multiple real estate, lifestyle, and furniture brands, demonstrating her entrepreneurial zeal and using it as leverage to open up new opportunities for partnerships and development.

Christina in the Country: Accepting New Challenges

Christina began her latest adventure in 2023 with “Christina in the Country.” This show explores her move to Tennessee where she renovates an historic farmhouse while taking full advantage of country living’s challenges and rewards. This new venture shows Christina’s willingness to adapt and explore new creative avenues while remaining true to herself and her craft.

Looking Ahead: Building a Legacy of Inspiration and Empowerment

Christina Meursinge Hall’s story is of perseverance, determination, and a steadfast pursuit of growth. From her early days as a real estate broker to becoming a multifaceted television personality and entrepreneur, Christina has continuously challenged herself while defining success on her terms. Through her journey, she has entertained audiences and inspired countless individuals – especially women – to pursue their passions and embrace an entrepreneurial mindset. As Christina Meursinge Hall navigates the ever-evolving realms of television and business, one thing remains certain: her journey is not yet finished. It will undoubtedly continue having an impactful presence in home renovation circles and beyond for years.

What is her full name? 

Christina Meursinge Hall (née Haack, formerly El Moussa and Anstead)

How many times has she been married? 

Three times (Tarek El Moussa, Ant Anstead, Joshua Hall)

Does she have children?

Yes, three children.

Has she written any books? 

Yes, “The Wellness Remodel: How to Transform Your Home into a Haven of Comfort”

Does she have any other businesses besides television?

Yes, she has partnered with various real estate, lifestyle, and furniture brands.