Colman Domingo Husband: Missed Connections & Craigslist


Colman Domingo Husband

Colman Domingo, widely praised for his powerful performances in “Euphoria,” “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom,” and “The Color Purple,” is not only an accomplished actor but also a happily married man. Raul Domingo has been his confidante and anchor since 1997 – this love affair first blossomed at Berkeley Walgreens!

Colman Domingo Husband

A Chance Encounter and a Missed Connection

Domingo was out picking up a Queen Helene mud mask when fate struck again in 2005: Raul was on his phone outside; their eyes met briefly, and sparks were ignited, but before Domingo could act, Raul was whisked away by someone else, creating one of those classic “missed connections,” leaving Domingo yearning for more.

The Power of Craigslist (Before the Apps)

Undeterred by his rejection, Domingo took a risk. He turned to Craigslist – back when it still held some mystery of serendipity – posting an emotive ad detailing their encounter and hoping it would reach Raul. To his delight, it did! Raul, also in search of connection, discovered this post and was instantly drawn in by its words that revealed depth and humour beyond screens. They exchanged emails back and forth until eventually meeting face to face for lunch one afternoon!

From Emails to “I Love You” on the First Date

Their first date was an intense blend of nervous excitement and undeniable chemistry. Domingo often whispered his undisguised theatrical intensity while sleeping and murmuring, “I think I love you”, before drifting off again – tissues were likely nearby!

Building a Life Together

From here, their relationship blossomed into something much more profound. Domingo and Raul made their lives together, supporting one another through thick and thin, celebrating each other’s successes, and weathering life’s storms hand-in-hand.

Raúl, the Supportive Rock

Raul has always been Domingo’s strong pillar of support and encouragement. As Domingo’s most prominent cheerleader at premieres and events, Raul is also his confidante, providing him with a safe space to share his deepest thoughts and fears.

A Love Story Beyond Labels

Their love story is an inspiring testament to chance encounters and following one’s heart, showing that true love can blossom even in unexpected places.

Publicly Sharing Their Journey

Domingo has never been shy about his affection for Raul. He speaks freely about their relationship in interviews and on social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter, normalizing LGBTQ+ relationships while leading towards increased acceptance. Furthermore, he even took Raul’s last name as an official gesture that showed their commitment to each other and made their union public.

A Love That Inspires

Colman Domingo and Raul Domingo’s love story is an inspiring lesson, reminding us all that love truly can conquer all. Their tale encourages us to believe in fate, take risks, and embrace life’s unplanned connections – so keep an open mind when shopping at Walgreens; you never know who might walk into your path!

Who is Colman Domingo’s husband?

Colman Domingo is married to Raúl Aktanov, whom he met in a charmingly serendipitous way.

How did they meet?

In 2005, Colman encountered Raúl outside a Walgreens in Berkeley, California. They locked eyes, but Raúl was on the phone and quickly pulled away. Struck by the encounter, Raúl posted a “Missed Connections” ad on Craigslist the next day, describing Colman and their brief interaction. Days later, while browsing for a used iPod Touch (remember those?), Colman stumbled upon Raúl’s post and knew it was his destiny! He responded via email, and the rest, as they say, is history.

When did they get married?

Colman and Raúl tied the knot in 2014. They’ve been happily married ever since, often sharing glimpses of their loving relationship on Colman’s social media.

Does Raúl Aktanov work in the entertainment industry?

Unlike Colman, Raúl seems to prefer a life outside the limelight. There’s not much information publicly available about his profession or personal life. However, he occasionally appears on Colman’s Instagram, and judging by their photos, they share a love for travel, good food, and enjoying life together.

Does Colman Domingo have children?

Colman doesn’t have any biological children of his own. However, he has expressed a deep love for children and has taken on several fatherly roles throughout his career, both on-screen and off. He has played dads in films like “If Beale Street Could Talk” and “Euphoria,” and he’s actively involved in mentoring young actors and artists.

Is Colman Domingo open about his sexuality?

Yes, Colman Domingo is proudly gay and has been a vocal advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. He has spoken openly about his experiences as a gay man in the entertainment industry and has used his platform to challenge discrimination and promote inclusivity.