A Look at Who Dakota Johnson Dated? Her Past Relationships


Dakota Johnson Dated

Dakota Johnson, best known for her roles in the “Fifty Shades of Grey” franchise and other critically acclaimed films, has gained much acclaim for her talent and personal life. Although Dakota prefers keeping her romantic relationships relatively discreet over time, specific notable individuals have caught Dakota’s heart over time.

Dakota Johnson Dated

Early Relationships and Rising Star

Before she graced the big screen, Johnson was linked with musician Jonny Whitcomb in 2006. However, details surrounding their relationship remain scarce. Rumors spread of a possible romance with actor Alexis Knapp in 2010, though neither party confirmed them.

A Long-Term Love with Jordan Masterson

In 2014, Johnson began dating musician Jordan Masterson, and the relationship quickly rose to public attention, attending red carpets together and providing each other support in their endeavors. Reports suggest they even lived together at some point. But news of their separation surfaced later that year, leaving fans wondering why.

A Brief Encounter With Musician Matthew Hitt

After separating from Masterson, Johnson was briefly linked with musician Matthew Hitt in 2017. Although details regarding their involvement remain scarce, reports indicate it only lasted a short while.

Finding Love and Stability with Chris Martin

Later in 2017, reports began surfacing about Johnson and Chris Martin of Coldplay’s lead vocalist, Gwyneth Paltrow’s ex-wife, as having an intimate connection. At first, however, their public appearances remained low-key, and over time, their public presence rose steadily, confirming their relationship status. Although initially facing scrutiny because of their age difference and following Paltrow out as Martin’s ex-wife had left Gwyneth behind him and Martin had moved on, this couple persevered and created a solid bond.

A Thriving Relationship Away from the Spotlight

Johnson and Martin have chosen a relatively private relationship, prioritizing intimacy over constant public exposure. Rarely seen at high-profile events and not sharing too many romance details on social media, Johnson and Martin have earned respect and admiration for prioritizing privacy while managing fame’s complications.

Openness to Marriage and Family

Johnson has expressed an openness to marriage and family in future interviews; for example, in 2018, she stated in one such interview, “I never thought I’d say this, but now more open than ever to being married because I found someone.” Though they have not officially announced engagement or marriage, their ongoing relationship suggests both have strong shared beliefs for what lies ahead.

Focusing on Career and Personal Growth

Johnson and Martin enjoy successful careers in their respective fields; Johnson continues to amaze audiences with her acting choices, while Martin remains a prominent music industry member. Balancing professional commitments with personal life requires dedication and understanding – something they have accomplished effectively.

Embracing Individuality and Avoiding Comparisons

Johnson has repeatedly highlighted the importance of remaining true to herself and avoiding comparisons to others, especially within her relationship. She has expressed a wish for normalcy and individuality within public view.


Dakota Johnson’s dating history represents a journey of personal evolution and shifting priorities. Though she may have encountered public scrutiny at times, she remains focused on creating meaningful connections and living an enriching personal life. As her career flourishes further, it will be interesting to witness how Chris Martin plays into their lives together and navigates the complexities of fame vs privacy in the years ahead.

Who is Dakota Johnson dating currently?

As of February 2024, Dakota Johnson is dating musician Chris Martin, the lead vocalist of Coldplay. They have been together since 2017.

Why is Dakota Johnson’s relationship with Chris Martin considered private?

Unlike some celebrities, Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin prefer to keep their relationship relatively out of the public eye. They rarely attend high-profile events together and avoid sharing excessive details on social media.

Has Dakota Johnson spoken about wanting children?

While Dakota Johnson hasn’t explicitly announced plans for children, she has expressed openness to the idea of starting a family in the future.

Were there any age difference controversies surrounding their relationship?

Yes, there was some initial scrutiny due to the age difference between Johnson and Martin’s ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow. However, the couple has chosen to focus on their own connection and has seemingly overcome any external pressures.

What are Dakota Johnson’s current priorities in her personal life?

Based on her interviews, Dakota Johnson appears to prioritize building a fulfilling personal life while maintaining a sense of normalcy and individuality despite being in the public eye.