Daniel Durant and Britt Stewart: The Inspiring Journey


Daniel Durant and Britt Stewart

Reality television can often spark sparks, but few lasting relationships emerge as spectacular as that between Oscar-nominated deaf actor Daniel Durant and vibrant professional dancer Britt Stewart, who met during season 31 of Dancing with the Stars. Their journey together, defying expectations while celebrating inclusivity, has been an inspirational tale to viewers worldwide.

Daniel Durant and Britt Stewart

Breaking Barriers Through Tango

Daniel was widely lauded for portraying Leo Rossi in the 2021 Oscar-winner CODA. He navigated the ballroom with artistry and vulnerability. At the same time, Britt – an experienced pro with infectious energy – welcomed the challenge of choreographing and communicating in nonverbal spaces such as American Sign Language. At the same time, Daniel deepened his understanding of rhythm and movement. Together, they formed an incredible pair on Dancing With the Stars (DWTS).

Their performances were breathtaking; from Tango to Foxtrot, each dance routine radiated raw emotion and undeniable chemistry. Each week, they defied preconceptions about dance by disproving them once and for all; their journey wasn’t without its obstacles: initially, critics doubted Daniel’s abilities to compete in such an international dance competition; however, over time, they silenced these doubters by taking graceful steps forward toward an amazing fifth place finish!

A Love Story Blossoms

But the magic on the dance floor quickly translated to real life, with Daniel and Britt forming an unexpected yet deeply inspiring love story off-stage. The bond they formed during competition blossomed into romance on Valentine’s Day 2023 – all eyes turned towards them on social media as both confirmed their romance with an adorable post that said “My Valentine.” Their fans rejoiced, delighting at this unexpected yet deeply inspiring love story!

Breaking Down Molds Together

Their relationship was an eye-opener to all in the entertainment industry. Daniel, an openly deaf actor, and Britt, an exceptional dancer, defied conventional casting choices while stressing inclusivity on the DWTS stage and challenged audiences to look past preconceptions about love and partnership.

Beyond the Ballroom

Their journey doesn’t end with the Dance World Tour Showdown finale; they continue supporting one another’s dreams and cheering each other on in new endeavors. Daniel works on new projects as an actor and advocate for the deaf community advocacy, while Britt uses her platform to promote dance education and inclusion – together, impacting young fans who see themselves reflected in them both.

A Beacon of Hope

Daniel and Britt’s story is more than just another celebrity romance; it is an inspiring testament to the power of connection, breaking barriers, and finding joyous love beyond defined norms. Their relationship reminds us that communication can go beyond words, understanding can arise through a shared passion, and love can bloom unexpectedly – becoming beacons of hope for any young dancers or actors seeking love beyond social norms.

Daniel and Britt continue to captivate as they gracefully traverse life together, hand in hand. Their story of courage, vulnerability, and relentlessly pursuing dreams inspires many – it serves as an exemplary reminder that life’s most breathtaking performances may take place not on a ballroom floor but within itself through love, acceptance, and an unshakeable belief in human connection.


Daniel Durant and Britt Stewart are well on their way to becoming beloved partners and a powerful symbol of inclusivity and love despite adversity. As their journey unfolds, it will leave behind an inspiring trail for generations yet unborn.

Are they still together? 

Yes! They are currently engaged. Daniel proposed to Britt on Christmas Day 2023, one year after their partnership on Dancing with the Stars.

How did they meet?

They met when they were paired on Dancing with the Stars Season 31 in 2022.

Have they been married before?

Neither Daniel nor Britt have been married before.

What is Daniel Durant known for?

Daniel Durant is an actor best known for his role as Leo Rossi in the Academy Award-winning film CODA. He is also the first deaf male actor to be nominated for an individual Screen Actors Guild Award.

What is Britt Stewart known for? 

Britt Stewart is a professional dancer. She has been a competitor on Dancing with the Stars since 2012 and has won the show twice.

Did they win Dancing with the Stars?

No, they did not win the competition. They were eliminated in sixth place.

Were they a popular couple on the show? 

Yes, they were a fan-favorite couple and received high scores from the judges throughout the competition.

Did their Dancing with the Stars partnership contribute to their relationship?

Yes, they have both said that their time on the show helped them get to know each other better and develop a strong bond.

How did Daniel propose?

Daniel proposed to Britt on a beach in Hawaii. He used a sign language interpreter to tell her how much she means to him and then got down on one knee to ask her to marry him.

Are they planning a wedding? 

They have not yet announced any wedding plans, but they are both incredibly happy and excited about their engagement.