All The 3 & Upcoming Divergent Movies in Order


Divergent Movies in Order

Are You Movie Buffs and Adventure Seekers? The Divergent Movie Series Is an Unmissable Feast! If you like me and can’t resist action-packed stories with unforgettable characters then the Divergent movies may just be up your alley! Based on Veronica Roth’s phenomenal books, this groundbreaking series has taken the world by storm since its premiere. So let’s sit down together and dive into its vibrant world chapter by chapter!

Introduction to the Divergent Series

Before diving in too deeply into these movies, let’s cover some ground rules: the Divergent series takes us back in time to a futuristic Chicago where society is organized into five groups (called factions) similar to our sorting hat system today – although our main character, Tris Prior (played by Shailene Woodley), proves an exception because she doesn’t fit perfectly into any one faction – she combines qualities from each one making her truly unique!

MovieRelease DateDurationBudgetBox OfficeWhere to Watch
DivergentMarch 21, 2014140 minutes$85 million$288.9 millionNetflix, Hulu, YouTube, Google Play
InsurgentMarch 20, 2015125 minutes$110 million$297.2 millionNetflix, Hulu, YouTube, Google Play
AllegiantMarch 18, 2016121 minutes$142 million$179.2 millionNetflix, Hulu, YouTube, Google Play
Ascendant (Upcoming)CancelledN/AN/AN/AN/A
Divergent Movies in Order
Divergent Movies in Order

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The First Installment: Divergent (2014)

Now let’s go back to where it all started: in the 2014 movie aptly named “Divergent,” Tris is faced with choosing which faction she belongs to; her family belongs to Abnegation which values selflessness while Dauntless values thrill-seeking activities like thrill rides. Tris eventually opts for Dauntless after experiencing its rigorous initiation process as she conceals her divergent status (secret code for being able to belong to multiple factions simultaneously) from her newfound thrill-seeking peers which makes life very interesting indeed!

Continuing the Journey: Insurgent (2015)

The second installment, “Insurgent,” raises the stakes even higher! Tris and her pals no longer want to play by faction rules anymore – particularly that of Erudite faction, causing chaos across faction lines and unveiling world secrets from its past. Tris must embrace her individuality as challenges from within emerge and trust only those she can trust while facing unique trials herself – while suspenseful music provides additional tension!

The Epic Conclusion: Allegiant (2016)

In “Allegiant,” Tris and her crew explore an unfamiliar wasteland outside of city walls before unraveling an unexpected truth about its existence, leading to shifting alliances and sacrifices from them all – as well as some jaw-dropping moments!

Exploring the World Beyond: Ascendant (Upcoming)

Fans, get ready! The final movie, “Ascendant,” is being developed. Although we still don’t know all of its details, we expect it to provide an exciting conclusion to Tris’s journey and storyline – so here’s hoping that we get an excellent sendoff!

The Cast and Characters that Brought the Series to Life

Let’s celebrate those who made this movie memorable: the cast! From Theo James as Four, Kate Winslet as Jeanine Matthews and Miles Teller as Peter; all their performances left us feeling like we were right there with them in action!

Behind the Scenes: Filming and Production

Ever wondered how they managed to create this dystopian world that feels so real? Filming took place in various cool locations that added another level to the story, while crew worked their magic in making sure the films captured both essence of books as well as adding their own flair.

Themes and Social Commentary in the Divergent Universe

Get ready for some deep stuff! The Divergent series tackles some challenging ideas head-on. Think about it – its all about embracing your true self despite what society says you should be like, with factions acting like cliques on steroids trying to control us in various ways – very thought provoking indeed.

Divergent Fandom: Community and Impact

Get ready to geek out; this series has amassed an army of loyal followers. People are creating art, writing fan fiction, and hosting conventions around its theme – making Divergent more than a series of movies; it has inspired millions worldwide.

Critical Reception and Box Office Success

Let’s address critics. Some loved the movies while others had issues; all this aside, these films made quite an impact at the box office despite negative criticism – fans loved ’em regardless!

Legacy of the Divergent Series

Even long after its final screen appearance, the Divergent series remains relevant, inspiring discussions about society, development and overcoming barriers among audiences of all backgrounds.

Divergent in Popular Culture

A sure sign of success for any series is when its influence begins resonating across pop culture – from parodies and references in other shows, to fan art being produced of Divergent itself – this shows just how popular and beloved this series has become.

Books Vs Movies

This debate over whether movies do justice to books is not new – but let’s be fair in our assessment and give each side their due credit! While films may take liberties with adaptation, they also brought these worlds to life for new audiences – so let’s give credit where credit is due!

Speculations and Rumors about the Upcoming Ascendant

With “Ascendant” just around the corner, fans cannot help but speculate as they anticipate its release. Plot twists, character arcs – it all sounds promising. Who needs sleep when there are epic endings waiting in wait for us all?

The Future of the Divergent Franchise

Wonder what lies beyond? Though many original cast members may no longer be back together, there’s still plenty to look forward to in terms of spin-offs, prequels, or even rebooting of the Divergent universe – it hasn’t seen its last day!


Well, that’s it – The Divergent movies have given us heart-pounding action, nail-biting suspense, and characters we couldn’t help but root for. While we eagerly anticipate “Ascendant”, let’s toast this series that has made us think deeply, feel deeply, and get lost in an immersive world like no other!

Are the Divergent movies faithful to the books?

Though some creative liberties were taken, the movies still capture the essence of themes and characters found within Divergent novels.

Is “Ascendant” the final movie?

Yes, “Ascendant” should bring an end to its primary plotline and serve as an appropriate conclusion to its main narrative arc.

Can newcomers enjoy the Divergent series without reading the books?

Absolutely! The movies provide an enjoyable cinematic experience accessible to both longtime fans as well as those just beginning their adventure.

What makes the Divergent series stand out from other dystopian films?

It emphasis on individuality, complex characters and social commentary – features which set it apart from its competition.

Will the original cast return for “Ascendant”?

As of now, there’s no confirmation about the original cast’s return.