Dolly Parton Siblings: The Queen of Country’s 11 Siblings


Dolly Parton Siblings

Dolly Parton, known for her signature stage presence and captivating voice, was sometimes a solo act. Instead, she grew up immersed in music – from radio broadcasts and within her home itself! Dolly was raised not just by Robert and Avie Lee Parton but by an entire orchestra of 11 siblings!

Nestled into a three-bedroom cabin in Sevierville, Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains was the Parton family, although they lived modestly. “Singing was like breathing at home,” Rachel Parton told People Magazine. Their mother, Avie Lee, had an exquisite voice that filled their home with traditional mountain songs, inspiring all 12 children to take up instruments or sing harmoniously.

Dolly Parton made her mark as an artist, taking Nashville by storm with her career and beyond. Still, her siblings also carved their paths, each contributing to the tapestry that is the Parton family legacy. Let’s meet all these musicians:

Here are Dolly Parton Siblings:

Dolly Parton Siblings

The Elder Kin:

  • Willadeene Parton: Willadeene was Dolly’s older sibling and always provided strong support during her music career. She did not necessarily follow in her footsteps professionally but remained close, as always, to Dolly. Though she never pursued it herself professionally.
  • David Parton: David was known to prefer an understated and quiet life. He worked as a farmer and enjoyed spending time with his family.
  • Coy Parton: Like his brother David, Coy led an anonymous life. He worked as a construction worker and chose a low-profile lifestyle.

The Middle Bunch:

  • Robert Lee Parton Jr.: He was one of Dolly Parton’s only siblings who followed in her footsteps into music, playing guitar and singing alongside his sister during her early performances. Later, he decided against performing, yet he remains close as a confidante.
  • Stella Parton: Stella was famous for her warm personality, infectious laugh, and dabbling in music. However, Stella ultimately found success managing her talent agency and supporting Dolly Parton throughout her career in various ways.
  • Cassie Parton: Cassie was known for being the “tomboy” in her family, enjoying sports and outdoor activities such as hiking. As a nurse, she raised her family while always encouraging Dolly from the sidelines.

The Younger Crew:

  • Randy Parton (1953-2021): Randy was an irreplaceable part of Dolly Parton’s band and even released solo albums before passing away in 2021, leaving a massive hole within his family and in music circles alike.
  • Larry Parton (1955-1955): Unfortunately, Larry, the youngest Parton brother, passed away shortly after birth.
  • Floyd Parton (1957-2018): Floyd was an esteemed songwriter and storyteller, writing many of Dolly Parton’s hit songs, such as “Rockin’ Years” and “Down From Dover.” Additionally, he published several books before passing away in 2018.
  • Freida Estelle Parton and Rachel Ann Parton (Twins): As the youngest members of their clan, Freida and Rachel shared an unbreakable bond. While Freida initially sang backup for Dolly Parton, she eventually became an ordained minister who opened up her wedding chapel – eventually founding the Parton Family Wedding Chapel! Meanwhile, Rachel pursued acting and made several guest appearances on “Nine to Five,” among many other projects.

Though they traveled different paths, Dolly’s siblings remained an ongoing source of support and inspiration throughout her career. They attended her concerts, celebrated her achievements, and provided comfort during difficult times – much as Dolly showed them love, laughter, and undying loyalty in return.

The Parton family’s story is an inspiring testament to the bond between music and family. It reminds us how great talent can shine even brighter when surrounded by their loved ones’ support and love. So next time you hear one of Dolly Parton’s songs, don’t just think it is one woman singing; instead, think of her voice as representing an orchestrated blend of family music shared across three generations bound together through love, music and the Smoky Mountains – making every note sing in harmony!

Here are some additional information about Dolly Parton’s siblings:

  • Dolly has often featured her siblings in both music videos and films she is featured in.
  • Dollywood theme park now hosts an attraction resembling the cabin where Dolly Parton grew up – now called her family home – as a popular tourist attraction.
  • Dolly has written songs about each of her siblings, such as “My Brother Randy.”

Dolly Parton’s most famous siblings are:

  • Randy Parton: Randy was a talented musician and played alongside Dolly in her band for many years. He also released his own solo albums and was a beloved member of the Parton family.
  • Stella Parton: Stella is known for her bubbly personality and business acumen. She managed her own talent agency and supported Dolly’s career in various ways.
  • Floyd Parton: Floyd was a gifted songwriter and novelist who penned several of Dolly’s hit songs, including “Rockin’ Years” and “Down From Dover.”


Dolly Parton’s siblings weren’t just blood relations – they were an intricate musical tapestry in her remarkable life. From quiet support from elders to playful harmony from younger ones, each sibling played its own unique part in shaping Dolly into Queen of Country. Collectively they prove that even brightest stars shine brighter within the warm embrace of family life and mountain homes filled with music.

How many siblings does Dolly Parton have?

Dolly Parton has 11 siblings, although two of her brothers, Larry and Randy, sadly passed away. This means she has 9 surviving siblings today.

Do any of Dolly Parton’s siblings still perform music?

While Dolly is the most famous musical member of the family, some of her siblings still perform occasionally:
Rachel Parton: Rachel has dabbled in music, but her main focus is acting. She appeared in the hit sitcom “Nine to Five” and various other projects.
Freida Estelle Parton: Freida sang backup for Dolly early in her career but later became an ordained minister and owner of the Parton Family Wedding Chapel. She still sings hymns and religious music on occasion.

What was life like for Dolly Parton growing up with so many siblings?

The Parton family lived in a modest three-bedroom cabin in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Despite not having much, they were rich in love and music. Their mother, Avie Lee, had a beautiful voice and filled their home with traditional mountain songs, inspiring all the children to pick up an instrument or sing.

How did Dolly Parton’s siblings influence her music?

Dolly’s siblings were a constant source of support and inspiration throughout her career. They attended her concerts, celebrated her achievements, and offered a shoulder to cry on during tough times. In return, Dolly showered them with love, laughter, and her unwavering loyalty. Many of her songs, like “My Brother Randy,” are directly inspired by her siblings.