Eddie Murphy Politician Movie: The Distinguished Gentleman


Eddie Murphy Politician Movie

Eddie Murphy gave audiences one of his finest comedies in 1992 with The Distinguished Gentleman. This film stars Murphy as Thomas Jefferson Johnson, a small-time con artist who stumbles into politics when overhearing a conversation between a Congressman and lobbyist about a dubious deal and hearing how the Congressman had died; after hearing this dialogue about him running himself and quickly becoming popular due to his charismatic charm as promised, he’d fight for ordinary citizens against special interests.

Director: Jonathan Lynn

Producer: Marty Kaplan and Leonard Goldberg

Writer: Jonathan Reynolds and Martin Kaplan


  • Eddie Murphy as Thomas Jefferson Johnson
  • Lane Smith as Dick Dodge
  • Sheryl Lee Ralph as Loretta Delacourt
  • Joe Don Baker as Mo Mo Dooley
  • James Garner as Cyrus Skeese
  • Victoria Rowell as Celeste Trimble
  • Grant Shaud as Reinhardt
  • Kevin McCarthy as Corrigan
  • Charles S. Dutton as Art Baker
  • Victor Rivers as Reverend Hill
  • Chi McBride as Big Malcolm
  • Sonny Jim Gaines as Mr. Jenkins
  • Noble Willingham as Congressman Jeff Johnson


  • Politics
  • Corruption
  • Friendship
  • Redemption
Eddie Murphy Politician Movie

Murphy’s Performance

Murphy shines as Johnson in The Distinguished Gentleman. His portrayal is both humorous and endearing; audiences quickly took to him. Murphy’s comedic timing was impeccable as he delivered one-liners like machine gun fire.

A Satirical Look at Politics

The Distinguished Gentleman is a sharp satire of American politics. The film aims at the corrupt and self-serving nature of political systems, corrupt, backroom deals, empty promises, and hypocrisy by politicians. However, while doing this, it never becomes preachy, maintaining its lighthearted tone while making its point.

A Supporting Cast

An outstanding ensemble supports Murphy. Lane Smith gives a fantastic performance as Dick Dodge, Sheryl Lee Ralph shines as Johnson’s campaign manager Loretta, and Joe Don Baker evokes fear as Congressman Arthur Reinhardt; James Garner makes an unforgettable impactful cameo as retired Congressman Curly.

A Box Office Success

The Distinguished Gentleman proved to be an unprecedented worldwide box office hit, grossing over $86 million worldwide and being widely lauded by critics who lauded its star, Eddie Murphy. Numerous critics also lauded Murphy’s performance and humor in this comedic film.

A Classic Comedy

The Distinguished Gentleman stands as an iconic comedy that has aged well. Filled with laughs, heartwarming moments, and thought-provoking messages that remain relevant today – any fan of Eddie Murphy or political comedies alike should not miss it!

Here is a list of some of the reasons why The Distinguished Gentleman is a classic comedy:

  • Eddie Murphy’s hilarious performance
  • A sharp satire of American politics
  • A great supporting cast
  • A box office success
  • A critical hit


Eddie Murphy’s film is one of his lesser-known masterpieces, showing how far political ambition can reach. Through hilarious yet insightful insight into politics, its message is clear – even small-time con artists can make an impactful difference if they take steps toward making change happen in our world.

If you’re searching for an entertaining yet thought-provoking comedy film, The Distinguished Gentleman may be just what the doctor ordered. With multiple viewings to enjoy, it is guaranteed fun for all!

What are some quotes from The Distinguished Gentleman?

“I’m not a politician. I’m a con artist.” – Thomas Jefferson Johnson

“I’m not going to Washington to make friends. I’m going to make a difference.” – Thomas Jefferson Johnson

“You can’t trust anyone in this town.” – Dick Dodge

“The only thing that matters is power.” – Cyrus Skeese

“I believe in the American people.” – Thomas Jefferson Johnson

Where was The Distinguished Gentleman filmed?

The Distinguished Gentleman was filmed in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles, California.

Who composed the score for The Distinguished Gentleman?

The score for The Distinguished Gentleman was composed by Randy Edelman.

What awards did The Distinguished Gentleman win?

The Distinguished Gentleman was nominated for one Academy Award, for Best Original Song for “Stand by My Woman.”