What you haven’t seen in the Fast x trailer 2023?


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Fast X

What everyone was waiting for just happened. The trailer for fast x has just been revealed. And it left everyone with a lot of doubts and unanswered questions.


Haven’t you wondered if the kid is Toretto’s son in the recent fast x?

We cannot be sure because if he is Toretto’s son he doesn’t have any resemblance. Let’s remember that even his mother is even Latina. So, who is this kid?

One of the amazing things about this trailer is that there is a direct connection to the past stories and apparently what coming for this new movie is quite amazing.

I bet you didn’t notice that Don’s son will be kidnapped in his own home by a group of criminals. You might think it’s the police entering the place but if you look closely, they are not cops. But there are details that you notice.

We didn’t catch the mysteries and science in this new trailer and that’s why want to tell you what you didn’t see from the Fast X trailer.

We start by seeing Toretto reunited with his family just like we saw in the last movie.

Then we see that Toretto’s son is already quite grown up. So, some time has passed.

Then we see the actor who apparently will be Toretto’s nightmare and headache making an appearance. I am telling you about Jason Momoa. Although we know that these last month for this actor had not been easy, this movie will help him to position himself again at the top. Here we see clips from past and past movies. Precisely when they were in Brazil, in the clips we see that this character appears and says that since Toretto has destroyed his life and his family, he will now take revenge and destroy his family. This already gave us an idea of what awaits us in the story.

We have a clear idea of what role Toretto’s family plays and especially his youngest son in the leading role in Fast X. And we will see an unpresidential struggle of Toretto to protect what he loves the most. But you wonder what actually happened to this character, Jason Momoa appears now and wants to destroy Toretto’s entire family. Well, we have to go back to part 5 of the story. We now realize that Jason Momoa was the son of Reyes.

We can see clips of how a team of people enters Toretto’s house to kidnap Don’s son. We can tell from the clips that it is not a team of police officers. So, we can assume that they will be kidnapping Toretto’s son to put him in a difficult situation. And maybe make him turn himself in and exchange his life for his son.

We also see that the concept that these movies are famous for is street and underground racing. Then we see in the fast x trailer that there are many chases. with many effects and lots of action, a classic of these films. And it is not for less since this is what led them to the fame they have.

Another of the clips that I know will cause a lot of impacts is when Deckard Shaw and Han Lue meet face to face. Let’s remember that these characters had their history and that one was a murderer of the other. But then we realize that Han had really never died.

But undoubtedly many fans are waiting for Toretto’s best friend Brian. We all know that it would be very difficult to include him in the story because a few years ago we all mourn the unexpected departure of Paul walker. But we also saw how the effects made him come back and witnessed how they managed a perfect scene of closing the chapter of their lives. But it was always said that maybe they could bring Brian back to these movies several times using effects. But how did they manage to do this? After his death, Pual’s brother Cody Walker appeared in his scenes in Fast and Furious 7 with the help of artificial intelligence.

Now one of the questions about the trailer of Fast X that most of the fans asked is about Toretto’s son. We see in the clips that he is an African American boy, which means that not from any of them. So, I guess we will have to wait for the movie. On the other hand, although in this trailer there is no reference to Brain’s return, many say that it will be a surprise. Undoubtedly Fast X will be a success as it will take us to remember all the movies of this great story and will bring us many memories.

So, comment about what you think of this trailer and if you are excited to see the movie.

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