Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama


Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama

Forever Love (2023), popularly known as Blind Daughter, stands out among Chinese dramas as an engaging tale of Love, resilience, and the profound effect human connections can have. It follows Lin Xin Tong as she deals with both the death of her father and subsequent blindness before finding solace in Qin Mo Yao as her bodyguard-turned-friend. This unparalleled support system offers constant comfort during difficult times.

Release date

  • August 31, 2023


  • Shen Yang


  • Wang Wenhui
  • Zhang Yong


  • Li Ming
  • Zhou Wei


  • Xing Fei as Lin Xin Tong (林欣彤): A vivacious young heiress who loses her sight in a tragic accident.
  • Hu Yi Tian as Qin Mo Yao (秦墨尧): Xin Tong’s bodyguard and confidant who helps her navigate her new reality.
  • Guan Xiaotong as Ye Zi (叶梓): Xin Tong’s best friend who supports her through thick and thin.
  • Jerry Yan as Lin Junze (林俊泽): Xin Tong’s business partner and rival.
Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama

The drama begins with a heart-wrenching scene depicting how Xin Tong’s world is turned upside-down by her beloved father’s unexpected passing, coupled with a tragic accident that renders her disoriented in her everyday reality. Struggling to adapt, her once vibrant spirit seems dimmed while she seems disoriented in this strange, unfamiliar place called life.

Enter Qin Mo Yao, a steadfast and trustworthy bodyguard assigned to protect Xin Tong. At first, she views him as an unwanted intrusion into her private grief. Still, as Qin Mo Yao proves his unwavering dedication and genuine concern for Xin Tong’s welfare, gradually, she lowers her guard and finds comfort in him.

As their relationship blossoms, Qin Mo Yao becomes Xin Tong’s source of strength, helping her overcome darkness and rediscover life’s beauty. He encourages her to accept her new reality while teaching her how to navigate a world without sight. Together, they embark on an unbreakable journey that transcends physical limitations to form a bond far beyond mere presence.

Forever Love is more than a romantic story: it is an inspirational tale about human resilience and strength to persevere through overwhelming challenges and find our light. Xin Tong is an inspiring example to show us that no matter how dark times may become, our spirits can rise above them all and find our light.

The drama’s strength lies in its ability to capture the complexity of human relationships. Xin Tong’s emotional journey is depicted with great sensitivity and depth, allowing audiences to empathize with her struggles while celebrating her triumphs. Qin Mo Yao’s unwavering devotion and quiet strength create a dynamic that is both heartwarming and inspiring for viewers.

Forever Love is not without flaws: the plot can feel predictable at times, and some supporting characters do not develop fully, yet its strengths quickly overshadow these shortcomings; these include captivating performances and its encouraging message about Love, resilience, and self-discovery.


Forever Love (2023) is a powerful reminder that Love can heal and transform. It speaks to the universal human experience, showing us there’s always hope and light that can guide us back towards happiness and joyous living.

Will Forever Love (2023) make me believe in love again?

With its captivating tale of romance, resilience, and self-discovery, Forever Love may help restore your belief in the lasting power of romance.

Will I cry while watching Forever Love (2023)?

Prepare yourself to shed a tear as you witness Xin Tong’s emotional journey and the hardships she encounters along her path.

Is Forever Love (2023) worth watching?

Forever Love may just be worth your while if you are searching for an engaging Chinese drama that will touch your heart and leave you feeling inspired.

What makes Forever Love (2023) different from other Chinese dramas?

Forever Love’s appeal lies in its sensitive portrayal of human relationships, its heartwarming message of love and hopefulness, and captivating performances by Xing Fei and Hu Yi Tian.

Is there a sequel to Forever Love (2023)?

As of yet, no official announcement regarding a sequel of Forever Love has been made; however given its incredible success a second season would likely happen at some point.