Gwen Stefani Xmas Album: You Make It Feel Like Christmas


Gwen Stefani Xmas Album

Gwen Stefani, an iconic singer known for her powerful vocals and infectious energy, has made an indelible mark on pop music history. In 2017, she delighted fans by unveiling “You Make It Feel Like Christmas,” her inaugural full-length Christmas album. This wasn’t your average collection of carols either – instead, it blended classic holiday spirit with Stefani’s unique pop sensibilities for an exciting take on traditional holiday albums.

Gwen Stefani Xmas Album

A New Tradition with a Personal Touch

Stefani, known for her love of Christmas, dreamed of making an album dedicated to it for many years. “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” wasn’t simply a collection of covers; rather, it was an intimate project that brought together personal experiences and memories into one project. Original songs include the title track “You Make It Feel Like Christmas,” an upbeat anthem about its magic, as well as the sweet ballad “Underneath the Tree,” reflecting childhood Christmases; as well as Stefani’s take on classic carols such as reggae-infused “Jingle Bells” to soulful renditions such as “Silent Night.”

Pop Meets Christmas

This album’s strength lies in its eclectic blend of genres. Stefani’s pop roots shine bright in upbeat tracks such as “Santa Baby” and “Let Me Be Santa’s Girl,” while her ska influences add playful tones to “Feliz Navidad.” Additionally, this collection boasts collaborations from other artists like Blake Shelton on the romantic track “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” and Pharrell Williams on the funky track “Santa Baby.” This keeps it fresh while engaging fans as well as newcomers looking for modern twists on traditional Christmas music alike!

Beyond the Music

“You Make It Feel Like Christmas” goes beyond music; it provides an immersive holiday experience. The album artwork depicts Stefani in a festive red dress among festive decorations and gifts; she even released merchandise based on its aesthetic to allow fans to immerse themselves fully into Stefani’s view of Christmastime. This holistic approach allowed fans to immerse themselves fully in her vision for this holiday season.

Critical Acclaim and Commercial Success

Critics praised its originality and Stefani’s energetic performance on this album, reaching number one on the Billboard Top Holiday Albums chart and being certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Additionally, “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” became an annual holiday playlist staple, firmly cementing itself as a modern Christmas classic.

Beyond the Season

“You Make It Feel Like Christmas” was released in 2017, yet its impact extends well beyond just Christmastime. Fans who need an infusion of seasonal cheer have turned to Stefani’s album as they seek festive vibes year-round. Her distinct approach has inspired other artists to experiment with holiday music as well, leading to a wide array of Christmas albums that appeal to diverse tastes.


Gwen Stefani’s “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” stands as a testament to both her artistic versatility and love of Christmas music. This vibrant album marries the classic Christmas spirit with pop influences to provide an unforgettable listening experience, further demonstrating that there’s always room for innovation within the Christmas music genre. Stefani continues to delight her audience year after year!

What inspired Gwen Stefani to make a Christmas album?

While her previous albums were influenced by personal heartbreak, she wanted to create something “just so fun and easy.” The idea spontaneously appeared, leading her to record a Christmas album.

What sets this album apart from other Christmas albums?

It blends classic Christmas spirit with Stefani’s signature pop sound, creating a unique and fresh take on the genre.
It features both original songs and classic covers with creative arrangements and diverse influences.

What other artists collaborate on the album?

Blake Shelton for the title track “You Make It Feel Like Christmas.”
Pharrell Williams for a funky rendition of “Santa Baby.”

What are some of the standout tracks on the album?

Original songs like the title track and “Underneath the Tree.”
Unique twists on classics like “Jingle Bells” (reggae) and “Silent Night” (soulful).
Collaborative tracks with Shelton and Williams.

What genres are represented on the album?

Primarily pop, with influences of reggae, ska, and funk.

Is the album only appropriate for the holiday season?

While festive, its upbeat energy and diverse sound make it enjoyable year-round.

How was the album received by critics and commercially?

It received positive reviews for its originality and Stefani’s performance.
It reached #1 on the Billboard Top Holiday Albums chart and was certified Gold.

Has the album influenced other artists or the Christmas music genre?

Its success demonstrates the possibility of innovation in Christmas music.
It may have inspired other artists to experiment with genre-bending holiday albums.