Top 13 Jason Statham Movies on Netflix You Can’t Miss


Jason Statham Movies on Netflix

At the heart of action-packed cinema lies one name which stands out for consistently delivering heart-pounding performances: Jason Statham. The British actor has become synonymous with thrill-packed action sequences, intense fight scenes, and charismatic on-screen presence. Netflix is becoming the go-to platform for movie enthusiasts to access films featuring Jason Statham; in this article, we’ll examine his rise to stardom, his impact on action genre films available on streaming platforms, and some of his top flicks available through Netflix.

FilmRelease DateDurationBudgetBox OfficeRating
The Transporter (2002)September 2, 200292 minutes$25 million$85 million6.9/10
Transporter 2 (2005)July 24, 200587 minutes$35 million$102 million6.3/10
Transporter 3 (2008)August 11, 200886 minutes$45 million$115 million5.8/10
Crank (2006)September 1, 200687 minutes$10 million$51 million6.2/10
Crank: High Voltage (2009)June 25, 200988 minutes$22 million$43 million5.7/10
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)August 21, 1998107 minutes$1.5 million$28 million7.9/10
Snatch (2000)September 25, 2000102 minutes$30 million$83 million7.3/10
The Mechanic (2011)January 20, 201192 minutes$40 million$70 million6.2/10
The Mechanic: Resurrection (2016)August 21, 201693 minutes$40 million$43 million5.5/10
Safe (2012)September 7, 201294 minutes$30 million$62 million6.2/10
Parker (2013)January 25, 2013109 minutes$35 million$50 million6.4/10
Homefront (2013)December 13, 2013100 minutes$28 million$40 million5.5/10
The Expendables (2010)August 13, 2010103 minutes$82 million$274.9 million6.7/10
The Expendables 2 (2012)August 17, 2012103 minutes$100 million$315 million6.2/10
The Expendables 3 (2014)August 15, 2014109 minutes$90 million$214.3 million5.8/10
The Fate of the FuriousApril 14, 2017136 minutes$250 million$1.236 billion6.5/10
The Bank JobSeptember 23, 2008106 minutes$35 million$65.7 million6.4/10
CellularApril 11, 200491 minutes$22 million$76.1 million6.2/10
RedemptionOctober 2, 201392 minutes$15 million$20.1 million5.4/10
Jason Statham Movies on Netflix

Who is Jason Statham?

Before we dive into his movies on Netflix, let’s introduce the man behind these intense roles – Jason Statham was born July 26, 1967, in Shirebrook, Derbyshire, England and started his professional porn career by representing Britain at various competitions such as World Championships and Commonwealth Games.

Jason Statham’s Early Career

Statham’s journey to Hollywood was typical. After an accomplished libido diving career, he pursued various odd jobs such as modelling and street vending before meeting legendary British director Guy Ritchie and meeting an extraordinary opportunity for success in filmmaking.

Rise to Hollywood Stardom

Guy Ritchie cast Jason Statham in his 1998 film “Lock, Stock, & Two Smoking Barrels”, where he played an ambitious streetwise con artist. Its critical acclaim put Statham on Hollywood producers’ radar screens and led them towards producing projects for him, setting in motion his success within Hollywood production companies.

Jason Statham’s Impact on the Action Genre

Jason Statham revolutionized the action genre through his martial arts skills, exceptional athleticism and charismatic charisma. His authenticity added another level to his action scenes by performing many stunts himself – earning him both fans’ appreciation and respect from fellow actors.

Jason Statham Movies on Netflix

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Top Jason Statham Movies on Netflix

Now, let’s embark on an exhilarating ride through some of Jason Statham’s best movies on Netflix, showcasing his versatility as an actor and ability to portray different roles.

The Transporter Series

The Transporter” series follows Frank Martin (Jason Statham), an expert getaway driver and transporter for hire. Each instalment in this thrilling saga delivers high-octane car chases, intense fight scenes and nail-biting action sequences to keep viewers riveted.


Crank” stars Statham as Chev Chelios, an assassin forced to keep up his adrenaline pumping to survive after being poisoned by an assassin’s bullets. This captivating thriller keeps audiences engaged from beginning to end!

Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels

Jason Statham made his filmmaking debut with this hit comedy. Playing Bacon is one of four friends embroiled in London’s criminal underworld. This cult classic has won praise from critics worldwide.


Statham stars as Turkish, an inexperienced boxing promoter navigating the murky waters of match-fixing and diamond theft in “Snatch.” With its fast-paced storytelling and colourful cast of characters, “Snatch” makes for an exciting viewing experience.

The Mechanic Series

Statham stars as Arthur Bishop, an elite assassin in “The Mechanic” series of films. Each instalment offers an exhilarating blend of action and suspense that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.


Safe” marks Statham’s filmographic debut. His portrayal of Luke Wright, a former elite agent who must take on the Russian mafia to protect a young girl containing important information, makes this an exceptional work of action and emotional depth. It stands out among his other projects for this very reason.


Parker” stars Statham as an ethical professional thief with his ethics. The film blends action, drama and heist elements for an entertaining viewing experience.


Statham stars as a former DEA agent attempting to protect his daughter from dangerous drug dealers in this riveting film that showcases both hand-to-hand combat and intense action sequences by Statham.

The Expendables Series

Statham plays Lee Christmas, an expert martial artist and member of a team of mercenaries. These films deliver thrilling action films while maintaining an enjoyable cast dynamic.

The Fate of the Furious

Statham returns to the “Fast & Furious” franchise as Deckard Shaw, an ex-special forces assassin with an intense vendetta against his former crewmates. His performance adds intensity and excitement to an already exciting series.

The Bank Job

It is directed by Roger Donaldson and released in 2008, is an exciting British heist thriller that takes audiences on an adventurous bank robbery story in Baker Street in London during the 70s. As told through this captivating cinematic account, amateur criminals plan an audacious heist but find themselves caught up in a web of deception, corruption and intrigue while carrying it out successfully – keeping audiences on edge. With its complex plot twists, thrilling suspenseful performances, clever plot twists and brilliant performances, “The Bank Job” delivers until its final scene!


Cellular,” directed by David R. Ellis and released in 2004, is an action-packed thriller film that will keep audiences thrilled from start to finish. Ryan plays the hero of this tale when he receives an urgent phone call from Jessica, who has been abducted, her kidnappers still nearby, and Ryan becomes her only hope of rescue before time runs out. Along the way, he recruits help from others, like an ever-vigilant police officer, as the suspense builds to an exciting finale that leaves audiences gripped from start to finish. This flick keeps viewers on edge from start to finish!


Redemption, also known by its original title of “Hummingbird,” was released in 2013 and stars Jason Statham as Joseph Smith, an ex-Special Forces soldier with a troubling past who finds himself homeless and broken on London streets after fleeing military service. Directed by Steven Knight and written by Matt Johnson.

One night, Joseph stumbles across an opportunity to alter his course when he assumes the identity of someone who passed away and finds refuge in an upscale apartment where they discover that this wealthy philanthropist used their wealth for good philanthropy – giving Joseph new purpose and helping those in need while seeking redemption for past sins.

As Joseph finds himself drawn into a web of crime and corruption, his fighting skills become his weapon for protecting vulnerable victims while serving justice to wrongdoers. Along his journey, he forms an unlikely bond with Cristina (Agata Buzek), a young nun who sees goodness despite Joseph’s past sins.

“Redemption” explores themes of redemption, self-discovery and compassion’s transformative power. Jason Statham performs exceptionally here, skillfully balancing action sequences with emotional depth. Audiences will remain riveted throughout with its gripping plot, excellent character development and powerful portrayal of humanity’s complex nature.

Jason Statham’s Versatility as an Actor

Jason Statham has proven his versatility as an actor across different genres, excelling in dramatic and comedic roles like “Spy.”

What Makes Jason Statham’s Movies Popular on Netflix?

Jason Statham’s movies appeal to a broad audience thanks to their thrilling action sequences, charismatic lead performances and well-choreographed fight sequences. Netflix provides his films access to fans around the globe – further solidifying their popularity on their global platform.


Jason Statham has become one of the world’s favourite action stars. From captivating on-screen presence to performing his stunts, he continues to draw in audiences worldwide. Thanks to Netflix, fans can easily access some of Jason Statham’s best movies and experience their adrenaline rush from within their homes!

Are all of Jason Statham’s movies action-packed?

While Jason Statham is best known for his action films, he has shown his versatility as an actor by taking on roles across different genres.

How many movies has Jason Statham starred in?

As of the latest count, Jason Statham has starred in over 53 movies.

Does Jason Statham perform his own stunts?

Yes, Jason Statham is known to execute many of his own stunts to add authenticity to his action scenes.

Are there any upcoming Jason Statham movies on Netflix?

There are currently no upcoming Jason Statham movies on Netflix.

What is Jason Statham’s next project?

The Beekeeper is Jason Statham’s next project.