Jax Taylor Dating History: From Flirtation to Forever


Jax Taylor Dating History

Jax Taylor has become a household name on reality TV shows due to his drama-filled and often confusing love life. While on Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules, he experienced several failed relationships before finding happiness with Brittany Cartwright as his spouse. This journey included numerous brief flings and dramatic incidents captured on camera before finding happiness with Brittany Cartwright and also sadly their separation recently.

  • Stassi Schroeder
  • Kristen Doute
  • Brittany Cartwright
  • Laura-Leigh Clarke (brief encounter)
  • Vail Bloom (brief encounter)
  • (Rumored) Lala Kent
Jax Taylor Dating History

Early Days and “Pump Rules” Beginnings

Jax first experienced love on the show during season 1 with castmate Stassi Schroeder, as they engaged in an on-again, off-again relationship filled with tension and arguments that became the main storyline in those first seasons. Unfortunately, however, their flame fizzled out, eventually leaving both Jax and Stassi to pursue other romantic opportunities.

A Web of Entanglements

After his split from Stassi, Jax became embroiled in an intricate love triangle between Kristen Doute – Stassi’s former best friend – and Tiffany Caplan (a relative newcomer). This complex situation led to jealousy and mixed signals between Kristen and Tiffany that only served to solidify Jax’s position within his group as “ladies’ man.”

Brief Encounters and Buzzy Rumors

Jax’s charisma extended beyond just himself and onto other cast members as well. He briefly encountered coworkers, Laura-Leigh Clarke and Vail Bloom, leading him into brief romances that didn’t last. Additionally, there were rumors of potential connections between Jax and Lala Kent, but she has repeatedly denied any romantic entanglements between them.

Enter Brittany Cartwright

Jax’s life took an unexpectedly significant turn in 2015 when he met Brittany Cartwright in Las Vegas. Unlike his previous relationships, Jax seemed truly taken with Brittany, so much so that he quickly took her away to Los Angeles, where their love story would play out on “Vanderpump Rules.”

A Rocky Road to Forever

Although they had an initial spark, Jax’s past behavior continued to cast a shadow over their relationship. With accusations of infidelity surfacing against Jax and accusations of his sexual misconduct emanating from Brittany against Jax being captured on film as raw emotions surfaced during Brittany uttering her now famous “rot in hell” line, which became one of the show’s defining moments.

Growth, Redemption, and Marriage

However, Jax, determined to win back Brittany, embarked on a journey of self-reflection and growth. He apologized sincerely and took accountability for his actions while simultaneously showing an increased dedication towards their relationship. Brittany eventually recognized Jax’s efforts and accepted them more readily, strengthening their bond in turn.

Happily Married

In 2018, Jax finally proposed, and Brittany accepted. Their lavish wedding, as seen on “Vanderpump Rules,” marked a key turning point in Jax’s story, and since then, they have welcomed their first child – Cruz! As well as continuing to navigate all the challenges associated with marriage life.

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright Separate After 4 Years of Marriage

Announcement: Brittany made her announcement during an episode of their joint podcast When Reality Hits. She stressed the importance of being open with fans about their lives since so much has been shared publicly with them. As of now, Brittany and Ian are taking time apart and living under separate roofs.

Challenges: Brittany addressed some of the difficulties they were experiencing in their marriage. She mentioned how marriages can sometimes go through tough patches, and hers, in particular, experienced an exceptionally trying year. For her mental well-being and to create space, she decided to relocate to another home for this very purpose.

Parenting: Brittany and Jax have a 2-year-old son together named Cruz who they co-parent together despite their separation, yet Brittany remains focused on being the best possible mother to Cruz.

Request For Support: Brittany asked fans for support by praying for them both and expressed her hope that everything would turn out fine, regardless of the outcome of their current marital issues.


Jax Taylor dating history, filled with dramatic twists and emotional swings, has been a central theme in “Vanderpump Rules.”

Notably, this article’s focus is solely on Jax Taylor dating history, as seen in “Vanderpump Rules.” Any details provided herein reflect only his portrayal on TV and may not provide an accurate picture of his personal life.

When was Jax Taylor born?

Jax Taylor, born Jason Michael Cauchi, was born on July 11, 1979.

What is Jax Taylor best known for?

Jax Taylor is best known for his appearances on the reality TV show Vanderpump Rules, following the lives of employees at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurants. He was a main cast member for eight seasons, known for his on-again-off-again relationships and dramatic moments.

Who is Jax Taylor’s wife?

Jax Taylor is currently married to Brittany Cartwright. They got married in 2019 and have one child together, a son named Cruz.

What was Jax Taylor’s most controversial moment on Vanderpump Rules?

There are several contenders for Jax’s most controversial moments, but one of the most talked-about was his infidelity towards then-girlfriend Stassi Schroeder with her friend Kristen Doute. The ensuing drama was a major storyline in the early seasons of the show.

Is Jax Taylor still on Vanderpump Rules?

No, Jax and Brittany left Vanderpump Rules after season 8 in 2020. However, he appeared in a “pivotal conversation” during season 11 in 2023 and is set to appear on the upcoming Bravo series “The Valley” alongside Brittany.

What is Jax Taylor doing now?

Currently, Jax co-hosts the podcast “When Reality Hits” with Brittany. They are also preparing for the premiere of their new reality show “The Valley” in March 2024.

What are Jax Taylor’s biggest regrets?

In a 2019 interview, Jax expressed regret for his past behavior towards Stassi, acknowledging the hurt he caused. He also stated he wished he had communicated better in some relationships, specifically mentioning Brittany.