Julia Roberts Kids: All About Phinnaeus, Hazel and Henry


Julia Roberts Kids

Julia Roberts has long been a beloved actress known for her infectious smile and iconic roles. But beyond Hollywood fame, Roberts also cherishes being a mother to her three children: twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, and Henry. However, Roberts prefers keeping their family life private; glimpses into their dynamic reveal a warm, supportive home where each can thrive.

Julia Roberts Kids

A Growing Family

Roberts married cinematographer Danny Moder in 2002, and in 2004, their lives changed with the birth of twins Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus Walter. Three years later, Henry Daniel Moder came along.

Raising them Out of the Spotlight

Roberts has made every effort to raise her children away from paparazzi scrutiny, preferring New Mexico as their primary residence where they can enjoy quieter lives surrounded by nature. Roberts believes in giving her children a normal upbringing, prioritizing family time, and instilling core values such as kindness and compassion from an early age.

Balancing Work and Family

Roberts strives to strike a balance between her rigorous film career and motherhood. She brings her children on set when filming permits, giving them exposure to film while remaining within normalcy. Additionally, Roberts chooses roles that allow for ample family time.

Individual Pursuits

As the children have grown, they have pursued individual paths. Now, 19-year-old college students, the twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, are exploring various interests; Hazel may be interested in acting, while Phinnaeus enjoys photography. Meanwhile, their younger brother Henry (16), still in his teens, enjoys skateboarding and spending time outdoors.

A Supportive Mother

Roberts has spoken freely of her joys and challenges of motherhood, emphasizing communication and open dialogue between herself and her children, providing an environment where they can freely express themselves. She encourages her children to pursue their goals with passion.

A Glimpse into Their Lives

Roberts remains vigilant in protecting her private family life; however, she occasionally shares intimate moments on social media that offer a rare look into their loving and playful dynamic. Roberts’ photos ooze warmth and happiness, from celebrating birthdays to enjoying family outings.

The Legacy of Love

Julia Roberts’ dedication to her family is an example for all. She has created an environment where her children can thrive free from fame’s pressures; these traits will stay with them as they pursue individual paths of their own – as will Julia Roberts’ legacy of love, support, and respect instilled into them by their remarkable mother.

Beyond the Headlines

Julia Roberts has achieved great things as an actress, but her most significant role has always been motherhood. Her dedication and care for her children shine a light upon who they are today as individuals; as they discover new passions, they will forever carry the legacy of love from their incredible mother.

Here are some additional details about Julia Roberts’ kids:

  • Interests: Hazel enjoys acting and has appeared in several films with her mother. Phinnaeus takes great pleasure in photography and can capture unforgettable moments, while Henry enjoys skateboarding and spending time outdoors.
  • Education: Both twins attend college, while Henry remains in high school.
  • Public Appearances: The Moder children prefer not to make public appearances and prefer a low profile.
  • Family Traditions: Roberts has stressed the significance of creating family traditions such as game nights and Sunday dinners for his grandchildren.
  • Charity Work: The Roberts-Moder family actively contributes to charities such as UNICEF and the American Red Cross.

Julia Roberts Kids interests:

1. Hazel made her acting debut in Julia’s 2016 film, Mother’s Day. Since then she has attended various red carpet events alongside both parents.
2. Phinnaeus shows an aptitude for music and is currently honing his craft as an emerging musician. He can often be found attending concerts and music festivals alongside his family.
3. Henry enjoys spending his free time outdoors and his father often posts pictures of Henry enjoying outdoor activities on social media. It appears as though Henry is active and athletic.

Julia’s parenting philosophies:

  • The importance of spending quality time with her children
  • Setting boundaries and rules
  • Encouraging creativity and independence
  • Teaching her children to be kind and compassionate
  • Instilling a sense of gratitude
  • Protecting her children’s privacy


Julia Roberts’ children are flourishing individuals developing their passions and talents. They have abundant love and support from both of their parents that will provide essential guidance as they navigate life’s paths.

How many kids does Julia Roberts have?

Julia Roberts shares three children with Daniel Moder, the cinematographer:
Hazel Moder and Phinnaeus Moder, fraternal twins born November 2004 (currently 19 years old). And Henry Moder born June 2007 (currently 16 years old).

What are their names?

All three children also have Hindu names bestowed by a Swami:
Hazel: Laxmi, Phinnaeus: Ganesh and Henry: Krishna Balram.

Are they active on social media?

Julia has long been protective of her children’s privacy and limited their exposure to public eye. This includes social media. Julia voiced her disapproval for young children having accounts, encouraging them to engage in real-world activities instead.

How does Julia balance motherhood with her career?

Julia considers motherhood to be her highest calling. She prioritizes her family over work and plans her schedule around their needs, which can present unique challenges when combined. Julia stressed the importance of setting an exemplary example to her children by fulfilling both roles simultaneously and showing that it is possible to achieve your goals while being an outstanding mother.