Kate Mckinnon Relationship: Life in Comedy, Love, & Privacy


Kate Mckinnon Relationship

Kate McKinnon is known for her uncanny impressions and hilarious characters on “Saturday Night Live.” However, when it comes to her personal life, she prefers keeping things private; thus, this article examines what information there is regarding her relationship with photographer/actress Jackie Abbott while still respecting their privacy.

Kate Mckinnon Relationship

A Comedic Powerhouse

McKinnon has long been recognized as an unstoppable force in comedy, from her early days on “The Big Gay Sketch Show” to becoming the longest-serving female cast member on “SNL.” From political satire to heartwarming sketches, she continues to push boundaries and make audiences laugh equally – marking her out as one of today’s go-to comedic forces.

Love and Low-Key Living

McKinnon maintains her low-key personal life despite being well-known. While she has acknowledged her sexual orientation and expressed appreciation to Ellen DeGeneres for helping her find acceptance of herself and others, details regarding Abbott are scarce. However, they have been seen together at events or confirmed through Michelle Visage from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” through social media posts.

Respecting Privacy: An Important Decision Worth Recognizing

McKinnon should not be seen as hiding her relationship. Instead, her choice should be respected as her personal decision that deserves understanding.

What We Do Know

While details about McKinnon and Abbott’s relationship are scarce, glimpses can still be made. Since at least 2016, their romance has been evident via Abbott’s social media posts, which allude to shared experiences or make subtle references. McKinnon even mentioned Abbott in her awards show speech as her person, giving an intimate look into her personal feelings toward Abbott.

Jackie Abbott: Beyond “McKinnon’s Partner”

Remembering Jackie Abbott as an independent individual is essential: as a skilled photographer and actress, she has built her career independently of McKinnon; dismissing her simply as his partner would diminish her achievements and contributions to history.

Moving Beyond Speculation

As they prefer to keep their relationship private, speculation about their dynamic and personal lives is inevitable. Unfortunately, engaging in such an assumption is both intrusive and disrespectful to their privacy; we should instead focus on appreciating each person’s contributions while celebrating comedic and artistic talents.

The Power of Role Models

While McKinnon keeps her personal life private, her influence in the LGBTQ+ community cannot be overstated. As an out lesbian who proudly identifies as such, she is an inspirational figure who inspires acceptance and self-love amongst many within it. Her comedic talent and authenticity inspire acceptance within this diverse group.


Kate McKinnon’s comedic brilliance shines, yet her private life remains inaccessible to most. While respecting her choice, we can appreciate both her talents and contributions while honoring Jackie Abbott for their achievements; ultimately, focusing on their artistic merits and positive influence is more meaningful than speculation about their personal lives.

Is Kate McKinnon in a relationship?

Yes, Kate McKinnon is believed to be in a long-term relationship with photographer and actress Jackie Abbott. However, neither have publicly confirmed their relationship status or shared many details about it.

How long have they been together?

The exact timeline is unclear, but reports suggest they’ve been together since at least 2016.

Are they married?

There is no public confirmation of a marriage between Kate and Jackie. Rumors of a marriage arose online in 2021 but were debunked.

Why do they keep their relationship private?

This is entirely their personal choice. Celebrities have the right to decide how much of their private lives they share with the public. Many reasons could lead to this choice, such as valuing privacy, avoiding undue media attention, or simply wishing to focus on their work and other aspects of their lives.

What do we know about Jackie Abbott?

While Jackie isn’t in the spotlight as much as Kate, she is an accomplished photographer and actress in her own right. She has worked on various projects, including photography for musicians and acting in independent films.

How does Kate’s relationship impact the LGBTQ+ community?

As a prominent lesbian figure, Kate serves as a role model for many. Her visibility and success demonstrate the possibilities and positive realities within the LGBTQ+ community. While she keeps her personal life private, her openness about her identity contributes to greater acceptance and representation.