Katy Perry’s Family Tree: All About Her Ancestry & Relatives


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Katy Perry's Family Tree

One of the most popular pop performers in the world, Katy Perry is renowned for her upbeat character, bright wardrobe, and catchy tunes. While we have a lot of information on her music career and personal life, many fans are interested in learning more about her lineage and family history. As we trace Katy Perry’s ancestry back multiple generations in this article, we’ll learn intriguing details about her forebears and relations.

Katy Perry's Family Tree
Katy Perry’s Family Tree

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The Perry Family: Early Generations

The history of the Perry family dates back many generations and is extensive. The Perry family has made an enduring contribution to American history, rising from modest beginnings in colonial America to prominence in the 19th century. The early generations of the Perry family, from their beginnings until the 18th century, will be discussed on this page.

Family history of the Perrys

The Perry family may be traced back to early 16th-century England. The Perry family’s first known ancestor was William Perry, who was born in England in 1545. William Perry was a Devonshire resident who worked as a farmer and worker. John Perry, his son, continued his father’s farming career after being born in 1570. William, John, and Thomas Perry were the couple’s three offspring; they wed in 1596.

Colonial America’s Perry Family

John Perry’s oldest son, William Perry, immigrated to colonial America in the early 17th century. He was born in 1597. He relocated to Massachusetts Bay Colony, where he prospered as a farmer and landowner. In 1632, William Perry wed Sarah Wheeler; together, they had nine kids. John Perry, their oldest child, carried on the agricultural and landownership heritage of the family when he was born in 1633.

The Perrys in the eighteenth century

The Perry family’s influence grew as they rose to prominence in society throughout the 18th century. The wealthy businessman and politician John Perry, who was William Perry’s son, was a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives. In 1660, he wed Mary Wainwright; together, they had nine kids.

Samuel Perry, their son, was born in 1669 and rose to prominence in Massachusetts as a judge and attorney. In 1699, he wed Rebecca Williams; together, they had nine kids. Oliver Perry, the son of Samuel Perry who was born in 1702, carried on the political and legal heritage of his ancestors. He was a representative in the Massachusetts House of Representatives as well as a judge on the Massachusetts Supreme Court. Oliver Perry and Mary Brown had eight children together after their 1729 marriage.

The Perry Family’s Legacy

The heritage of the Perry family persisted into the nineteenth century, and numerous of its members found tremendous success in a variety of industries. Oliver Hazard Perry was a naval captain who made a substantial contribution to the War of 1812; he was a distant relation of the Massachusetts Perry family. His victory against the British at the Battle of Lake Erie is what made him most famous.

The Perry family’s position in American history was cemented by Oliver Hazard Perry’s triumph, and they are still cherished and honoured today.


The history of the Perry family dates back many centuries and is rich and distinguished. The Perry family has made an enduring contribution to American history, rising from modest beginnings in colonial America to prominence in the 19th century. They are still honoured and recognised today for their legacy.

The Hudson Family: Katy Perry’s Maternal Line

Mary Christine and Maurice Keith Hudson welcomed Katy Perry into the world on October 25, 1984, in Santa Barbara, California. Both of her parents were from devout backgrounds, and her mother’s family, the Hudsons, has a long history in America that extends back to the early 19th century. We shall examine the history of the Hudson family in this article, as well as Katy Perry’s relationship with her maternal forebears.

An Overview of The Hudson Family

Katy Perry’s great-great-grandfather James Hudson emigrated to America from England in the early 1800s, starting the Hudson family’s history. James Hudson established a family in Tennessee and eventually played key roles in American history via his offspring.

Katy Perry’s mother is Mary Hudson.

Mary Christine Hudson, Katy Perry’s mother, was born there in 1947. She was one of eight children, and she came from a devoted Christian household. Mary was a pastor’s daughter, and her father, Rev. James M. Hudson, was a well-known evangelist who made rounds of the nation spreading the word of salvation.

The Hudsons and Religion

Throughout the history of the Hudson family, religion has always been very important. Several of James Hudson’s descendants followed in his footsteps and went on to become pastors and preachers. James Hudson was Katy Perry’s great-great-grandfather and a Baptist minister. The family was very active in the Church of God in Christ, a Pentecostal sect that places a strong emphasis on purity, sanctification, and the Holy Spirit baptism.

Childhood of Katy Perry

Katy Perry was brought up in a devout home and went to Christian schools as a youngster. Katy was not permitted to watch TV sitcoms like The Simpsons or Married… with Children since her parents were rigorous about their religious beliefs. Katy began taking voice lessons when she was nine years old, although her passion for music was apparent from an early age.

The Hudsons and What They Gave to Society

The Hudson family has substantially improved American culture. Some generations of the family have held political office and are actively interested in social justice issues. Her cousin John J. Hudson was the first African American mayor of Anaheim, California, and Katy Perry’s great-uncle William M. Hudson presided as a judge in California for more than 30 years.

The Hudsons and Katy Perry’s Connection

Katy Perry is close with her mother’s family, and she often discusses them in interviews and on social media. She has acknowledged that her background and the steadfast beliefs of her family have influenced her songs and performing style. Mary Perry, Katy Perry’s mother, has also participated often in her daughter’s career by showing up in music videos and attending award ceremonies.

An Overview of the Hudson Ancestry

The Hudson family tree spans several branches and generations and is broad and intricate. James M. Hudson, John M. Hudson, William M. Hudson, and several additional names are in Katy Perry’s maternal lineage. The genealogy must be followed through time, back to the first ancestors, in order to properly comprehend the family’s history.

Important members of the Hudson family

Several members of the Hudson family have had a major impact on American culture. These are a few famous people:

  1. Rev. James M. Hudson – Baptist clergyman Rev. James M. Hudson emigrated to America from England in the early 19th century. He is Katy Perry’s great-great-grandfather. His offspring would go on to play key roles in American history once he settled down and raised a family in Tennessee.
  2. Williams M. Hudson – William M. Hudson, Katy Perry’s great-uncle, presided as a judge for more than 30 years in California. He was respected for his honesty, impartiality, and commitment to public service.
  3. John J. Hudson – John J. Hudson, a distant relative of Katy Perry, served as Anaheim, California’s first African American mayor. Known for his dedication to social justice and community development, he held the position from 1992 to 1994.

Hudson Family Gatherings

To commemorate their common heritage and strengthen their bonds, the Hudson family gathers on a regular basis. Family members may deepen their ties by exchanging tales and information during these gatherings. The significance of family relationships and the continuing heritage of the Hudson family are both shown through reunions of the family.

The Hudson Family’s Legacy

The Hudson family has left a history of social justice, service, and religion. The Hudson family has significantly impacted American culture, from James M. Hudson’s early years as a Baptist pastor through William M. Hudson’s illustrious career as a judge. One another chapter in the family’s lengthy and illustrious history, Katy Perry’s triumph as a music singer.


In conclusion, the Hudson family line, which includes Katy Perry’s mother, has a long history spanning many generations and branches. The Hudson family has made important contributions to American society from James M. Hudson’s early years as a Baptist pastor through John J. Hudson’s stint as the first Black American mayor of Anaheim. A tribute to the family’s ongoing heritage and the value of family relationships is Katy Perry’s success as a pop artist.

Katy Perry’s Family Tree: Parents, Siblings, and More

Earlier Years

Since both of Katy’s parents were preachers, the family regularly relocated when she was a small child. She resided in Texas, Arizona, and California for most of her upbringing. As her family moved around a lot as a youngster, Katy has spoken about how difficult it was for her to establish friends.

Mary Perry Hudson: Katy’s Mother

Mary Perry Hudson, Katy’s mother, was born in 1947 in Santa Barbara, California. Mom supported Katy’s passion for music from an early age and was herself a singer and songwriter. After more than thirty years of marriage, Mary Hudson parted ways with Keith Hudson in 1984, not long after Katy was born.

The Father of Katy is Keith Hudson

Keith Hudson, Katy’s father, was born in California in 1947. He was an evangelist and pastor who often travelled to preach and disseminate his message. Katy and her siblings were brought up by Keith and Mary in a rigorous religious environment where they were encouraged to put their religion before all else.

Angela Hudson: Katy’s Sister

Angela Hudson, Katy’s only elder sister, was born in 1982. Angela has supported Katy on tour as a background vocalist and is herself a singer and composer. She has two kids and has been married since 2016.

David Hudson: Katy’s Brother

David Hudson, Katy’s 1980-born elder brother, is also a family member. David is a singer-songwriter who has recorded under the moniker Hudson. Also, he has performed as Katy’s guitarist on tour.

Katy’s relationship with her family

About her sometimes tense connection with her family, Katy has been candid. She has spoken about feeling different growing up and having disagreements with her conservative parents. She has acknowledged that her parents instilled a strong work ethic in her, nevertheless, and that their religion has helped her through challenging circumstances.

Family of Katy in the Media

Throughout the years, the media has scrutinised Katy’s family. “Katy Perry: Part of Me,” a 2011 documentary that accompanied Katy on tour and provided an inside look at her personal life, including a segment on her parents. Her mother wrote “A Simple Soul,” a book that was released in 2014 and detailed her experiences as a Christian missionary.

Katy Perry’s Extended Family

Katy Perry is a popular artist recognised for her catchy pop songs, lavish music videos, and flamboyant dress style. Nevertheless, beneath the glitz and glam, there is a family that has had a significant impact on her life and career. This article will look at Katy Perry’s extended family, which includes her parents, siblings, grandparents, and other relatives.

Hudson’s Family

Mary and Maurice Hudson, Katy Perry’s parents, were both born in California and reared in Religious homes. They met in the late 1970s in Santa Barbara while attending the same church and married in 1980. Upon their marriage, they founded “Keith Hudson Ministries” and went around the nation preaching and singing.
Katy’s parents were devout Pentecostals who practised tongues, miraculous healing, and other spiritual activities. They reared and homeschooled their children in a Christian household for most of their upbringing. Katy’s parents, on the other hand, were supportive of her artistic dreams and pushed her to pursue a career in music.

Katy’s Brothers and Sisters

Katy Perry has two siblings: Angela, her elder sister, and David, her younger brother. Angela is a yoga teacher and mother of two, while David performs as Hudson, a singer and songwriter. Both of Katy’s siblings were homeschooled and raised in a Christian environment, much like Katy.

Katy has frequently commented about her tight bond with her siblings and how they have always supported one another. Her brother David was a co-writer on her popular song “I Kissed a Girl” and has also collaborated on several of her other tracks.

Perry’s Family

From 2010 to 2012, Katy Perry was married to actor and comedian Russell Brand. During this period, she developed a strong relationship with his mother, Barbara Elizabeth, whom she referred to as her “second mother.” Barbara was a hospice carer who died in 2017.

Angela Hudson, Katy’s half-sister, is the daughter of her father’s ex-wife. Angela was born three years before Katy in 1981, and the two sisters get along well.

Other Family Members

Katy Perry has a number of additional relatives who have had an impact on her life and career. Ann Pearl Hudson, who was featured in her music video for the song “The One Who Got Away,” died in 2020. Katy has also highlighted her aunt and uncle, both of whom are artists and reside in Australia.

Katy has built deep ties with her friends and partners in the music business, in addition to her biological family. She has collaborated with a number of producers and composers, including Max Martin, Dr Luke, and Bonnie McKee, whom she refers to as her “musical soulmates.”

Katy Perry’s Heritage and Ethnicity

Father’s Family

Maurice Keith Hudson, the father of Katy Perry, was born in Santa Barbara, California. Both of his parents were musicians and were descended from Black Americans, Portuguese, and Native Americans. Perry’s grandpa was of Black American and Native American descent, while her paternal grandmother was Portuguese. In addition, to including Native American elements in several of her music videos, Perry has often discussed her father’s Native American heritage.

Mother’s lineage

Mary Christine Perry, the mother of Katy Perry, was born to English, German, and Irish parents in Santa Barbara, California. Her grandpa had English and Irish ancestry, while her maternal grandmother was of German lineage. Perry often attributes her early introduction to music to her mother’s musical preferences.

Religious Education

Katy Perry was brought up in a strict Christian home where she was not permitted to watch TV or listen to worldly music. She attended religious institutions and summer camps and started out in the gospel music genre. Yet, she progressively drifted away from her religious origins as her preferences and views evolved over time. Perry has often discussed how difficult it has been for her to balance her growing thoughts and ideals with her religious background.

Cultural Diversity

Katy Perry was exposed to a variety of cultures via her family and her singing profession, despite growing up in a conservative household. She has integrated Indian motifs into her songs and performances and has often expressed her passion for Indian culture. Also, she has collaborated with artists from all backgrounds and has utilised her platform to promote inclusiveness and diversity.

Influences in music

A wide spectrum of musicians, including Madonna, Queen, Alanis Morissette, and The Beach Boys, have inspired Katy Perry’s musical taste. She often gushed about how much she loved 1980s music and frequently integrated motifs from that period into her songs and performances. Perry has also dabbled in a variety of musical styles, such as rock, country, and electronic dance music.

The Influence of Family on Katy Perry’s Life and Career

Inspiration in Music

Katy Perry’s musically savvy parents also had a major impact on her development. Her mom liked religious music and her dad liked classic rock. Katy’s trademark sound was shaped by her exposure to a wide variety of musical styles.

Parental Support

Katy Perry has always emphasised the significance of her parents’ encouragement to her success. Her parents were staunch Christians who always supported her musical pursuits, even when they conflicted with their faith. They were always there for her, cheering her on and helping her financially so she could pursue her goals.

The Bond Between Siblings

Katy Perry’s siblings, David and Angela, are also very important to her. She says they’re responsible for keeping her rooted and centred. David, her musically talented brother, has accompanied her on tour on guitar. Angela, Katy’s sister, is a yoga teacher, and she credits her with helping her maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Problems at Home

Katy Perry’s relationship with her parents and siblings has not always been harmonious. Because they voiced their disapproval of her music and lifestyle choices, she and her parents grew apart in 2008. They even tried to get her to repent by sending her Biblical passages. Katy’s parents have reunited with her and started coming to her shows again.

Job Satisfaction

Katy Perry has overcome significant personal difficulties to become a worldwide superstar. Her debut album, 2008’s “One of the Guys,” included the Top 40 songs “I Kissed a Girl” and “Hot N Cold.” Including “Teenage Dream” and “Witness,” her six subsequent albums have sold over 100 million copies worldwide.

What We’ve Learned

The lessons we may learn from Katy Perry’s life include the power of family in making dreams come true. Our families may have a significant impact on who we become, both positively and negatively, via their praise and criticism. But, we should never forget that we have the power to decide our own destinies and should not allow others to steer our life for us. Strive for a middle ground between taking loved ones’ advice and doing what makes you happy.


Katy Perry’s rise to stardom and success is a moving example of the influence and importance of loved ones. She developed her own sound with the encouragement of her parents and the guidance of her siblings. She overcame obstacles with her family and went on to attain remarkable achievements. Katy’s experience shows that anything is possible when you put in the time and effort.

The Future of Katy Perry’s Family Tree

As Katy Perry’s personal and professional life evolves, it’s reasonable to wonder what the future holds for her familial tree. Here are some theories:

Additional Children

Katy Perry has publicly expressed her desire to have a large family, and with the birth of her first kid, it’s evident that she’s already begun. Perry and Bloom might have additional children in the future, perhaps stretching her family tree even further.

Changes in Career

Katy Perry has achieved much in her singing career, but she has also ventured into television and cinema. It’s feasible that she’ll continue to advance her career in these areas, maybe starting her own production firm. If she does, her family members may get interested in her endeavours, further cementing her family tree.

Family Participation in Philanthropic Activities

Katy Perry has been active in a variety of charitable endeavours throughout her career, including working with UNICEF and acting as an ambassador for the Children’s Health Fund. It’s likely that her family members may join her in these endeavours as well, perhaps building a charitable legacy inside the Perry family.


Katy Perry’s family history and present family dynamic are fascinating themes, and her family tree’s future is full of potential. Whether she extends her family, changes careers, or maintains her humanitarian endeavors, her family will undoubtedly remain an essential aspect of her life and legacy.

What is Katy Perry’s ancestry?

Katy Perry’s ancestry is primarily English, with smaller amounts of German, Irish, and Portuguese ancestry.

Who are Katy Perry’s parents?

Katy Perry’s parents are Keith Hudson and Mary Perry.

Does Katy Perry have any siblings?

Yes, Katy Perry has one younger brother named David Hudson.

Who are Katy Perry’s grandparents?

Katy Perry’s paternal grandparents are Maurice Keith Hudson and Juanita Lois Miller, while her maternal grandparents are James Albert Perry and Ann Pearl Bowman.

Does Katy Perry have any children?

Yes, Katy Perry has one daughter named Daisy Dove Bloom, whom she shares with her partner, actor Orlando Bloom.

Does Katy Perry have any famous relatives?

Yes, Katy Perry is related to several notable figures, including her second cousin once removed, former US President Barack Obama, and her ex-husband Russell Brand’s distant relative, English poet John Milton.