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Kendall Toole Movies

Kendall Toole was born January 28th 1993 in Houston Texas USA and is an actress and executive. Throughout her journey in entertainment she has made notable performances both on-stage and behind-the-scenes contributions that make an impressionable statement about who she is as an artist and leader in their field. We will take a look at Kendall’s filmography including notable roles she has held and her impactful contributions over time in this blog post.

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Kendall Toole Movies

1. Frat House Musical (2012)

Release Date: April 21, 2012

Cast (Main Roles):

  • Brey Noelle as Tiffany
  • Chris O’Brien as Brad
  • Jeremy Jackson as Nick

Calling all musical theatre and college comedy enthusiasts! Come experience “Frat House Musical,” a web series that took the internet by storm in 2012. “Frat House Musical” wasn’t your average frat house story: instead it focused on brotherhood, music-making, and proving that sometimes the greatest harmony can come from unexpected sources.

As The Plot Thickens:

The story centers around Peter, a wide-eyed freshman with a voice like an angel (or at least a pretty good karaoke singer). His dream? Joining the prestigious Sigma frat house. But these Sigmas weren’t exactly known for their love of show tunes. Enter the plot twist: the Sigmas discover they’re at risk of losing their beloved frat house. The solution? A winner-takes-all singing competition.

From Shower Songs to Stage Lights:

This is where Peter’s vocal talents come in. Suddenly, the brothers who once draw back at his composed shower serenades are begging him to bring them into shape. Hilarity ensues as Peter transforms these bro-meisters into a barbershop quartet (well, maybe not quite that polished, but you get the idea).

The Road to Victory (and Maybe a Solo?)

“Frat House Musical” isn’t just about the competition. It’s about the journey. We see the Sigmas bond over vocal exercises (with questionable results), strategize against their rival sorority (the Omega Mu Gamas, who are no slouches in the singing department either), and maybe even learn a thing or two about teamwork (and the importance of a good warmup).

Did They Win? That’s for You to Find Out!

We won’t spoil the ending, but let’s just say the “Frat House Musical” finale is a showstopper (pun intended). Whether the Sigmas win the competition or not, one thing’s for sure: they learn the true meaning of brotherhood and discover that sometimes, the most beautiful music comes from the most unlikely places.

Are You Searching for More?

While there haven’t been any new episodes since 2012, the original web series is still out there for your viewing pleasure. Search online and get ready to be entertained!

2. Arcadia (2012)

Release Date: February 16, 2012

Cast (Main Roles):

  • John Hawkes as Tom
  • Ryan Simpkins as Greta
  • Ty Simpkins as Nat

Budget: Approximately $1 million

Box Office: Approximately $30,000


  • IMDb: 6.1/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 81% (Audience Score)

Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster as we embark on a film journey across America with Olivia Silver’s “Arcadia,” an independent gem released in 2012. Set against an unforgiving landscape of rural America, “Arcadia” follows one family as they adapt to an unexpected change.

The Premise:

This story follows Tom (John Hawkes), along with his three children; Greta (Ryan Simpkins), his observant and thoughtful eldest; Niles (Ty Simpkins) their energetic younger brother; and Aster (Kendall Toole).

We first meet them as they embark on a 3,000 mile road trip from their New England home to sunny California – while Dad promises them that everything will be great once there, although something doesn’t quite feel right- Mom is nowhere to be seen or heard about until later on when it all falls apart – which leads directly back to where we begin this story.

The Emotional Landscape:

With each mile that passes by, Tom finds his distance widening between himself and his children. While Tom weaves fairytales to protect his offspring from reality, Greta begins to see through them and understand that something may be amiss in her father’s story – perfectly depicting how confusing and vulnerable childhood can be as boundaries between reality and make-believe become increasingly blurred over time.

Award-Winning Indie Delight:

Arcadia is more than a road trip movie; it is also an emotive exploration of family, loss and the strength of human spirit. Critics at Berlin International Film Festival gave it rave reviews, awarding it the Crystal Bear for Best Film in Generation Kplus section.

A Must-Watch for Indie Fans:

“Arcadia” is an unforgettable cinematic journey, from its emotional depth and visually appealing scenes, to raw performances and an epic story that resonates long after its credits roll. So grab some popcorn, dim the lights and prepare to embark on an experience you won’t forget anytime soon!

3. Little Canyon (2008) (Short Film)

Release Date: May 4, 2008

Cast (Main Roles):

  • Ann Bratton as Ellie
  • Jeremy Sisto as Ben
  • Maddie Smith as Young Ellie

Are you ready for an emotional road trip with 2008 short film “Little Canyon?” Written, directed, and edited by Olivia Silver – this emotional rollercoaster packs quite the emotional punch in its short runtime!

The Setup:

Greta and her father, Frank, are traveling in an old station wagon across America in pursuit of California sunshine – however something’s amiss: her mother. Though details remain vague, it’s evident there is something wrong in this family unit.

The Journey:

As miles pass by, the journey transitions from lush forests to dusty plains. They begin exchanging scenic wonders for fast food and motel rooms that leave something to be desired. Dad attempts to keep everyone upbeat by promising them a perfect California experience but Greta remains skeptical.

The Breakdown:

Greta becomes frustrated as her dream of exploring the Grand Canyon, an icon of epic adventure, dissipates. Instead, they arrive at a dull facial expression. This proves a turning point; Greta loses patience due to her recent move, her absent mom and the disappointment caused by their “little canyon”. All this leads up to an explosive face-to-face at which Greta snaps.

The Impact:

“Little Canyon” is an incredible demonstration of how simple visuals and storytelling can draw out powerful emotional responses. Instead of spoon-feeding you the plot details, instead relying on silences between characters’ interactions and silence itself to paint an intimate portrait of a family on the brink.

What can we learn from Little Canyon?

This short film serves as a powerful reminder that sometimes emotional journeys can be the most rewarding ones. It explores family dynamics during times of change.

Are you curious to witness it yourself?

Finding “Little Canyon” might require some searching on the internet (often hidden gems can become lost!), but its message remains timeless.

If your family road trip was anything other than picture perfect or you have experienced any changes within your own family unit, “Little Canyon” might just speak to you. Keep an eye out and try finding this small film with big heart.

4. Hotel for Dogs (2009)

Release Date: January 16, 2009

Cast (Main Roles):

  • Emma Roberts as Andi
  • Jake T. Austin as Bruce
  • Don Cheadle as Bernie
  • Lisa Kudrow as Lois Scudder

Budget: Approximately $35 million

Box Office: $117 million worldwide


  • IMDb: 5.4/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 45% (Critics Score), 57% (Audience Score)

Calling all dog lovers! Get ready for an emotional journey with “Hotel for Dogs” (2009). More than just cute puppies, this engaging film explores friendship, resourcefulness, and the strength that comes from believing in something bigger than yourself.

The Pups in Trouble:

Andi and Bruce are siblings stuck in foster care. Unfortunately, their current home does not allow pets; but when an unruly Jack Russell terrier named Friday comes along they invent an clever plan to keep her.

The Secret Project:

Enter an abandoned hotel. Using Bruce’s engineering know-how and Andi’s artistic flair, this neglected structure is transformed into a canine paradise nicknamed the “Hotel for Dogs”, providing shelter to stray pups in need.

From One to Many:

What starts out on Friday quickly snowballs into an detailed rescue operation. Soon, word of the hidden hotel spreads among neighborhood kids, and soon an adorable pack of pups enjoy a luxurious life full of comfortable beds, playtime fun and love from their new families.

Maintaining Secrecy:

Running a secret hotel for dogs is no simple task; with constant risks posed by animal control officers and an ever-increasing pile of food (gotta feed these guests!), but with teamwork, cleverness, and plenty of canine cuteness they manage to keep it all under wraps… for now at least.

More Than Just Laugh Riot:

“Hotel for Dogs” goes beyond showing adorable kisses and playful pups; it also takes on the challenges associated with foster care and exploring how important it is to find oneself a sense of belonging. Reminding us all that kids can make an impactful difference while showing us that sometimes, the best families come from within themselves.

Are You Searching for an Enthralling Experience?

“Hotel for Dogs” is an engaging film for animal lovers of all ages. A heartwarming tale featuring adventure, comedy and plenty of doggy cuddles! So grab some popcorn, snuggle close with your own furry pal (or not!), and prepare yourself for an enjoyable movie night experience!


Kendall Toole has proven her talent beyond acting; she’s also an author, published in Bonnie Gillespie’s Self-Management for Actors – Getting Down to Show Business book and offering insights into show business.

What other projects has she been involved in?

Petunia (2002): She played the role of “Girl with Lollipop” in this short film