Kerry King New Band Members: Hellfire Reforged


Kerry King New Band Members

Kerry King, best known as one of the iconic thrash titans associated with Slayer, has been hinting at an exciting musical venture ever since the end of their final tour in 2019. While speculation about potential reunions or collaborations surrounding Slayer bandmates or genre heavyweights was plentiful at first, its details remained obscure until more information became more certain – now, however, with an array of experienced veterans poised to unleash an electrifying musical attack!

Kerry King New Band Members

The Confirmed Crew

Paul Bostaph from Slayer’s “God Hates Us All” and “Christ Illusion” eras has proven himself the ideal drummer to accommodate King’s signature shredding style with dynamic yet powerful drumming performances. This announcement came officially in July 2022.

Next came news of Phil Demmel, former guitarist with Machine Head and Vio-lence, joining. Demmel brings technical excellence and melodic sensibility, adding another level of complexity and depth to their sound.

Kyle Sanders, previously of Hellyeah and brother to Troy Sanders from Mastodon, fill the bass slot. With his groove-oriented playing and commanding stage presence, Kyle promises a solid foundation for their musical assault.

Mark Osegueda of Death Angel has graciously agreed to provide vocals. With his trademark soaring vocals and aggressive delivery style, Osegueda adds his unique flavor to the mix while giving this band its desired sound.

Rumors and Speculation

While these announcements provide a firm foundation, speculation still abounds regarding other members. Whispers that Gary Holt, King’s former Slayer bandmate, may join on guitar have persisted despite unconfirmation by either party involved; also, fan theories swirl that Pantera vocalist Phil Anselmo might provide his signature voice as part of this project have also generated fan speculation; both Holt and Anselmo have collaborated with King in the past thus fuelling further speculation among fan theories; both Holt and Anselmo have collaborated extensively with King before so creating immense anticipation among fans eagerly waiting their returns!

Musical Direction

King has described their sound as “Slayer-esque” yet distinct from their legendary band. You can expect a potent blend of thrash metal aggression, complex guitar work, and powerful vocals; influences from each member will likely seep into their sound, creating an exciting tapestry of sound that stands on its own.

The Release and Beyond

The band’s debut album, “From Hell I Rise”, produced by Josh Wilbur of Lamb of God fame, will be out May 17th, 2024. Live performances by this newly formed force have also been confirmed for major European festivals in the summer of 2024.

A New Chapter for a Thrash Legend

Kerry King’s new band marks an exciting new chapter in his long and celebrated career. Surrounded by experienced musicians who share his passion and fire, King is set to deliver an energetic new chapter of thrash metal music. While some aspects of Slayer may remain, King and his bandmates can forge their path and reignite the flames of thrash metal music with live performances coming their way in no time! With an exciting lineup, highly anticipated album release, and future live appearances in-store, one thing is sure – Kerry King and his new band are set to bring hellfire upon metal fans everywhere.

Who are the confirmed members?

As of February 2024, the only confirmed member is Kerry King himself.
Paul Bostaph, who drummed for Slayer alongside King, is confirmed to be involved and participated in recording the debut album.

Are there any other rumored members?

Initially, rumors swirled about Gary Holt (another Slayer guitarist) and Phil Anselmo (former Pantera vocalist) joining the band.
These rumors haven’t been confirmed by King.

Who played on the debut album, “From Hell I Rise”?

While King wrote all the music, the recording featured:Paul Bostaph on drums.
Kyle Sanders (HELLYEAH) on bass.
Phil Demmel (ex-Machine Head) on guitar.
Mark Osegueda (Death Angel) on vocals.

Is this a permanent band or a solo project?

Although named KERRY KING, King insists it’s a band, not a solo venture.

What does the band sound like?

King describes the music as heavy, with thrash, punk, and doom influences.
He promises it will appeal to Slayer fans, with “something for everyone who ever liked any period of Slayer.”

Where can I hear their music?

The debut album, “From Hell I Rise,” was released on May 17, 2024.
The first single, “Idle Hands,” is available to listen to online.

Are they touring?

There hasn’t been any official announcement about touring yet.
Stay tuned to Kerry King’s social media or websites for updates.