Madame Web movie 2024: Thrilling Journey into the Multiverse


Madame Web movie 2024

Madame Web is an upcoming superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, directed by S.J. Clarkson and set within the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters (SPUMC). This will be its inaugural female-oriented instalment within the SPUMC franchise.

Dakota Johnson stars as Cassandra Webb, a paramedic with the extraordinary power to see into the future. While facing past secrets and protecting three young women from an unknown danger, Madame Web must navigate her newfound powers with caution to unravel the secrets of reality and reveal its mysteries.

Release Date

  • February 14, 2024


  • S.J. Clarkson


  • Dakota Johnson as Cassandra Webb / Madame Web
  • Sydney Sweeney as Julia Carpenter / Spider-Woman
  • Celeste O’Connor as Mattie Franklin / Spider-Girl
  • Isabela Merced as Anya Corazon / Arachne
  • Tahar Rahim as Sergei Kravinoff / Kraven the Hunter
  • Mike Epps as Jazzer
  • Adam Scott as Ben Parker
  • Emma Roberts as Mary Parker


  • Cassandra Webb / Madame Web: A mutant with psychic abilities who is destined to become Madame Web, a powerful protector of the world.
  • Julia Carpenter / Spider-Woman: A young woman who is bitten by a radioactive spider and gains the powers of Spider-Woman.
  • Mattie Franklin / Spider-Girl: A young woman who is granted the powers of Spider-Girl by a mystical amulet.
  • Anya Corazon / Arachne: A young woman who is granted the powers of Arachne by a mystical totem.
  • Sergei Kravinoff / Kraven the Hunter: A ruthless hunter who is obsessed with killing Spider-Man and other Spider-themed heroes.
  • Jazzer: An old friend of Madame Web who provides her with support and assistance.
  • Ben Parker: The uncle of Peter Parker, the original Spider-Man.
  • Mary Parker: The aunt of Peter Parker, the original Spider-Man.
Madame Web movie 2024


This film follows Cassandra Webb, an ordinary woman living a normal life until she begins experiencing strange visions and premonitions that become increasingly frequent and intense, prompting Cassandra to realize she has developed the ability to see into the future. Overwhelmed by these newfound powers, Cassandra seeks answers from Dr. Julia Carpenter (an ex-mentor who studied multiverse), an expert scientist.

Cassandra and Julia discover that Cassandra’s abilities are interlinked with the Web of Life, an invisible energy field connecting all realities. Cassandra soon learns to control her powers, becoming Madame Web protecting the multiverse from Silk’s efforts. However, his efforts threaten the existence of our realities unless Madame Web can use her powers effectively enough to cover the multiverse from destruction before it’s too late – to defeat Silk before it destroys everything!


Madame Web was initially announced in January 2022 and had an original release date of July 7, 2023, but was later postponed to October 6, 2023. Subsequently, in July 2023, its release date was brought forward to February 14, 2024.

Sony Pictures Releasing and Marvel Studios are teaming up to produce this film as the second in their Spider-Man Universe – joining Venom (2018) and Morbius (2022).


Madame Web delves deep into identity, destiny, and free will themes. Cassandra explores her newfound abilities while coming to terms with them as they unfold. Additionally, Madame Web explores multiverse theory – suggesting infinite realities exist outside our reality.


Madame Web is much anticipated by fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is predicted to become a box office success and expand further their universe.

Box Office

This film is expected to be an overwhelming commercial success and projected to gross over $200 Million at the box office.


Madame Web is expected to have a dramatic effect on the superhero film genre and become a hugely successful venture for Sony Pictures Releasing and Marvel Studios, becoming beloved among fans of Spider-Man Universe.


Madame Web is an eagerly anticipated superhero film which promises to be both commercial and critical success. It promises to become an eventful staple in the genre and will likely have an enormous impactful on industry as a whole.

  • Madame Web is the first Marvel film to be directed by a woman.
  • The film is the first Marvel film to feature a female lead.
  • The film is the first Marvel film to be set in the Spider-Man Universe.
  • The film is expected to be the first Marvel film to feature a lesbian superhero.


Madame Web is an anticipated Spider-Verse chapter expected to make waves within the superhero film genre. Madame Web is poised for greatness! It should become a smash hit and make an indelible mark on cinematic superhero history.

Is Madame Web a Villain or a Hero?

Madame Web is an intriguing character who has often played both villain and hero roles in comics. However, in her upcoming film adaptation she may take more of a heroic stance; but she may face difficult obstacles that test her resolve.

Will Madame Web be a Better Superhero than Spider-Man?

Madame Web and Spider-Man are two powerful superheroes with distinct abilities, each boasting their own set of strengths and weaknesses. It can be hard to compare the two; each have their own distinct set of advantages and disadvantages; however Madame Web’s psychic powers give her an edge in certain circumstances.

Will Madame Web Be a Part of the MCU?

No official decision has been made as to whether Madame Web will become part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). However, Sony Pictures Releasing–who also produced Venom and Morbius films–is producing it and these stories exist within their own universe apart from that of MCU.

Will Madame Web Be More Successful Than Morbius?

Morbius was both critically and commercially unsuccessful. Since Madame Web is more well-known than Morbius, it could prove more successful, although it’s too soon to tell for certain.

Will Madame Web Be Rated R?

This film has yet to be rated, but it could possibly receive an R rating. Based on its trailer, it appears as if this will be an action-packed superhero flick with dark and gritty themes.

What Are the Chances of a Madame Web Sequel?

Success of Madame Web film will dictate its sequel potential; if that proves the case, Sony Pictures Releasing may approve one.

Will Madame Web Be a Standalone Film or Part of a Larger Franchise?

Madame Web is scheduled for release as an independent movie; however, she could potentially appear in other Spider-Man Universe films as well.

What Is the Target Audience for Madame Web?

Madame Web is expected to target adults and older teenagers. Due to its dark and gritty tone, this film may not be appropriate for younger audiences.

Will Madame Web Be a Box Office Success?

Madame Web is yet to prove itself as a box office hit, though its potential can’t be discounted given all the other superhero films being released at roughly the same time.