Melanie Lynskey reacted after Adrianne Curry criticized her in her appearance on The Last of Us.


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After Adrianne Curry, the winner of America’s Next Top Model made fun of Melanie Lynskey for appearing in HBO’s The Last of Us, she reacted in a series of tweets.

Melanie Lynskey

Melanie Lynskey is confident in her abilities.

America’s Next Top Model winner Adrianne Curry attacked the appearance of Yellowjackets actress Melanie Lynskey on the HBO series The Last of Us on February 5. The Yellowjackets star, who made her acting debut as militia commander Kathleen in that episode, shot back at Curry.

Curry captioned a picture of Lynskey with the following in a since-deleted tweet from February 8: “Her physical appearance which isn’t true about her position as a post-apocalyptic tyrant. When you need her, where is Linda Hamilton?”

Lynskey said with a joke that the connection to the Terminator actor didn’t really make sense.

The “America’s Next Top Model” uploaded a photo of Lynskey from the program and said in a since-deleted tweet that “her body indicates the life of luxury does not post-apocalyptic warlord.”

Curry asked where is “Terminator” actress Linda Hamilton when you need her?”

The 45-year-old “Yellowjackets” actor replied to Curry’s criticism by tweeting an image of the model’s tweet along with a statement.

She tweeted, “First things first: this is not a still from HBO’s ‘The Last Of Us,’ this is a shot from my cover shoot for InStyle magazine.

After Adrianne Curry attacked Melanie Lynskey’s look for “The Last of Us,” the actress responded by clapping back at the model.

“And I’m portraying a character who painstakingly plotted and carried out a revolution of FEDRA. You want me to be SMART, ma’am. I don’t need to have a big body. That is the purpose of henchmen.

Lynskey, who portrays Kathleen in the HBO series, said in a series of subsequent tweets, “I get that some people are upset because I’m not the traditional casting for this part. That makes me happy. The most thrilling aspect of my work is defying expectations, apart from the instants just after an action is called when you feel like you’re genuinely in someone else’s body.

“Actors can’t let people dislike their characters, can they? Curry wrote, “I am DONE,’ after getting abuse from supporters.

The “Candy” actress ended her “rage” by expressing gratitude to her supporters for their “overwhelming and strong” support.

When a supporter labeled the former reality star’s comments regarding body image “disgusting,” she claimed Lynskey had edited out her statement that men were more attracted to women with hourglass figures.

It seems really deceptive. She also clarified that she was not the character.

On Friday, February 10, HBO Max will start streaming “The Last of Us” episode five.

Curry reiterated her claim after being criticized by followers for her post.

The model tweeted on Wednesday, I am so over anything anymore. “Actors can’t let people dislike their characters, can they? I’M OVER IT. On a set or stage, we pretend to be something that we are not. If someone dislikes them, that’s okay. Nothing about it is personal.”

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