Top 13 Movies Like Argo: Finding Similar Thrills


Movies Like Argo

Hello there, fellow movie enthusiasts! Are you like me and crave gripping thrillers such as “Argo?” If that is the case for you, then look no further. I have put together an impressive list of films that will provide that same exhilarating adrenaline rush, from undercover missions to nail-biting suspense… all guaranteed to keep you glued to your seat and bring incredible stories alive. Let’s dive right in!

Are You Ready for Spies and Secrets?

Hey, movie enthusiasts! Wondered what makes spy movies so exciting? Argo began our obsession with covert operations and suspenseful storytelling; here at IMDb, we have more riveting tales that’ll have you on edge until the very last page!

MovieRelease dateDurationBudgetBox officeWhere to watch
The Imitation GameNovember 14, 2014114 minutes$140 million$233.6 millionHulu, HBO Max, Peacock, YouTube
Mission: ImpossibleMay 25, 1996110 minutes$80 million$457.7 millionParamount+
MunichDecember 25, 2005128 minutes$70 million$130.2 millionHBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video
Zero Dark ThirtyDecember 11, 2012157 minutes$50 million$257.6 millionNetflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video
Bridge of SpiesOctober 16, 2015141 minutes$40 million$170.9 millionNetflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video
Body of LiesOctober 11, 2008128 minutes$75 million$132.1 millionHBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video
Captain PhillipsOctober 11, 2013134 minutes$55 million$218.8 millionNetflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video
SyrianaOctober 10, 2005128 minutes$50 million$93.6 millionHBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video
Green ZoneMarch 12, 2010122 minutes$100 million$100.2 millionHBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video
Spy GameSeptember 21, 2001129 minutes$60 million$118.6 millionHBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video
Tinker Tailor Soldier SpySeptember 16, 2011127 minutes$20 million$82.1 millionNetflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video
RoninSeptember 14, 1998120 minutes$60 million$124.7 millionHBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video
United 93April 28, 2006114 minutes$35 million$162.8 millionNetflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video
Movies Like Argo

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Movies Like Argo

The Imitation Game: Unveiling Hidden Truths

Imagine Benedict Cumberbatch in “The Imitation Game: Unveiling Hidden Truths.” This gripping true story follows Alan Turing’s efforts as a master codebreaker during World War II to crack the notorious Enigma code – something this movie will certainly do! Packed with brainpower, mystery, and secrets, it will keep you on the edge of their seats for two hours straight!

Mission Impossible: Action-Packed Adventures

Pop the popcorn! Tom Cruise stars as Ethan Hunt in “Mission Impossible,” promising jaw-dropping stunts, mind-boggling plot twists, and non-stop action that’ll leave you breathless just like “Argo.”

Munich: Seeking Justice in Chaos

Steven Spielberg’s “Munich” transports us back to the 1970s, as an elite Israeli team hunts down those responsible for an Olympic massacre. Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions as these agents tackle moral dilemmas and dangerous missions like “Argo.”

Zero Dark Thirty: Chasing Shadows

Remember Osama bin Laden? “Zero Dark Thirty” dives deep into his pursuit, showing the dogged determination of CIA operatives in pursuit of him. If “Argo’s” suspense left you wanting more, this one’s for you!

Bridge of Spies: Negotiating Dangerously

Tom Hanks stars in “Bridge of Spies” as James Donovan, an attorney navigating diplomacy during the Cold War. With its high-stakes negotiations and intricate diplomacy that’ll bring “Argo”-esque memories flooding back, you won’t want to miss this riveting drama!

Body of Lies: Unraveling Deception

Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe join forces once more for “Body of Lies“. Expect CIA agents chasing terrorists, intricate webs of deceit, and heart-pounding moments similar to “Argo’s” thrilling storyline.

Captain Phillips: High Seas Drama

Tom Hanks takes on pirates in “Captain Phillips,” an exciting tale about a cargo ship hijacked by Somali pirates that’s as riveting as “Argo.” Phillips must fight his battle against pirates – an epic showdown that delivers suspenseful scenes as much as it does action!

Syriana: Tangled Webs of Power

Syriana is an intricate web of global politics and oil. Filled with intricate characters and intertwined narratives, Syriana’s suspenseful plot will keep you gripped just like Argo’s tale did.

Green Zone: The Search for Reality

Matt Damon stars in Green Zone as he searches post-invasion Iraq for weapons of mass destruction reminiscent of “Argo.” Enjoy action, intrigue, and truth-finding that’ll remind you why audiences love “Argo.”

Spy Game: Espionage and Friendship

Spy Game featuring Redford and Pitt, explores mentorship and espionage. If you enjoyed “Argo,” you will love how Redford and Pitt interact in “Spy Game.”

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: Hunting the Betrayer

Based on John le Carre’s novel of espionage within British intelligence, “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” presents a thrilling espionage mystery within that institution, filled with suspenseful investigations and unexpected twists reminiscent of those found in “Argo.”

Ronin: A Risky Quest

Ronin has assembled a team of former intelligence agents for a risky mission. If you enjoy stories filled with mystery, action, and espionage, a la “Argo,” Ronin offers plenty of thrills!

United 93: Real-Life Suspense

United 93” brings back to life the gripping moments surrounding the fourth hijacked plane on September 11th, 2001. If “Argo” left you on edge, this one will evoke those same feelings.

Wrapping Up: More Thrills Await

Ending on an Exciting Note, It’s So it Ends, fellow movie-goers! Espionage and high-stakes missions continue to grip us all – these movies offer distinct thrills that’ll keep you entertained.

Are these movies suitable for everyone?

While some are more suitable for mature audiences, they cover a range of genres and themes.

Are these films historically accurate?

While artistic liberties may be taken, many draw inspiration from real events to craft their stories.

Are there more movies like “Argo” that you’d recommend?

Absolutely! These are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a world of espionage and suspense waiting for you.

Can I stream these movies?

Many are available on popular streaming platforms, but availability might vary depending on where you are.

Any new releases to look forward to?

The world of cinema is always evolving. Keep an eye out for upcoming releases that promise the same nail-biting suspense.