All 18 movies like she’s the man you shouldn’t miss


movies like she's the man

Movies offer us a special view into life, and gender-swap comedies are no different. Remember “She’s the Man?” That was only one film among many that playfully subvert gender norms with humorous results.

MovieRelease DateDurationBudgetBox OfficeWhere to watch
She’s All ThatJanuary 19, 199997 minutes$10 million$108.4 millionHulu, Paramount+, Peacock
Mean GirlsApril 30, 200497 minutes$17 million$128.6 millionHulu, Paramount+
A Cinderella StoryAugust 16, 200497 minutes$20 million$108.1 millionNetflix, Hulu, Paramount+
Easy ASeptember 10, 201090 minutes$8 million$75.8 millionHulu, HBO Max
John Tucker Must DieAugust 11, 200692 minutes$13 million$68.7 millionHulu, Paramount+
Sydney WhiteSeptember 14, 200790 minutes$10 million$30.1 millionTubi, Pluto TV
Wild ChildMay 1, 200897 minutes$10 million$35.8 millionNetflix, Hulu
What a Girl WantsAugust 14, 2003100 minutes$70 million$60.3 millionDisney+
17 AgainApril 17, 2009102 minutes$58 million$138.1 millionHulu, HBO Max
Stick ItJuly 14, 200694 minutes$25 million$51.7 millionNetflix, Hulu
Material GirlsAugust 11, 200690 minutes$14 million$20.8 millionTubi, Pluto TV
10 Things I Hate About YouMarch 31, 199997 minutes$10 million$85.8 millionHulu, Paramount+
LovewreckedFebruary 10, 200593 minutes$25 million$41.7 millionNetflix, Hulu
Just One of the GuysJuly 19, 198597 minutes$15 million$33.6 millionPeacock
HairsprayJuly 20, 2007116 minutes$80 million$202.8 millionHulu, Paramount+
The Hot ChickAugust 16, 200286 minutes$18 million$56.1 millionPeacock
It’s a Boy Girl ThingMarch 10, 200694 minutes$18 million$38.7 millionPeacock
YentlDecember 17, 1983125 minutes$11 million$80 millionHBO Max
movies like she’s the man

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The Phenomenon of Gender-Swap Comedy

Think of gender-swap comedies as carnival mirrors of cinema. They provide us with an entertaining, exaggerated depiction of what happens when people step into each other’s shoes – literally! In “She’s the Man,” Amanda Bynes gave us laughter by disguising herself as her twin brother to take on soccer field battles – marking this genre’s introduction into pop culture history.

movies like she's the man

Beyond “She’s the Man”

Gender swap films don’t begin and end with “She’s the Man.” There is an entire library of films that tackled gender swapping themes with their own flair:

“She’s All That” (1999)

She’s All That is an unforgettable ’90s teen film filled with high school drama and unexpected romance (1999). Set against this backdrop is an emotional rollercoaster wherein an unpopular jock takes up a bet to turn an ordinary student into a prom queen within 24 hours – much to their displeasure!

But stay with me because this is no typical makeover story. As we witness each character grow and change, we get an up-close view of personal growth, friendships blossoming, and an awakening that beauty extends far beyond appearances. It is a story about breaking through labels to find who lies beneath.

Prepare yourself for iconic scenes, unforgettable one-liners, and lots of heart. “She’s All That” is more than a typical teen flick – it’s an engaging journey of self-discovery, challenging social norms, and an unexpected romance that surprises even its main characters! So grab some popcorn and prepare to experience those classic ’90s vibes in a relevant tale.

“Mean Girls” (2004)

Mean Girls” (2004) follows a teenage girl as she unknowingly steps into the turbulent world of high school cliques and gets involved with gossip, drama and manipulation from popular cliques. While trying to fit into popular cliques she becomes embroiled in gossip, drama and manipulation. With its sharp wit and relatable scenarios “Mean Girls” remains an entertaining yet thought-provoking take on growing up adolescent and the pursuit of self-discovery.

“A Cinderella Story” (2004)

A Cinderella Story,” a modernized version of the classic fairy tale, tells of a high school student living a double life. By day she faces challenges associated with school and work; by night, she becomes an anonymous online friend to an unknown male stranger she is attracted to, all while managing their responsibilities and dreams. As they navigate their responsibilities and goals together, they find themselves drawn toward this person behind the screen, eventually realizing there may be deeper connections than initially perceived – reminding us all that love may come from unexpected places! This tale captures modern fairy tales perfectly, reminding us all that love may come in unexpected places!

“Easy A” (2010)

Easy A” (2010) is not your typical high school story; instead, it follows an intelligent and sassy girl as she accidentally creates an unwanted gossip storm for herself – instead of panicking, she uses it as leverage and uses the chaos surrounding the gossip storm to her own benefit.

What follows is an entertaining journey full of laugh-out-loud moments and unexpected friendships, with her pretending to date guys needing popularity boosts until things become hilariously complex. The film offers a glimpse into teenage world of rumors, relationships and awkward dance of self-discovery.

“Easy A” isn’t just funny; it also packs heart and wisdom about our choices and image projection. Reminiscent of high school life as an ever-evolving jungle, yet still staying true to who you are can help guide one through. For an entertaining mix of comedy, drama, and teenage realism all in one package “Easy A” should not be missed!

“John Tucker Must Die” (2006)

John Tucker Must Die” (2006) depicts a trio of girls discovering they all happen to be dating charismatic and popular John Tucker, prompting them to plot revenge against him by making him fall for another girl and breaking her heart like so many times before. With its blend of teenage drama, comedic antics, and unexpected romance while exploring friendship, love, revenge, and getting even with this unpredictable individual; “John Tucker Must Die” provides an enjoyable glimpse at life lessons while entertaining audiences with its comic antics and unexpected romance – “John Tucker Must Die” explores high school relationships while creating laughable encounters between rivalry-clan rivalry in high school relationships that anyone watching will find engaging.

“Sydney White” (2007)

Sydney White” (2007) is a college comedy that takes a fresh approach to the classic Snow White tale. When Sydney White pledges a sorority led by its queen bee and finds herself struggling to fit in, she discovers companionship among seven socially diverse outcasts who make her laugh while challenging traditional Greek system at her university. Packed with humor, heart, and messages about individuality acceptance, “Sydney White” follows Sydney as she learns how to be true to herself while leading an uprising against traditional Greek system at her university campus – ultimately turning stereotypes inside out of academia!

“Wild Child” (2008)

Have you heard of “Wild Child” (2008)? It’s an awesome movie that takes viewers on an incredible adventure from Beverly Hills to a traditional British boarding school, featuring Poppy Moore who’s used to the high life in LA but finds herself thrust into an entirely different environment when her dad sends her off to England for schooling; Talk about culture shock!

As Poppy navigates a world of uniforms, rules, and British manners with her rebellious streak at odds with its traditions, you will witness laughter, growth, and surprising friendships form along the way. She discovers much about herself through this experience!

“Wild Child” is not only about humor; it’s a coming-of-age tale in which Poppy goes from being an irresponsible youth to understanding that there’s more to life than what she had thought before – including romance!

“Wild Child” offers an entertaining journey of comedy, self-discovery, and welcoming life’s unexpected twists; so if you want a satisfyingly entertaining journey that also reinforces meaningful lessons through its crazy adventures then watch “Wild Child”. Get ready for teenage spirit and an abundance of unforgettable lessons learned along the way!

“What a Girl Wants” (2003)

What a Girl Wants” (2003) is a touching coming-of-age film which is the story of an American teenager named Daphne who journeys to London to locate her lost British father. While she tries to navigate the high social circles of her father’s life and tries to make a connection between the two different worlds Daphne realizes how important it is to remaining true to her. Full of romance, humor and themes of identity and family The film will take you on a trip through self-discovery. Daphne discovers that accepting her individuality is the way to establishing her own position in society.

“17 Again” (2009)

17 Again” (2009) is a heartwarming and hilarious film which follows Mike O’Donnell, a middle-aged man who miraculously has the opportunity to go back to his high school days as a 17-year-old. In the process of rewriting his own life’s narrative He faces the difficulties of being a teenager in the present, while reuniting with his family and recognizing the significance to his actions. With a mix of humor as well as life lessons and a touch in a touch of nostalgia “17 Again” is an inspiring tale of redemption with second chances, as well as the timeless notion that it’s not too late to make changes to your life’s direction.

“Stick It” (2006)

Stick It” (2006) is an irreverent sports comedy that brings you into the intense world of gymnastics with a unique edge. Starring Haley Graham – a talented yet rebellious gymnast – finds herself back at her gym after an encounter with law, clashing with her coach and the rules in an unconventional manner while trying to assert herself through her unique style in gymnastics despite setbacks at home and school. Through self-discovery and team camaraderie “Stick It” explores breaking barriers both physically and personally in life!

“Material Girls” (2006)

Material Girls” (2006) is an emotionally satisfying comedy that follows Tanzie and Ava, two wealthy sisters with vast fortunes who find their world turned upside-down when their family’s cosmetics empire encounters scandal, leading them to lose all they own and rebuild from there. Navigating challenges that emerge due to newfound hardship, this film highlights both contrast between their former materialism and new experiences that alter perspectives, with humor, sisterly love, self-discovery, self-realization all mixed into its narrative arc – giving audiences new perspectives as to what change can do to open doors of growth and potential new beginnings!

“10 Things I Hate About You” (1999)

10 Things I Hate About You” (1999) is a modernized adaptation of Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew.” Set in high school, its story follows Kat Stratford – a strong-willed and independent girl – and Bianca; Bianca can’t date until Kat does, leading her sister Bianca into devising a plan to find someone for Kat to date; Patrick Verona emerges as a charismatic rebel with hidden motives who quickly becomes involved with Kat and her sister Bianca; as she struggles through her teenage love life she truly captures both teenage love and self-discovery all in high school realism!

“Lovewrecked” (2005)

Lovewrecked” (2005) is a romantic comedy that will transport you on an exciting tropical escapade. Jenny, an employee at a resort, secretly admires rock star Jason Masters; when their cruise ship runs aground on an isolated island and leaves them stranded alone with him, Jenny seizes the opportunity for intimacy; however things quickly escalate as Jenny realizes they’re not as alone as expected and must navigate between fantasy and reality – creating both laughable moments and heartwarming ones in “Lovewrecked”. Through laughter and heartwarming moments, “Lovewrecked” explores love, self-discovery, as well as discovering some unexpected adventures within ourselves that we don’t expect!

“Just One of the Guys” (1985)

Long before “She’s the Man,” this delightful film featured a high school girl posing as a male to win a journalism contest, providing ample comic relief while challenging gender biases.

“Hairspray” (2007)

John Travolta donned a dress to portray Edna Turnblad, one of the loveable characters in this musical comedy that wasn’t strictly about gender swap, yet still provided both sparkle and depth.

“The Hot Chick” (2002)

Rob Schneider and Rachel McAdams star in this hilarious comedy rollercoaster wherein an off-grid criminal and high school girl magically switch bodies – providing both laughs and an unexpected look at life from another perspective.

“It’s a Boy Girl Thing” (2006)

Two enemies exchange bodies, and what ensues is an entertaining journey of empathy and connection between them both. Not simply switching places but entering each other’s hearts!

“Yentl” (1983)

Barbra Streisand made waves with “Yentl” (1983). Her performance as a Jewish girl disguised as a male so she can access higher education was memorably comic and also touched upon complex themes surrounding identity and self-discovery.

The Evolution of Gender-Swap Comedy

From laughter-inducing comedy, these movies have progressed to be meaningful conversations on gender, identity and society. Their magic lies not just in being laugh-out-loud funny but rather how these stories challenge norms and invite us to think outside the box.


“She’s the Man” ignited the trend for gender-swap comedies, but let us not lose sight of all that have come since. These movies not only offer entertainment value; they act as a mirror reflecting back our world of perspectives – from breaking stereotypes to exploring self-discovery; these comedies remind us that laughter is an effective tool to contemplate gender dynamics in an ever-evolving world and its many complexities. Long as storytelling keeps evolving we will keep getting new opportunities to view life through fresh perspectives!

What’s the Deal with Movies Like ‘She’s the Man’?

Discover the hilarious universe of gender-bending comedies that challenge social norms and tickle your funny bone. Get ready for some identity-swapping chaos!

Who Are the Stars Behind These Entertaining Roles?

From Amanda Bynes to Channing Tatum and beyond, these movies feature some of the brightest talents who’ve skillfully transformed into characters of the opposite gender.

Can I Expect Awkward Situations and Hilarious Misunderstandings?

Buckle up for an avalanche of awkward moments, side-splitting confusions, and rib-tickling scenarios as characters navigate life in unfamiliar gender territory.

Is Romance a Big Part of These Movies?

Absolutely! Get ready for heart-fluttering romance as characters not only tackle gender-switching but also navigate the wild world of love that knows no boundaries.

Are These Films More Than Just Comedy?

Definitely. Beneath the comedic exterior, many of these movies subtly explore themes of identity, self-discovery, and the importance of being true to oneself.

Do These Movies Appeal to All Ages?

While some may contain light adult humor, most films in this genre maintain a relatively family-friendly vibe, making them suitable for a wide range of audiences.