15 Best Movies Like The Belko Experiment


Movies Like The Belko Experiment

Hello, movie enthusiasts! Like us, you likely enjoy a thrilling thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat – “The Belko Experiment” is one such nerve-wracking movie that makes us question our survival instincts. If you’re searching for more movies that match this type of nail-biting suspenseful experience, read on as this article explores survival-themed flicks similar to “The Belko Experiment.”

MovieRelease DateDurationBudget (Approx.)Box Office (Approx.)
CubeSep 9, 199790 mins$365,000$501,818
Final Destination 5Aug 12, 201192 mins$40 million$157.9 million
The Hunger GamesMar 23, 2012 (First film)Varies by filmVaries by filmVaries by film
The PurgeJun 7, 2013 (First film)Varies by filmVaries by filmVaries by film
Battle RoyaleDec 16, 2000114 mins$4.5 million$27.5 million
Wrong TurnMay 30, 200384 mins$12.6 million$28.7 million
SawOct 29, 2004103 mins$1.2 million$103.9 million
ElevatorMar 4, 201284 minsNot availableNot available
Would You RatherOct 14, 201293 minsNot availableNot available
CircleMay 28, 201587 minsNot availableNot available
IntrudersJan 15, 201590 minsNot availableNot available
CurveJan 19, 201581 minsNot availableNot available
Escape RoomJan 4, 201999 mins$9 million$155.7 million
Game of DeathNot availableNot availableNot availableNot available
Follow MeJul 16, 202088 minsNot availableNot available
Movies Like The Belko Experiment
Movies Like The Belko Experiment

Cube (1997)

Have you ever felt as though life is like an endless maze? Well, ‘Cube‘ takes that concept further: Imagine being trapped in an unfamiliar place with strangers where the only way out is solving deadly puzzles! It’s an exhilarating rollercoaster ride that keeps you guessing, much like trying to navigate real-life mazes! The film will keep you on edge as you wonder what you would do in such an intricate and high-stakes situation.

Final Destination 5 (2011)

Now let’s dive into ‘Final Destination 5‘, a suspenseful horror flick about coworkers who narrowly escape a disastrous bridge collapse thanks to one man’s prophetic premonition – though this appears at first to be good luck, Death soon appears with other plans in mind!

One by one, the survivors find themselves in bizarre and horrific situations where death looms close – but these are no ordinary accidents; rather, the film takes you on an incredible ride as characters fight to outwit Death and change their fates. Final Destination 5 is famed for its inventive yet intense death scenes that leave viewers on edge throughout its runtime.

The Hunger Games (2012- Present)

Imagine being plucked away from home and thrust into an intense game show that pits young children against each other. That is the captivating premise behind “The Hunger Games“. Starring Katniss Everdeen, an outspoken young woman determined to stand up against an oppressive regime, this action-packed rollercoaster makes you think about courage, sacrifice, and standing up for what’s right. So, if you enjoy thrilling adventures with meaningful messages behind them, this series should be noticed.

The Purge (2013-Present)

Imagine one night out of every year, all rules fall away, and chaos reigns – that’s where ‘The Purge‘ takes you on an incredible ride. All crimes become legalized, unleashing our darkest instincts as society hits reset on morality. It will leave you on edge while exploring what could happen when society hits reset – an essential series for exploring humanity in all its chaotic forms!

Battle Royale (2000)

Are you wondering what would happen if you and your classmates were stranded on an island, forced to fight for survival? That is exactly the premise behind ‘Battle Royale,’ a Japanese cult classic. In this wild and intense ride that explores what happens when students must make life-or-death decisions that put friendships and survival instincts to the test, this film will keep viewers on edge while they contemplate what action would be taken against such dire odds.”

Wrong Turn (2003)

Let’s discuss “Wrong Turn,” a classic horror movie that will make you rethink entering the woods. Picture this: a group of friends is lost in West Virginia when they come upon an evil family with an appetite for human flesh who are hunting them down through the woods, making survival an emotional struggle as they fight off being pursued by these supernatural beings – leaving nothing but spine-tingling fear behind! This movie explores spine-chilling terror lurking anywhere imaginable and leaves audiences speechless!

Saw (2004)

Okay, let’s talk about ‘Saw.’ It is certainly unlike your typical movie experience; imagine being trapped in a room with only seconds remaining and an agonizing choice to make as your only hope. That is exactly what the characters in this nail-biting series experience with Jigsaw placing people through terrifying trials to test their will to survive and push their minds beyond comprehension – creating mind-boggling puzzles, jaw-dropping twists, and deep dives into what happens when people are put through trial – making ‘Saw’ perfect if you enjoy intense yet slightly disturbing rides!

Elevator (2012)

Let’s talk about ‘Elevator‘, a nail-biting thriller about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. A group of strangers becomes trapped in a New York City elevator, and tensions mount as secrets pour out – it’s like watching a pressure cooker about to blow! This movie explores how everyday people can reveal their dark sides when forced together in such an intimate and close space; you won’t want to look away! With a suspenseful and psychological journey that’ll have you hanging onto every word – let alone sitting through its run time!

Would You Rather (2012)

Would You Rather” is a suspenseful horror-thriller that puts viewers into the shoes of Iris, who finds herself facing a heartbreaking situation–her brother is hospitalized, and she needs financial aid desperately–when she receives an invitation to an unknown dinner party from Shepard Lambrick who has some sinister plans up his sleeve.

As the night progresses, things take an unsettling turn: guests become engaged in an excruciating game of ‘Would You Rather,’ forcing them into making heartless choices that could prove fatal. This film explores how far people will go when confronted with impossible decisions; its chilling exploration explores just what moral and psychological limits people will go when their back is against the wall.

Circle (2015)

Let’s examine ‘Circle‘ as an intriguing psychological sci-fi thriller that’s both captivating and gripping. Imagine 50 strangers being locked inside an enclosed circle – each vote counts, yet every vote carries serious risks for survival.

This movie takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster. Strangers must face up to their deepest fears and biases while making difficult life-or-death choices under immense pressure – providing us with a gripping exploration into human nature when tested to its limit. “Circle” provides an intoxicating journey into how people react in life-or-death scenarios.

Intruders (2015)

Let’s talk about ‘Intruders‘ for a moment. It is a suspenseful thriller that immerses you in the life of a young woman trying to escape her troubled past by moving to an isolated house, hoping that things would remain peaceful there. However, life rarely goes as planned: when an unknown group invades her home, she soon finds herself fighting to protect herself and defend any secrets held back from prying eyes.

This movie is an absolute nail-biter. It tackles themes of fear, survival, and the instinctual drive to protect what matters most in our lives – an engaging story that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat!

Curve (2015)

Curve” is an exciting thriller that takes audiences on an unpredictable ride. When a young woman gets involved in a car accident and finds herself stuck in the middle of nowhere afterward, her situation quickly worsens when an ominous stranger comes along and brings with him terror and chaos – creating an unforgettable tale about fear, quick thinking, and the fight to survive! You will stay gripped to your seat as this exciting survival tale unravels with every unexpected turn!

Escape Room (2017)

At first, ‘Escape Room‘ may seem like a typical night out with friends; you and your pals decide to tackle an escape room challenge for fun and puzzle solving; however, things quickly turn deadly when trapped in a room with dark and deadly mysteries to unravel – much to their dismay! But this film shows how quickly fun can turn into terror instantly; you find yourself fighting to survive through mind-boggling thrillers such as this one – making a must-watch movie experience!

Game of Death (2017)

Now let’s talk about ‘Game of Death‘ – not your average board game night! Imagine you and your friends playing an unnerving board game where every move could lead to dire repercussions – something the movie does brilliantly by keeping audiences guessing and surprising them with unexpected twists and challenges that test them to their core. From twisty challenges to making heartbreaking choices – Game of Death takes viewers on an exciting rollercoaster ride into an unknown gaming world where every move could mean life or death – making this film an essential watch if you like suspenseful thrillers!

Follow Me (2020)

Let’s discuss ‘Follow Me’, an exciting thriller. A social media influencer heads to Moscow for an elaborate escape room experience, which begins as just another game but quickly transforms into something far more sinister, forcing him into an incredible life-or-death situation as the lines between fantasy and reality blur and his host becomes dangerously controlling. This film delves deeply into the dark side of social media while exploring the risks and consequences of chasing online fame; fans of thrillers that explore such dangers should check it out as this one must not miss!


“The Belko Experiment” stands out in a world that blurs between survival and chaos with films like it challenging our notions of morality, ethics and humanity while providing thrilling entertainment. If you want an adrenaline-pumping cinematic experience then these 15 films should definitely be on your viewing list!

Are these movies suitable for all audiences?

Not really. Survival-themed movies often contain intense violence and mature themes, so they may not be suitable for all viewers. Be sure to check the rating and content advisory before watching.

What’s the common thread among these films?

The common thread is the exploration of human behavior under extreme conditions and the lengths people will go to in order to survive.

Is there a specific order to watch these movies?

Nope, you can watch them in any order.

Are there any more recent survival-themed movies worth watching?

Absolutely! The genre continues to evolve, and there are newer releases worth checking out.