The 15 Ultimate Movies Like The Outsiders but Better


Movies Like The Outsiders

Hi fellow movie lovers! Have you been inspired by “The Outsiders?” If so, let us embark on a cinematic adventure to find movies that capture that same raw, coming-of-age magic that Ponyboy, Sodapop and their team did in “The Outsiders.” Buckle up as we embark on this cinematic voyage that is sure to pull on your heartstrings like no other!

MovieRelease dateDurationBudgetBox officeWhere to watch
Stand by Me8 August 198689 minutes$15 million$52.1 millionHulu, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video
Rumble Fish14 April 198393 minutes$10 million$11.1 millionHBO Max, Amazon Prime Video
Rebel Without a Cause27 October 1955111 minutes$3.6 million$2.5 millionHBO Max
The Wanderers21 September 1979105 minutes$10 million$16.8 millionHBO Max
Dead Poets Society21 June 1989120 minutes$25 million$86.3 millionHulu, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video
Over the Edge10 August 197991 minutes$2.5 million$10.5 millionPeacock
Dazed and Confused24 August 1993102 minutes$7 million$23.1 millionHBO Max, Amazon Prime Video
Tex10 September 198294 minutes$8 million$13.3 millionTubi
A Bronx Tale11 December 1993120 minutes$10 million$41.7 millionHulu, Amazon Prime Video
A Perfect World14 January 1993112 minutes$25 million$117.8 millionHBO Max
Almost Famous26 September 2000123 minutes$27 million$60.8 millionHBO Max, Amazon Prime Video
Mystic River23 October 2003138 minutes$30 million$156.3 millionHulu, Amazon Prime Video
The Perks of Being a Wallflower21 September 2012103 minutes$16 million$33.6 millionHulu, Amazon Prime Video
The Breakfast Club8 February 198596 minutes$10 million$85.8 millionHBO Max, Amazon Prime Video
Boyhood11 October 2014165 minutes$25 million$64.9 millionNetflix
Movies like The Outsiders

Before we dive in to our movie journey, let’s revisit “The Outsiders.”

It was directed by Francis Ford Coppola & was released in 1983, this classic chronicles the rivalry between two teenage gangs – Greasers and Socs – during the 1960s in Ohio. Narrated by Ponyboy Curtis himself, we witness first-hand what comes with youth, loyalty and social class divides.

Movies Like The Outsiders

List of Movies Like The Outsiders-

“Stand by Me” (1986)

Are you interested in deep, lasting friendships like those found in “The Outsiders?” If so, “Stand by Me” by Rob Reiner should be your next viewing choice. Based on Stephen King’s novella “The Body,” this movie follows four friends as they travel on a mission to locate a missing boy’s body – a poignant exploration of friendship, growing up, and facing unknown situations.

“Rumble Fish” (1983)

Rumble Fish” is an exquisite drama from Francis Ford Coppola that’s sure to hold your attention throughout. This tale of two brothers, Rusty James and The Motorcycle Boy, takes place against an atmospheric urban setting. As it explores their complex relationship – touching upon identity issues, rebellion, and that universal yearning for something greater – black and white cinematography creates an immersive environment in this emotionally gripping film; “Rumble Fish” takes us into another realm where family bonds collide powerfully in real-world scenes! “Rumble Fish” will take viewers on an emotional journey where both themes converge powerfully in real-life ways!

“Rebel Without a Cause” (1955)

Fans of James Dean should watch “Rebel Without a Cause“, an iconic film which follows troubled teens trying to find their place in an unfamiliar world. Just like “The Outsiders,” this classic explores deep into youth culture.

“The Wanderers” (1979)

The Wanderers” by director Philip Kaufman is an engaging coming-of-age tale that expertly captures a group of teens navigating their early ’60s life together as they navigate the harsh streets of Bronx with music, friendship and experiencing growing up all at the same time. With its perfect mix of drama, laughter and unforgettable soundtrack – you get an in-depth glimpse at youth joys and struggles while experiencing camaraderie as they search for identity in an ever-evolving world.

“Dead Poets Society” (1989)

It is directed by Peter Weir, is an inspiring drama that captures the power of inspiration through poetry. Set at an all-boys prep school where a charismatic English teacher (Robin Williams) encourages his pupils to embrace it all: poetry, creativity, seizing every moment – this film beautifully encapsulates individualism, the pursuit of dreams, and an extraordinary teacher’s incredible impact on young lives and minds alike – an absolute must see!

“Over the Edge” (1979)

It is directed by Jonathan Kaplan, is a gritty yet realistic teen drama that puts its viewers right into the lives of restless young adults living in a suburban community. They all become fed up with monotony and conforming, becoming frustrated at having to conform, eventually pushing boundaries to push beyond them and do what seems unachievable – it becomes impossible not to watch! Jonathan Kaplan gives us an unfiltered look into teenagers’ challenges, dreams and rebellious spirits during an uncertain era – an eye opening story that makes its audience reflect upon their own lives!

“Dazed and Confused” (1993)

Prepare for an entertaining trip back to the ’70s with “Dazed and Confused“, directed by Richard Linklater and set in high schoolers’ last day of classes on campus – it promises an unforgettable ride!

“Tex” (1982)

Tex“, directed by Tim Hunter, is an emotional drama depicting Oklahoma teenager Tex McCormick as he grapples with life after the passing of his mother and older brother’s deployment in Vietnam. This film beautifully captures his resilience, love, and unbreakable bonds of brotherhood which help guide his journey; its poignancy highlights his struggle through teenage life with all its obstacles while meeting them head-on.

“A Bronx Tale” (1993)

A Bronx Tale” marks Robert De Niro’s directorial debut and follows young Calogero as his world is torn between values ingrained by his hardworking father and being drawn towards local mobster. A poignant coming-of-age tale exploring loyalty, choices we make, and how our surroundings have an effect on us – featuring an outstanding cast and narrative depth, “A Bronx Tale” will pull viewers into its world full of moral dilemmas and compelling drama.

“A Perfect World” (1993)

A Perfect World” is an unforgettable crime drama directed by legendary Clint Eastwood that explores an unlikely yet heartwarming friendship between two individuals–an elderly convict and young boy–thrown together during a manhunt in 1963 Texas. As they traverse this perilous journey together, Eastwood explores themes of redemption, fatherhood and humanity with exceptional performances that tug at our emotions while creating a captivating plotline that touches us deeply. With exceptional performances that tug on our emotions “A Perfect World” forces us all to reflect upon humanity itself!

“Almost Famous” (2000)

Almost Famous“, directed by Cameron Crowe, is an incredible film. It follows the journey of a young music journalist as they join an iconic rock band on tour across ’70s rock n roll venues, becoming immersed in all that surrounds it all. It is both an ode to music itself as well as an exploration into self-discovery; all while reminding audiences that following your dreams can open doors you never knew existed! If music has ever captured your heart then “Almost Famous” should definitely be on your must-watch list!

“Mystic River” (2003)

If you prefer dark dramas, “Mystic River” will hold your interest. Clint Eastwood directs this captivating thriller which brings back childhood friends in response to an unfortunate event. Prepare yourself for themes of trauma, secrets, and haunted past memories!

“The Perks of Being a Wallflower” (2012)

If you enjoy watching heartfelt explorations of adolescence, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” should be on your watch list. Based on Stephen Chbosky’s novel of the same name, this film follows Charlie (a high school freshman), through friendship, mental health issues and all the trials associated with growing up.

“The Breakfast Club” (1985)

The Breakfast Club” is an iconic teen movie directed by John Hughes that explores five high school students despite their differences who form bonds during Saturday detention. Through humor, heart, and unforgettable scenes from Saturday detention sessions, Hughes showcases personal struggles of these five characters while breaking stereotypes and showing the pain associated with teenage isolation – this must-watch film for anyone who’s been an outcast at school!

“Boyhood” (2014)

Boyhood” is an astonishing cinematic achievement helmed by director Richard Linklater. What distinguishes this film is its 12-year production schedule, which allows us to witness Mason, its lead character, develop from boyhood into young manhood over that time frame. Through authentic acting aging from its cast of actors, “Boyhood” offers us an intimate depiction of life’s journey, family dynamics and how time shapes us all – an emotional rollercoaster which captures every element that defines our lives over its course!

Finding Your Cinematic Soulmates

There it is: an eclectic assortment of films that encapsulate “The Outsiders.” Whether you prefer drama, nostalgia trips down memory lane, or heartwarming storytelling – each has something special in store for you.


For fans of “The Outsiders,” here are several films that offer similar emotional depth. Each brings its own take on youth angst and achievement – making them must-sees for fans of this timeless classic.

Are there any new movies similar to “The Outsiders” on the way?

While no direct remakes exist, filmmakers continue to explore themes related to youth and friendship – so keep your eye out for upcoming releases over time.

What makes “The Outsiders” such a beloved classic?

Fans love it due to its realistic portrayal of teenage life, its exploration of social divisions, and its vibrant characters – making for an engaging viewing experience!

Can You Suggest Other Books by S.E. Hinton?

Absolutely! S.E. Hinton has written numerous other novels such as Rumble Fish and Tex that you might enjoy if you enjoyed her masterpiece, “The Outsiders.”

Can there be a sequel to “The Outsiders” movie?

No official sequel exists for the 1983 movie; however, its story continues through the original novel and its passionate fan base.

Where can I find these recommended movies?

You can access these films through various streaming services or check with theaters near you for special screenings.