Top 15 Movies Like Through My Window: Diving into Emotions


Movies Like Through My Window

Through My Window” is more than a movie; it’s an emotional rollercoaster! A heartwarming tale, will have you wiping tears away while clutching tightly to your emotions close. Let’s discover more movies like through my window!

MovieRelease DateDurationBudgetBox OfficeWhere to Watch
Endless Love (2014)February 14, 2014105 minutes$20 million$30.5 millionApple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play
In My Dreams (2014)August 26, 201497 minutes$10 million$15.1 millionHulu, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play
Sorry If I Call You Love (2014)September 12, 2014112 minutes$15 million$6.8 millionYouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play
Permission (2017)February 10, 201790 minutes$10 million$3.2 millionAmazon Prime Video, Google Play
Every Day (2018)February 23, 201897 minutes$10 million$13.4 millionNetflix
The Kissing Booth (2018)May 11, 2018105 minutes$12 million$69.4 millionNetflix
After (2019)April 12, 2019105 minutes$12 million$69.5 millionHulu, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play
Our Friend (2019)January 22, 2021124 minutes$10 million$2.5 millionAmazon Prime Video, Google Play
The F*ck-It List (2020)June 5, 202091 minutes$5 million$10.7 millionNetflix
The High Note (2020)May 29, 2020113 minutes$20 million$19.7 millionHBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play
Chemical Hearts (2020)August 21, 202093 minutes$10 million$1.5 millionAmazon Prime Video
Crush (2022)April 29, 202293 minutes$10 million$5.4 millionHulu
Game of Love (2022)June 17, 2022106 minutes$12 million$7.2 millionAmazon Prime Video
Persuasion (2022)July 15, 2022114 minutes$20 million$15.2 millionNetflix
Purple Hearts (2022)July 29, 2022102 minutes$15 million$5.4 millionNetflix
Movies like Through My Window
Movies Like Through My Window

Endless Love (2014)

Endless Love,” explores the power of young romance. Meet David and Jade – two teenagers from different worlds who fall madly in love despite having disapproving parents – on an unforgettable romantic drama journey through love, rebellion, and fighting for what your heart truly desires – an emotionally captivating story that will reminisce of youthful romance’s magic!

In My Dreams (2014)

In My Dreams” is an unforgettable romantic movie that will leave you spellbound. Imagine meeting the one true love not in bustling streets or cozy cafes but instead through dreams! That is precisely what happened between Natalie and Nick, who both struggle in their daily lives, but when they met through Dreamworld, they found something magical happened! Navigating delightful complexities of love made real in dreams became their challenge once awake. This tale filled with hope and belief in its magical power will surely leave an indelible mark upon you who believe in love’s magical power!

Sorry If I Call You Love (2014)

Sorry If I Call You Love” was a charming romantic drama. Imagine Alex, an established publisher with years of life experience, meeting Niki, an ambitious young writer just starting. Fate brings them together, and despite age gaps and social expectations, they fall in love despite age differences and expectations from society. Watching “Sorry If I Call You Love” feels like experiencing new romance all over again while leaving you believing that love transcends boundaries.

Permission (2017)

Permission,” is an emotional drama depicting real-life relationships. We meet Anna and Will, two partners from their college days who now find themselves wondering what else there might be in romance – they decide to give each other permission to explore love with others. Their journey takes us along an emotional rollercoaster as they navigate love, commitment, and modern relationships in an authentic yet raw and honest fashion that most can relate to.

Every Day (2018)

Every Day” is an eye-opening and unconventional love story. Teen Rhiannon finds herself falling for “A,” who wakes up every morning in different bodies. This twisty love tale explores issues related to love, identity, and what constitutes connection while prompting viewers to question the essence and beauty of human bonds.

The Kissing Booth (2018)

The Kissing Booth” is an engaging teenage romantic comedy. Meet Elle Evans, an unassuming high school junior just trying to navigate life as a student in 2018. While running an innocent kissing booth at the school carnival seems harmless enough, things quickly escalate when Elle kisses Noah Flynn (an older brother of one of Elle’s best friends). This starts a chain reaction of events that explore friendship, love, and all the beautiful chaos associated with being a teenager – this movie will transport you right back!

The Kissing Booth also have 2 and 3 in sequel. Go through all the 3 films.

After (2019)

After” explores the rollercoaster ride of love. Tessa Young is a serious student, while Hardin Scott, an eccentric rebel with a troubled past, brings sparks flying as their paths cross, and emotions run high when they meet each other – creating an intense and complex love story about falling for someone new and finding ourselves among all this chaos. Tessa finds herself torn between what was familiar to her and this newfound passion, reminding us how love can turn our world upside down! This movie hits close to home as we recognize its relevance today by reminding us how love can bring us all closer.

After also have 5 films in sequel. Go through all the 5 films.

Our Friend (2019)

Our Friend,” is an inspiring drama depicting friendship’s tremendous strength when life presents its most demanding challenges. Follow Matt and Nicole Teague as they deal with Nicole’s terminal illness – in these challenging times, their best friend Dane steps up, offering unwavering support and love – an inspiring tale about love, sacrifice, and the strength that can come from having someone by your side no matter what comes your way – a tear-jerker reminding us that goodness exists even during tough times!

The Fk-It List (2020)

The Fk-It List,” follows Brett Blackmore, an ambitious high school senior striving for his dreams. However, life throws him a curveball when an embarrassing video ruins his scholarship chances, leaving him frustrated and lost. To combat his frustration and find meaning again, he creates his “Fk-It List,” with activities and experiences outside his usual routine he would generally avoid trying. This journey becomes filled with adventure, self-discovery, and laughs as Brett discovers what matters and how best to deal with life’s unexpected moments!

The High Note (2020)

The High Note” was an unforgettable musical delight. This romantic comedy follows Grace Davis, an iconic singer, and Maggie Sherwood, her hardworking personal assistant with dreams of breaking into the music industry. Their journey takes viewers on an ups-and-down ride of friendship, ambitions, and self-belief that reminds us no dream is too big if one is willing to pursue it.

Chemical Hearts (2020)

Chemical Hearts” is an emotionally charged romantic drama. Henry Page is an aspiring writer at his high school who dreams big but struggles with reality. Enter Grace Town – an intriguing new student carrying emotional baggage that they both must deal with as they navigate falling in love together. Their story shows love’s true complexity and beauty – showing the raw, natural side of romance, which often remains unsaid yet profoundly beautiful – reminding us all that love can be a complex but rewarding journey.

Crush (2022)

Crush” is an American romantic comedy film directed by Sammi Cohen and written by Kirsten King. Starring Rowan Blanchard, Aulii Cravalho, Isabela Ferreira Tyler Alvarez Rico Paris Teala Dunn Megan Mullally Aasif Mandvi

Paige Crush (Blanchard), a high school student, turns her life upside-down when she realizes she has feelings for Gabriela (Cravalho). Now, Paige must navigate these new feelings while dealing with high school and family pressures.

Crush earned wide praise for its LGBTQ+ representation and positive depiction of female friendship. Critics also found great pleasure in its humor, writing, and performances – many praising it.

Game of Love (2022)

Game of Love” is a romantic mystery film directed by Elisa Amoruso and starring Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo. The plot centers around Vivien (Thorne), who travels with Roy (Mascolo) back to Sicily to prepare for his family estate’s sale – only for their relationship to come under scrutiny when secrets from Roy’s past emerge and disrupt everything.

As they visit, a mysterious woman named Jasmine (Francesca Cavallin) arrives and befriends Vivien. Roy becomes concerned by this newcomer, and it becomes clear that Jasmine has some connection to Roy from their past lives.

As tensions escalate, Vivien begins to doubt her understanding of Roy and must decide whether to trust him or go with her instincts and uncover his past.

Game of Love is an electrifying, suspenseful film that examines the darker sides of Love and relationships, making it an essential watch for fans of romantic thrillers.

Persuasion (2022)

Persuasion, directed by Carrie Cracknell and inspired by Jane Austen’s 1817 novel, stars Dakota Johnson as Anne Elliot; she had previously given up her engagement to Frederick Wentworth (Cosmo Jarvis). Now, Wentworth is back in Anne’s life, forcing her to choose: should they continue as lovers or part ways?

Persuasion is an entertaining and heartwarming film about second chances and love’s ability to bring us all closer. Fans of Austen’s work or romantic period dramas should not miss it!

Purple Hearts (2022)

Purple Hearts” directed by Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum and based on Tess Wakefield’s novel of the same name, features Sofia Carson as Cassie Salazar, an up-and-coming singer-songwriter, while Nicholas Galitzine portrays Luke Morrow, a troubled Marine.

Cassie and Luke decide to get married to receive military benefits and pay their debts. Still, they soon discover a more profound love story as they learn to lean on each other and support one another during times of difficulty.

Purple Hearts is an engaging and moving film about love, loss, and sacrifice – perfect for fans of romantic dramas and military movies.

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Is “Through My Window” based on a true story?

Nope! “Through My Window” is a beautiful work of fiction, but it feels oh-so-real.

Are there sequels or prequels to “Through My Window”?

Yes, The sequel to “Through My Window” is “Through My Window: Across the Sea”

What age group is the movie “Through My Window” suitable for?

It’s like a warm hug for teenagers and adults, as it navigates the beautiful messiness of youth.

What made “Through My Window” stand out from other coming-of-age films?

It wore its heart on its sleeve, telling a story so raw and real, making us feel seen and understood in a world of growing up.