13 Mind-Blowing Movies Like Unfriended You Can’t Miss


Movies like Unfriended

Hello, movie enthusiasts! Let’s discuss an increasingly popular genre – digital-age horror films. Perhaps you have seen “Unfriended”, which creates chills as it explores the dark underside of social media, but rest assured there are many more flicks out there with similar spine-tingling qualities – join me as we uncover an impressive list of movies similar to Unfriended for more suspense-packed viewing pleasure!

MovieRelease dateDurationBudgetBox officeWhere to watch
SearchingAugust 24, 2018101 minutes$10 million$74.8 millionHulu, HBO Max, YouTube
Dark WebFebruary 17, 201785 minutes$1.5 million$15.1 millionNetflix
Friend RequestSeptember 23, 201690 minutes$10 million$22.1 millionNetflix
The DenMarch 1, 201384 minutes$1 million$1.3 millionTubi, Pluto TV
Open WindowsJanuary 23, 201485 minutes$1 million$3.2 millionAmazon Prime Video, Vudu
CamOctober 12, 201885 minutes$1 million$4.5 millionHulu, Amazon Prime Video
SmileySeptember 14, 201286 minutes$1 million$21.4 millionTubi, Pluto TV
The Blair Witch ProjectJuly 31, 199981 minutes$60,000$248.6 millionHBO Max, Hulu
ProfileSeptember 28, 201895 minutes$1 million$2.5 millionHulu
Panic ButtonMarch 11, 201188 minutes$10 million$15.4 millionPeacock, Tubi
E-DemonJanuary 18, 201885 minutes$1 million$1.5 millionTubi, Pluto TV
HostOctober 20, 202057 minutes$100,000$2 millionShudder, Google Play
The BayJuly 13, 201284 minutes$1 million$10.1 millionPeacock, Tubi
Movies like Unfriended

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Starting Out: What Is the Buzz About?

Okay, let’s set the scene. “Unfriended” was revolutionary in terms of turning an ordinary Skype call into an unforgettable nightmare – something that feels all too real and frighteningly real! However, if you want more electrifying thrills, then look no further – we have an impressive lineup of movies dedicated to twisting technology into terror!

Movies like Unfriended

The Rise of “Found Footage Horror”

You’ve likely come across found footage horror – movies that make the unreal feel real by using smartphone videos, webcam feeds and security camera images to immerse viewers directly in their horror experience with characters such as them – it can be quite captivating! These movies make viewers feel as if they are living through every frightening scene with them. Let me assure you – found footage horror is one hell a thrill ride.

Movies That Induce Unfriendly Vibes

Searching (2018)

Imagine this: a father turns digital detective as he searches for his missing daughter online – only this time it all unfolds through screens: phones, computers and the like! Join him every step of the way while sorting through social media feeds, emails and live videos… It’s riveting!

Dark Web (2017)

Dark Web” will take you on an intense roller-coaster of an adventure online! When an innocent laptop falls into the wrong hands and chaos ensues. A group of friends then discover a truly dark web world filled with creepy games – which they become drawn into themselves as you, too, become part of this bizarre reality. Get ready for an immersive tech nightmare experience that’ll leave you questioning the true nature of online content!

Friend Request (2016)

When loneliness hits college life hard, accepting friend requests from lonely classmates seems harmless enough – until friends start dropping like flies, and there appears to be some ancient curse connected with her name that could cause irreparable damage!

The Den (2013)

The Den” is an absolutely nail-biter that takes you on a thrilling ride through the internet’s creepiest corners. A research student hops onto a video chat platform for some entertainment; innocent enough, right? Wrong – before long she finds herself drawn into an underground network that livestreams disturbing content – quickly becoming drawn in by its presence. Soon thereafter, you find yourself caught between real danger and online curiosity as your heartbeat races along. Get ready for an experience that may make you reconsider what actions take place online! Brace yourself for an online nightmare experience that may make you reconsider how often we access information online!

Open Windows (2014)

Elijah Wood stars in this cyberstalking drama. After winning a contest to meet a famous actress, he finds himself embroiled in online stalking and surveillance; you watch all this unfold before your very eyes on his laptop screen – like peeking inside someone else’s worst nightmare!

Cam (2018)

Cam” will take you into an engaging thriller that’ll challenge and intrigue. Meet Alice – she’s a camgirl seeking online fame and living her own way when, suddenly, someone who resembles her does her shows. A massive identity crisis ensues! Together with Alice you embark on an incredible journey as Alice uncovers all that’s going on and you discover its many twists and turns – as this film explores deep into how internet influences our identities online and off. Get ready for an entertaining ride through online identity explorations full of unexpected twists!

Smiley (2012)

Unleashing Online Urban Legend / Smiley. Imagine diving deep into an online urban legend only to uncover more than expected. That is exactly what “Smiley” accomplishes as college student goes on a search that leads him into online horror forums and spine-chilling scares – real and virtual worlds merging unexpectedly in unexpected ways.

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

The Blair Witch Project” is a groundbreaking found footage film is considered an all-time great by many fans and critics, revolutionising located footage cinema. Imagine: documentary makers head into the woods to hunt down a legendary Blair Witch with handheld cameras and capture every fear-inducing moment with handheld cams! People couldn’t stop talking about this movie that felt so authentic that people couldn’t stop talking about it; its ability to blur reality with fiction made it an instant hit with viewers. So, if you like getting scared but also debating facts then this one should not disappoint

Profile (2018)

Journalism Meets Online Danger. This one’s an eye-opener since it’s based on true events. A journalist sets up a fake Facebook profile in order to investigate terrorists; things quickly escalate from there into a dangerous dance that leaves your heart racing alongside her!

Panic Button (2011)

Pushing Buttons Can Be Deadly Winning an online game sounds appealing; unfortunately, not in this instance. A group of strangers find themselves trapped into playing an increasingly lethal version. As their darkest secrets unravel, they must identify who’s orchestrating this scheme before time runs out and uncover who the culprit really is before their lives are at stake.

E-Demon (2018)

When Pixels Get Possessed. Here’s an intriguing twist on video chats. A group of friends are video chatting during chaos and riots when an unknown entity takes control of their screens and forces them into deadly games – similar to an online hangout gone bad!

Host (2020)

Host” is an exciting horror flick. Imagine friends trying to hold a seance over Zoom call – sounds fun? Not so fast. Things get very creepy very fast as they accidentally let in some seriously bad juju, which causes havoc in their seance session. This movie takes our online fears and magnifies them up to 11. If you want a heart-pounding virtual horror show experience then “Host” is sure to deliver.

The Bay (2012)

The Bay” is an incredible found footage thriller that will leave you scared authentically. Imagine being immersed in someone’s videos from a quiet town by the Chesapeake Bay as they prepare for a Fourth of July party. Still, things soon turn sour as various cameras reveal a seriously distasteful situation with parasites depending on the water deadly, creating a terrifying ride through time that makes us consider our impact on nature – the ideal film if you want an unnervingly realistic scare! “The Bay” will frighten audiences as you learn something terrifying about our environment!

Tech and Terror: An Epic Fusion

Let’s face it – tech and horror cinema has revolutionized horror. Fear becomes even more frightening when experienced through your smartphone or laptop screen; these films often strike an emotional chord because we all use these technologies every day.

Let’s discuss the details. Creating digital realism: how they do it?

Now, let’s delve deeper. Filmmakers who specialize in making movies that take place entirely on screens can be seen to have great skill when it comes to this aspect of movie making – they use notifications, pop-ups, etc., on our devices to create an experience that feels just like our world!

Creeping into Cyberspace: Fear of the Unknown

Imagine: the internet is vast and has many corners and crevices no one fully understands – this creates anxiety about what could lurk there, especially since no one really knows. Just thinking there could be something menacing lurking out there can give anyone chills.

Walking a Tightrope: Realism and Suspense

Filmmakers achieve true cinematic magic when they achieve a balance between keeping things realistic while adding an air of suspense to the storyline. It isn’t enough to just create an immersive online environment; filmmaking must ensure viewers remain on edge the entire time!

Horror’s Evolution: Modern Scares in Modern Times

Films such as Unfriended are revolutionizing horror as we know it, taking fear-based scares to head-on in modern times. Digital lives are part of life now, and these movies know just how to exploit that for maximum shock value.

Reality Check: Where Fiction Meets Reality

Horror movies don’t just serve to scare audiences silly; they also act as a reality check for our digital lives, reminding us to remember that danger lurking online doesn’t just belong in fantasy land – they offer us a reminder about potential dangers in real life and vice versa.

Wrapping Up: Lights Out, Fears On

So there you have it: if “Unfriended” left you feeling desperate for more digital terror, these movies offer plenty of suspenseful entertainment to satisfy that craving. From using technology for good to twisted digital nightmares – each promises goosebumps long after the credits roll!

Are these movies okay for everyone?

While they’re a thrill for horror lovers, keep in mind that some scenes might be intense for sensitive viewers. You’ve been warned!

What sets “Unfriended” apart from the rest?

“Unfriended” stands out because it’s exclusively set in the digital world. It’s like living through a nightmare Skype call – and who hasn’t had one of those.

Any truth behind these stories?

A few might be inspired by real stuff, but they’re ultimately fiction crafted to keep you on the edge of your seat.

How’s tech changing the horror scene?

Tech is making horror more relatable and scarier. When the terror comes from something you use every day, it hits a nerve.