Murder She Baked Movies in Order: The 7 Sweet Secrets


Murder She Baked movies in order

Are you ready to explore the delectable secrets that lie within the “Murder She Baked” movie series? Imagine a charming town, fragrant freshly baked goods, and an air of mystery; that is “Murder She Baked.” Let’s embark on an enthralling journey through all four movies together as we examine their order, plots, characters and more!

MovieRelease DateDurationWhere to Watch
Murder, She Baked: A Chocolate Chip Cookie MysteryOctober 17, 20151 hour and 33 minutesHallmark Movies Now
Murder, She Baked: A Plum Pudding MysteryNovember 29, 20151 hour and 33 minutesHallmark Movies Now
Murder, She Baked: A Peach Cobbler MysteryApril 10, 20161 hour and 33 minutesHallmark Movies Now
Murder, She Baked: A Deadly RecipeMay 22, 20161 hour and 33 minutesHallmark Movies Now
Murder, She Baked: A White Christmas MysteryNovember 26, 20171 hour and 33 minutesHallmark Movies Now
Murder, She Baked: A Deadly GameMarch 17, 20191 hour and 33 minutesHallmark Movies Now
Murder, She Baked: A Lethal SecretMarch 21, 20211 hour and 33 minutesHallmark Movies Now
Murder She Baked movies in order

Diving into the “Murder She Baked” Universe

Imagine immersing yourself into a world where baking and solving mysteries go hand in hand – that’s the premise behind “Murder She Baked“, an irresistibly entertaining movie series featuring cozy mysteries set amid the delicious world of baking!

A Taste of the Plot and the Characters

Hannah Swensen, an accomplished baker and accidental sleuth. Set in Eden Lake, her adventures revolve around baking as well as getting involved with intriguing murder cases.

Every Single Murder, She Baked Movies In Chrolonogical Order

  1. Murder, She Baked: A Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery (2015)
  2. Murder, She Baked: A Plum Pudding Mystery (2015)
  3. Murder, She Baked: A Peach Cobbler Mystery (2016)
  4. Murder, She Baked: A Deadly Recipe (2016)
  5. Murder, She Baked: A White Christmas Mystery (2017)
  6. Murder, She Baked: A Deadly Game (2019)
  7. Murder, She Baked: A Lethal Secret (2021)
Murder She Baked movies in order

Murder, She Baked: A Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery (2015)

It transports viewers into Hannah Swensen’s cozy world as an accomplished baker known for the delectable treats she produces at The Cookie Jar in Eden Lake.

As the much-awaited bake-off draws nearer, excitement builds as people anticipate its arrival. Unfortunately, however, things take an unfortunate turn when one of its judges is found dead – shocking and saddening everyone in town. Hannah emerges as a hero to assist them in solving this mystery and they turn their focus to her sleuthing skills as Hannah acts as their go-to sleuth.

Hannah embarks upon her investigation with passion and an intense sense of curiosity. Like an expert chef perfecting their cookie recipes, Hannah carefully examines every detail to uncover the truth about this heinous crime.

Hannah skillfully navigates the intricate web of this case with twists and turns, laughter and tears. Her involvement becomes intricately tied into that of her neighbors; uncovering hidden truths while uncovering unexpected connections.

As Hannah gradually untangles the puzzle, we become immersed in its suspense as we cheer her on as she cleverly unpeels layers of mystery and uncovers perpetrators with genuine care for her community. Her quest to bring him/her/it to light fuels Hannah’s determination.

At last, Hannah finds satisfaction as she unravels the case wide open. It leaves us both satisfied with its resolution as well as eager to follow Hannah Swensen through more thrilling adventures.

Murder, She Baked: A Plum Pudding Mystery (2015)

It offers us an engaging and festive viewing experience as Alison Sweeney brilliantly portrays Hannah Swensen – a talented baker and town sleuth in Eden Lake with its twinkling lights and friendly community – sets an idyllic holiday scene.

Hannah can’t resist getting involved when the town prepares to hold their much-anticipated Christmas charity gala, but when its chairman is found murdered. Shock rips through the community as Hannah takes an interest in solving this murder investigation and Hannah becomes deeply invested.

Hannah embarks upon her own investigation in search of a safe and joyful holiday season, using her love for her community as well as an eye for detail to untangle the mystery, questioning suspects and following all leads.

The story unfolds like an exquisite treat, unveiling unexpected relationships and motives with each chapter. A thrilling mix of suspense, magic of Christmas celebrations and heartwarming friendships within a small town comes to life with Hannah’s unwavering belief in justice keeping us on edge throughout.

Hannah succeeds in solving her case thanks to the support of both friends and community members. At the end, “Murder, She Baked: A Plum Pudding Mystery” leaves audiences feeling warmly Christmassy while serving as a reminder that in times of difficulty community and truth are often what prevail, making the holiday season all that much brighter.

Murder, She Baked: A Peach Cobbler Mystery (2016)

Welcome to the captivating tale ‘Murder, She Baked: A Peach Cobbler Mystery‘ where the lovely Hannah Swensen, played by Alison Sweeney, is back at work running her beloved bakery The Cookie Jar in Eden Lake. Our story unfolds there.

Imagine this: our community is buzzing as we look forward to an annual bake-off–an eagerly awaited event! However, it quickly turns sour when the judge of this competition is found dead–an unexpected turn of events which throws everyone into chaos, including myself. Once more I find myself embroiled in an unprecedented mystery.

My love of this town and its people fuels my desire for justice. So, with my determination and, yes, love of baking as my catalysts for action, I take on the role of investigator. Merging my love of puzzle-solving with delicious treats to begin sleuthing out clues and suspects for you all to enjoy!

My story unfolds like an amazing peach cobbler: sweet yet tart; filled with suspense, laughter and the cozy warmth of community life. And above all else – my friends and neighbors’ support keeps me going even through dark moments!

At last, as the scent of fresh peach cobbler fills the air, we crack the case! “Murder, She Baked: A Peach Cobbler Mystery” leaves us not only satisfied but also exhilarated to have opened another chapter in Eden Lake.

Murder, She Baked: A Deadly Recipe (2016)

Enter the riveting tale of “Murder, She Baked: A Deadly Recipe” to follow Hannah Swensen portrayed by Alison Sweeney. As drama unfolds across Eden Lake town where my bakery, The Cookie Jar stands as the hub of community life, we follow Hannah on her journey as her life is threatened.

As Lake Eden’s annual Bake-Off becomes ever more anticipated, we do not anticipate that its excitement will soon turn dark. But when one of its judges is discovered dead at this festive event, shock and grief engulf our community; and Hannah’s inner detective awakens once more.

Hannah takes an enthusiastic approach to unravelling our town’s mysterious crimes, with both love and justice at its forefront. Armed with her keen wit and her thirst for truth, she carefully studies clues and suspects before unfurling all its layers.

Imagine watching Hannah unfold like an irresistibly delicious dessert; each layer revealing unexpected flavors and textures. Her resolve and unwavering faith in justice keep us engaged and hopeful throughout her journey.

Hannah finally cracks the case open with the support and love of her friends and community, ending “Murder, She Baked: A Deadly Recipe” with an immense sense of accomplishment; not only for solving its mystery but also celebrating the strength of our collective community against any obstacles it might present.

Murder, She Baked: A White Christmas Mystery (2017)

Let us immerse ourselves in the enchanting tale of “Murder, She Baked: A White Christmas Mystery” and create our own snow-kissed Eden Lake where Hannah Swensen (played by Alison Sweeney) stands as the center of celebrations around Christmastime.

As our town gets ready to celebrate a magical Christmas season with twinkling lights and an extravagant holiday ball, a chill suddenly descends as one of its beloved local figures is found dead. Hannah’s keen eye for detail and desire for justice draw her deeper into this mystery than ever.

Hannah embarks on her quest to unearth the truth as the warmth of autumn returns and her deep love for Eden Lake grows ever stronger. Imagine Hannah meticulously peeling away layers of intrigue, questioning suspects, and tracking all the twists and turns in this wintry mystery.

The story unfolds like an endearing holiday tale, unveiling unexpected twists like finding that perfect present under the tree. It is a delightful blend of suspense, Christmas cheer and community love; we remain mesmerized throughout Hannah’s journey as her determination and genuine affection for those she encounters keeps us engaged with the story.

At last, Hannah unravels the case thanks to the unwavering support of her friends and the entire town, leaving us all feeling the true magic of Christmas: coming together as one community during such an incredible time of the year.

Murder, She Baked: A Deadly Game (2019)

As part of “Murder, She Baked: A Deadly Game“, take an exciting journey with Hannah Swensen played by Alison Sweeney. Our idyllic town of Eden Lake serves as the setting, while my own bakery “The Cookie Jar” plays an integral part of it all.

Imagine our cozy town as we gather for the Hartland Flour Bake-Off with anticipation. Exuberant excitement fills the air, as fresh pastries fill our streets. But all this joy quickly turns to sorrow when one of the judges is found murdered, sending shockwaves through our close-knit community and Hannah pursuing justice at every turn.

Hannah dives in, driven by her deep connection to Eden Lake and an intense desire to uncover the truth, with great zeal. Imagine Hannah carefully piecing together clues, interviewing suspects, and uncovering any secrets related to this crime.

This story unfolds like an irresistibly delectable dessert, with each layer unveiling new flavors and surprises. A rollercoaster of suspense mixed with our tight-knit community. Hannah’s unfailing commitment and deep affection for Eden Lake keeps us engaged with its unfolding drama.

Hannah eventually solves the case, with help from both her friends and the town as a whole. “Murder, She Baked: A Deadly Game” leaves us feeling triumphant while reminding us to value unity even when faced with seemingly insurmountable puzzles.

Murder, She Baked: A Lethal Secret (2021)

Jessica Fletcher, a retired English teacher and amateur detective, attends the Cabot Cove Culinary Festival hosted by chef Henry North and features cuisines from all around the globe. While excited to sample their delicious meals, Jessica is shocked when Henry is found murdered in his kitchen.

Jessica is devastated to hear of Henry’s death and vows to investigate it thoroughly. While Henry was known for being generous and kindhearted, he also had a short temper which resulted in firing several employees recently and engaging in an affair with one of his investors’ spouses.

Jessica starts her investigation by interviewing Henry’s employees and friends, learning that Henry was both demanding as an employer but passionate about food; his employees respected but also feared him.

Jessica speaks to Henry’s wife, who is visibly heartbroken over his death. She tells Jessica that Henry had been acting strangely prior to being killed: secretive and paranoid behavior along with receiving threats via phone calls were hallmarks of potential danger for Henry.

Jessica quickly narrows the suspect pool down, including Henry’s sous-chef, mistress and estranged son as potential suspects. Additionally, Jessica suspects Henry’s business partner who stood to lose thousands if Henry’s restaurant failed.

Jessica eventually discovers that Henry’s former sous-chef had planned to take over the restaurant as revenge against being fired, as well as to jealously take credit for Henry’s success. She suspects her former co-worker would kill to regain power.

Jessica is able to bring Henry’s killers to justice while also helping Henry’s widow heal from her grief. Jessica is both a true friend and skilled detective – always there when someone needs assistance.

Savor Each Movie: A Review

Get ready for an experience you won’t forget with every film that crosses between murder mystery and romance – making for the ideal cinematic evening experience! Intriguing plots and engaging characters come together perfectly in every film to deliver an entertaining viewing experience.

Thumbs Up from Audience

Fans are absolutely loving “Murder She Baked.” Its combination of cozy mystery genre with unique baking theme has garnered top ratings and positive feedback from audiences worldwide.

Behind the Scenes: A Recipe for Success

The success of “Murder She Baked” series can be traced back to its meticulous production values and attention to every element, from set designs to baking scenes – every aspect has been carefully blended together for an engaging viewing experience.

Hannah Swensen: An Adorable Character

Alison Sweeney’s Hannah Swensen takes fans on an extraordinary journey of development and self-discovery throughout her movies as fans have enjoyed following Hannah’s journey from childhood to adulthood portrayed through Alison Sweeney’s portrayal. Hannah remains one of the highlights that keep them coming back for more!

The Warmth of a Small-Town Setting

Eden Lake is more than a backdrop – it adds character and warmth to each story as a character itself, creating an inviting, cozy ambiance for its inhabitants to discover secrets within.

Future Crumbs of Intrigue: What Lies Ahead?

With the initial series now completed, fans eagerly anticipate more intrigue – speculations on possible returns or spin-offs keep the excitement alive among loyal followers.

Book Vs Movie: An Enticing Comparison

Fans of Joanne Fluke’s book series can look forward to viewing the movies with great anticipation. Not only do they remain faithful adaptations of her works, but they offer audiences something extra-delicious: cinematic perspectives they can savor and cherish!

A Dash of Mystery, A Pinch of Romance

“Murder She Baked” series offers audiences an exquisite combination of mystery and romance that keeps their seats on edge while showing them that love can come in all forms and companionship can flourish even within families.

The Sweetness of Success

Murder She Baked’s Success Murder She Baked is not simply about solving mysteries; its success lies in providing audiences with a memorable, heartwarming experience that they will remember fondly for years.


A Delicious Treat Now that our mystery-filled baking journey has come to a close, one thing is evident: “Murder She Baked” has proven itself as an irresistibly irresistible series. From its captivating characters and delightful plotlines to its sprinkle of baking magic – “Murder She Baked” has touched our hearts immensely – and will continue doing so indefinitely.

Are the movies in “Murder She Baked” based on Joanne Fluke’s cozy mystery book series?

Yes! Both movies in this franchise are inspired by her beloved cozy mysteries written over several volumes.

Will Hannah Swensen continue her adventures?

While nothing is certain, fans hope Hannah Swensen may lead us on more thrilling mysteries and baking expeditions in the future.

Who brings Hannah Swensen to life on-screen?

Alison Sweeney adds her own distinctive touch to the charming role.

Are “Murder She Baked” movies suitable for family viewing?

Absolutely! These family-oriented mysteries make these flicks ideal for a cozy movie night at home