All the 4 Ouija Movies in Order: Unlocking Paranormal Enigma


Ouija Movies in Order

Welcome, horror buffs! Have you been curious about those spine-chilling Ouija films that keep you awake at night? Well, now we have mustered up the courage to explore this strange genre of cinema based on Ouija mythology. Let’s untangle its mysteries and uncover ways of experiencing their unnerving tales!

MovieRelease DateDurationBudgetBox OfficeWhere to Watch
OuijaOctober 24, 201489 minutes$5–8 million$103.6 millionNetflix, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, Apple TV
Ouija: Origin of EvilOctober 21, 201699 minutes$9 million$81.8 millionNetflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, Apple TV
Ouija: The Devil’s DoorwayOctober 25, 201995 minutes$10 million$14.3 millionTubi, Peacock, Vudu, Apple TV
Ouija CraftOctober 21, 202190 minutes$10 million$16.9 millionTubi, Peacock, Vudu, Apple TV
Ouija Movies in Order
Ouija Movies in Order

“Ouija” (2014)

Exploring the Unknown for Audiences Imagine this: an unsuspecting group of friends encounter a seemingly harmless Ouija board and begin summoning malevolent spirits, unknowingly setting off this movie that began the trend for scary Ouija movies to give audiences their first taste of horror. That is “Ouija”, the first in this genre which gave audiences a taste of fear!

“Ouija: Origin of Evil” (2016): The Haunting Prequel

Flash forward to 2016, where we travel back through time to trace the beginnings of Ouija’s wickedness with “Ouija: Origin of Evil.” A deeper and darker narrative sets up further creepy encounters with the Ouija board.

“Ouija: The Devil’s Doorway” (2019): An Eerie Encounter

In 2019, “Ouija: The Devil’s Doorway” made headlines, depicting one family’s terrifying experience using an Ouija board to try and gain entry. The film amped up its horror factor and kept audiences on edge until its conclusion.

“Ouija Craft” (2021): Crafting a New Nightmare

In its latest entry of this popular series, “Ouija Craft” (2021), weaves witchcraft into the Ouija story to deliver an intriguing and spine-chilling plot that will keep audiences gripped for an unnerve-inducing adventure!

Looking to uncover supernatural terrors? Let’s unlock their chronological order.

Explore the Chronological Order: A Timeline of Terror To truly delve into the world of Ouija, start by watching “Ouija” (2014) before traveling back through time with “Ouija: Origin of Evil” (2016), bracing yourself for “Ouija: The Devil’s Doorway” (2019) and finally facing your fears with “Ouija Craft” (2021). Are you ready for a spine-chilling marathon?

Best Way to Watch: Our Recommendation

For maximum suspense and horror, we suggest watching all four Ouija films (Ouija (2014), Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016), “Ouija: The Devil’s Doorway 2019”, and then finally “Ouija Craft 2021) sequentially – we assure you, fear only increases with each sequel!

What Makes Ouija Movies So Appealing: The Unknown

So what draws audiences back time after time for more thrills of terror in Ouija films? It’s their artful ability of plunging us deeper into the supernatural realm while tapping into primal fears – leaving audiences gasping in delightful terror!

Themes That Haunt: What Ouija Movies Share

Have You Noticed How Ouija Movies Recur With Similar Themes Have you noticed how Ouija movies often feature themes of possession, malevolence and the supernatural that make your heart race? These recurring elements serve as the backbone for Ouija horror, intended to make your heart skip a beat!

How Ouija Movies Work: The Making of Ouija Movies

Producing an engaging Ouija movie takes more than just flickering lights; it requires creating the ideal atmosphere, crafting unsettling visuals, and giving life to nightmares – it all adds up to creating an environment in which fear thrives.

The Ouija Effect: Beyond the Silver Screen

Ouija’s reach extends far beyond movie screens; its influence can be felt daily in books, games and even by curious individuals looking to test out an Ouija board themselves. Our fascination with what lies beyond cannot be contained – its scope extends far and wide!

Movie vs. Reality: Setting the Record Straight

Just a quick reminder: while Ouija movies can provide entertaining entertainment, in reality the Ouija board is simply a board game and not a portal into another realm. Don’t believe everything that appears onscreen!

What’s Next in the Ouija Realm: A Glimpse into the Future

So what can we expect next from Ouija movie universe? Although nothing is set in stone yet, its success and popularity suggest more spine-chilling tales to come! Get those goosebumps ready!

Horror Aficionados: Why You Shouldn’t Miss This

Calling all horror enthusiasts! Don’t miss this Ouija party! If you seek thrills, the Ouija movies offer plenty of suspenseful thrills. Dare yourself into their darkness and confront your fears one movie at a time!

Our Final Seance: Closing the Ouija Experience

So concludes our frightening expedition through the mysterious world of Ouija films. While we only scratched the surface, your true journey begins once you hit play and let fear seep into your bones.

Can the Ouija board really summon spirits?

Nope, it’s all in the name of spooky entertainment. The Ouija board is just a game.

Which Ouija movie scared audiences the most?

“Ouija: Origin of Evil” seemed to have people sleeping with the lights on.

Are there any real-life Ouija board success stories?

People have eerie tales, but remember, it’s all about belief and perception.

Will there be a crossover of Ouija with other horror franchises?

Ah, that’s a mystery for now. But wouldn’t that be a scarefest!

Any tips for watching Ouija movies alone and surviving the night?

Blanket for hiding, popcorn for comfort, and nerves of steel—happy watching!