Sienna Miller Movies and TV Shows: Explore her Diverse World 


Sienna Miller Movies and TV Shows

Sienna Miller, an engaging British-American actress with a commanding screen presence, has established herself in film and television throughout her career. From early breakthrough roles to forays into miniseries and independent productions, her performances remain nuanced yet engaging.

Movie TitleRelease DateDuration (mins)Budget (USD Million)Box Office (USD Million)Where to Watch
Layer Cake2004-09-10100$10$34.2Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu
Alfie2004-10-2298$50$32.1Prime Video
Casanova2005-09-29111$60$43.3HBO Max
Factory Girl2006-09-29122$8$17.1Hulu
Stardust2007-03-09127$87$135.4Hulu, HBO Max
The Edge of Love2008-09-05109$12$17.7Not available on major platforms
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra2009-08-07100$175$302.5Paramount+
The Lost City of Z2016-04-08141$30$20.8Amazon Prime Video
American Woman2018-09-1492$6N/ANot available on major platforms
Sienna Miller Movies
TitleRelease DateDuration (minutes)Where to Watch
Anatomy of a Scandal (miniseries)April 15, 2022446 (total for all 6 episodes)Netflix
The House of Saddam (miniseries)December 14, 2003210 (total for all 3 episodes)HBO Max
American Horror Story: Freak Show (Episode: “Edward Mordrake, Part 2”)October 21, 201443Hulu
Playhouse Presents (Episode: “The Fever”)May 22, 200690BritBox
Top Gear (Season 24, Episode 4)March 26, 201757YouTube (purchase required)
The Late Show with David Letterman (multiple appearances)2004-201460 (per episode)YouTube (clips may be available)
Sienna Miller TV Shows
Sienna Miller Movies and TV Shows

Early Career and Rise to Fame

Miller began acting in the early 2000s, appearing on British television series such as “The Forsyte Saga” and “Keen Eddie.” Her big screen debut came with the films “Layer Cake” and “Alfie,” where she displayed her ability to portray complex characters with depth and vulnerability.

Hollywood Spotlight and Period Dramas

Miller rose to international renown through her roles in Hollywood films like ‘Casanova’ (2005) alongside Heath Ledger and “Factory Girl” (2006) as Edie Sedgwick. Additionally, her versatility was further demonstrated through period dramas such as ‘Stardust” (2007) and “The Lost City of Z” (2016), where she successfully navigated between genres and eras with ease.

Critical Acclaim and Independent Ventures

Miller has become a darling of audiences over her distinguished career. Her performances in films like “Foxcatcher” (2014) and “Mississippi Grind” (2015) garnered much praise for their emotional intensity and raw honesty while also branching out into independent productions such as “Burnt” (2015) and “Wander Darkly” (2020).

Television Triumphs and Miniseries

Miller has not limited herself to acting only in feature films; she has made powerful performances in television miniseries such as “The Loudest Voice” (2019) and “Anatomy of a Scandal” (2022). Her portrayal of Tippi Hedren in “The Girl” (2015) further demonstrated her talent for portraying real-life figures gracefully and complexly.

Beyond Acting

Miller’s artistic endeavours go well beyond acting. She co-founded the fashion label Twenty8Twelve and supported various charitable causes, expanding her multidimensional career even further.

Looking Ahead

With her impressive talent, versatility, and dedication, Sienna Miller continues to dominate the entertainment industry. Upcoming projects such as the miniseries “Extrapolations” and the comedy film “Chivalry” promise to showcase her range while keeping audiences intrigued for years.


Sienna Miller’s filmography is a testament to her artistic diversity and steadfast dedication. Her performances have resonated with audiences and critics alike, from period dramas to independent features. As she explores new avenues and pushes creative limits, Sienna Miller remains an engaging talent whose journey will surely be worth following.

Has Sienna Miller won any awards for her acting?

BAFTA Television Award nomination for Best Actress in a Miniseries (Anatomy of a Scandal), Satellite Award nomination for Best Actress in a Miniseries or Television Film (The Loudest Voice) and Empire Award nomination for Best British Actress (Factory Girl).

What are some lesser-known gems in Sienna Miller’s filmography?

Foxcatcher (2014), Mississippi Grind (2015), The Lost City of Z (2016) and Wander Darkly (2020).

What upcoming projects does Sienna Miller have?

Extrapolations (2024), Chivalry (2024) and North Star (TBA).