Terrifier 3 (2024): The Return of Art the Clown


Terrifier 3

Terrifier 3, an anticipated sequel to the 2022 horror classic Terrifier 2, will be released in October 2024 and continue the story of Art the Clown, an evil killer who terrorizes Miles County residents.

Director: Damien Leone


  • David Howard Thornton as Art the Clown
  • Lauren LaVera as Victoria Heyes
  • Elliott Fullam as Buddy
  • Samantha Scaffidi as Sienna


  • Art the Clown: A mysterious and sadistic killer who terrorizes the residents of Miles County.
  • Victoria Heyes: A survivor of Art’s attack in Terrifier 2 who is trying to protect her family from the killer.
  • Buddy: Victoria’s son.
  • Sienna: Victoria’s daughter.
Terrifier 3


Terrifier 3 occurs on Christmas Eve and sees Art the Clown return to terrorize an unsuspecting town. Victoria Heyes, who survived Art’s attack in Terrifier 2, attempts to protect her family from this dangerous killer.


David Howard Thornton will reprise the role he created in the first Terrifier movie. Lauren LaVera returns as Victoria Heyes, while Elliott Fullam and Samantha Scaffidi join as new cast members.


Damien Leone will return as director and writer of Terrifier 3. Leone admires classic slasher films and brings that love of horror films into the film.


Production for Terrifier 3 began in July 2023 and will conclude by October of that year in Wilmington, North Carolina.


Terrifier 3 will hit theaters on October 25, 2024.


Terrifier 3 is one of the most anticipated horror films for 2024. Fans have raved about its predecessors for their gore and violence; many expect the movie to deliver even more bloodshed and terror.

What to Expect

Terrifier 3 promises to be even bloodier and more violent than its predecessors, featuring more details about Art the Clown’s past and exploring their psychological impacts.

Critical Reception

Terrifier 2 was met with mixed reviews from critics, some hailing its violence while others lamented its plot and characters. Nonetheless, the film proved commercially successful by grossing over $25 Million worldwide.


The Terrifier franchise has made an indelible mark on horror cinema. Lauded for their originality and willingness to push the boundaries of horror filmmaking, Terrifier 3 looks set to continue the franchise’s tradition of gore and violence that fans love so much – sure to become another hit for horror fans alike.


Terrifier 3 is an eagerly anticipated sequel sure to please fans of horror cinema. Expectations are that this third film in the franchise will be even bloodier and more violent than its predecessors; additionally, its focus will psychologically explore Art the Clown’s crimes. A must-watch for any fan of horror flicks!

Is Terrifier 3 too scary for me?

Being a horror movie, Terrifier 3 will certainly be scary; how scary? Well, that depends on your tolerance of horror films in general and especially this one – if you easily become scared then perhaps not; otherwise fans of horror flicks won’t want to miss this treat; The movie features plenty of gore and violence that’ll keep them enthralled for sure!

What is the plot of Terrifier 3?

Set on Christmas Eve, Art the Clown returns to terrorize an unsuspecting town. Victoria Heyes who survived Art’s attack in Terrifier 2, attempts to protect her family from this killer as Art returns.

Will Terrifier 3 be as gory as the first two films?

Yes, fans should expect Terrifier 3 to be even bloodier and violent than its predecessors. Expect plenty of blood and violence during this film’s runtime!

Is it a good movie?

Reviews for it have yet to come in, but its predecessors were widely acclaimed for their gore and violence, so fans of the genre are hoping it’ll only get better in Terrifier 3.

Should I watch Terrifier 3?

If you enjoy horror movies, Terrifier 3 should definitely be on your viewing list. Packed full of gore and violence, this film will keep viewers on the edge of their seats until its conclusion. However, if you easily get scared when watching movies like these then perhaps opting out may be best for you.