The Fall Guy 2024 Film: A Sequel to a Beloved Classic


The Fall Guy 2024 Film

After years of anticipation, “The Fall Guy: Return of Colt Seavers,” directed by David Leitch and starring Ryan Gosling as Colt Seavers, will finally hit cinematic screens in March 2024. Promising to deliver all the same high-octane action, humour and heart that made its predecessor such a popular show, fans are in store for another treat when this movie finally releases!

Release Date:

March 1, 2024 (USA)


David Leitch


  • Ryan Gosling as Colt Seavers
  • Emily Blunt as Jody Moreno
  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Guthrie
  • Stephanie Hsu as Kim
  • Winston Duke as Avery
  • Hannah Waddingham as Joyce
  • Teresa Palmer as Marcie


  • Colt Seavers: A former stuntman who is drawn back into action when his ex-girlfriend asks for his help.
  • Jody Moreno: A movie director who is struggling to save her film after the lead actor goes missing.
  • Guthrie: A young and talented stuntman who is eager to prove himself.
  • Kim: A member of Colt’s stunt crew.
  • Avery: A mysterious figure who seems to be connected to the missing actor.
  • Joyce: A bartender and friend of Colt and Jody.
  • Marcie: A producer on Jody’s film.
The Fall Guy 2024 Film

A Stuntman’s Return to Action

“The Fall Guy 2024,” Colt Seavers is an experienced stuntman who has since retired but finds himself back into action when his former flame Jody Moreno (Emily Blunt) seeks his assistance in filming an action movie when her star actor suddenly vanishes – with studio pressure mounting and its future threatened, Jody turns to one person she knows who might help save it: Colt Seavers.

Reluctantly agreeing to help Jody, Colt is thrust back into the world of stunts – performing death-defying feats and pushing himself beyond his limits to find the missing actor. But as he probes further into the mystery, Colt soon uncovers an underhanded plan which threatens not only his film project but also those involved and everyone’s lives.

A Blend of Action, Humor, and Heart

The Fall Guy 2024 film promises to bring back the same action, humour and heart that made its predecessor so beloved. Director Leitch is well known for creating high-octane action films such as Atomic Blonde and Deadpool 2, so expect thrilling stunt sequences that keep audiences on the edge of their seats throughout this film.

Gosling, an engaging and versatile actor, brings his signature charismatic charm to the iconic role of Colt Seavers in Drive. His depiction balances ruggedness with humour and vulnerability for an engaging portrait that audiences will rally behind.

Blunt, an award-winning actress known for drama and comedy roles, brings her signature charm to the position of Jody Moreno. Her chemistry with Gosling is undeniable; their relationship forms an essential film component.

A Nostalgic Tribute with a Modern Edge

“The Fall Guy 2024” is more than a sequel; it’s an ode to its original series while adding new perspectives and themes from today. This film honours classic action-adventure shows from the 1980s while simultaneously exploring contemporary issues and aesthetics.

The new film’s soundtrack pays homage to its predecessor by including classic rock and pop songs from the 1980s, as well as tracks written specifically for this action film.

A Must-See for Fans of Action, Comedy, and Nostalgia

“The Fall Guy: Return of Colt Seavers” is an unforgettable film for fans of action, comedy, and nostalgia alike. Boasting thrilling action sequences, hilarious comedy bits, and an emotionally moving narrative that will leave audiences satisfied and entertained, audiences won’t want to miss this must-watch film!

The movie promises to be both a box office and critical darling. Boasting an A-list cast and director with years of experience adapting beloved source material faithfully, “The Fall Guy” should prove entertaining and profitable for cinemagoers. Whether you are an original series fan or just discovering this world for the first time – “The Fall Guy 2024” promises to offer something for all audiences!

Is Ryan Gosling really going to do all those stunts himself?

Ryan Gosling has yet to decide which stunt work he will handle himself for this film, though his reputation for taking an active role with each role and background in gymnastics and martial arts indicates he likely will perform some or all of them himself.

Will Colt Seavers finally find love?

Colt Seavers is a complex character who has struggled to find love throughout his life. However, in “The Fall Guy 2024”, he meets up with former flame Jody Moreno again and it may rekindle their relationship – yet whether Colt will find lasting romance remains to be seen.

Will Jody Moreno’s movie succeed without its leading actor?

Jody Moreno faces an uphill battle to save her movie due to its star’s absence and studio pressure, yet remains determined and resourceful in finding ways to salvage it and deliver a hit film. It remains to be seen if Jody will find an answer that saves it all!

What is the sinister plot that threatens Jody and Colt?

Jody and Colt have no idea the full scope of the sinister plot that threatens them, though it appears likely it involves missing actor as well as Jody’s high-stakes action movie filming project – possibly someone trying to disrupt it or perhaps an element within that is involved with criminal activity or criminal conspiracy.

Will Colt Seavers save the day once again?

Colt Seavers is an experienced stuntman and capable problem solver. His skillset is legendary; his past efforts to save the day speak for themselves; it is likely that once again, Colt will find a way out of whatever trouble arises between he and Jody; however, the stakes are higher in “The Fall Guy 2024,” making victory all but impossible.