The Rise of Tom Holland Siblings: Sam, Harry & Paddy Holland


Tom Holland Siblings

Tom Holland, best known for portraying Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is not alone when it comes to talent in his family. Sam, Harry, and Paddy Holland play significant roles in the entertainment industry as artists themselves; the evidence is that artistry runs deep.

Tom Holland Siblings

The Holland Brood: A Family Steeped in Creativity

Born and raised in Kingston upon Thames, England, the Holland siblings were immersed in creativity from an early age. Parents Nicola Frost (photographer) and Dominic Holland (comedian and author) fostered an appreciation of arts from an early age. Tom, born in 1996 as the oldest sibling, began their acting career at nine, appearing in stage productions such as Billy Elliot the Musical before Sam and Harry (twins born in 1999) caught on quickly as well. Another sibling, Paddy (born 2004), joined in but from behind the camera.

Sam Holland: From Stage to Screen

Sam Holland began his acting career just like his older brother Tom: on stage productions such as Billy Elliot and Peter Pan alongside Tom. In 2016, Sam made his film debut in the British drama Tweet and has since appeared in short films and television series. Additionally, Sam is an adept dancer/choreographer, having worked on projects like Ed Sheeran’s music video “Castle on the Hill.”

Harry Holland: The Triple Threat

Harry Holland is an outstanding trifecta of acting, filmmaking and photography talent. He has appeared alongside his brothers in movies like “The Impossible” and “Cherry,” and made cameo appearances in several of Tom’s Spider-Man films. Additionally, Harry enjoys filmmaking – having written, directed and produced shorts such as “Roses for Lily” and “Hugo Hans: Wildrunners.” Aspiring photographer Harry has assisted his mother on various projects.

Paddy Holland: The Tech-Savvy One

Though most of his attention is directed toward his older brothers, Paddy Holland is making waves in the entertainment industry as an independent artist. Being the youngest sibling, he exhibits keen interests in technology and filmmaking – working as a camera assistant on Tom’s “Uncharted” movie while becoming involved with video game development. Paddy is well known for his comedic social media posts sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses into their lives.

A Supportive Sibling Bond

While each Holland brother pursues individual endeavors, they share an unbreakable bond and immensely support each other’s careers. Attending red carpets and events together, Tom often takes great pride in speaking highly of them all as individuals he’s proud of; an interview with People magazine featured Tom saying this about them all: “I am so incredibly proud of my brothers, all so talented and hardworking; I can’t wait to see what they accomplish next!”

The Future is Bright for the Holland Family

With their talent, determination, and unyielding support for each other, the Holland siblings are well-positioned for continued success in the entertainment industry. From performing onstage or on-screen to working behind the scenes – one thing’s confident – Holland will remain prominent.


The Holland siblings stand as an impressive testament to the power of family and an environment conducive to cultivating creativity and talent. Their respective journeys and constant support of one another provide a source of motivation for aspiring artists, siblings and beyond. While exploring their passions and honing their skills further, the world eagerly anticipates seeing what remarkable achievements will come next from these exceptional siblings.

Are all of Tom Holland’s brothers actors?

While both Sam and Harry have acted alongside Tom and in other projects, Paddy’s main interest lies in technology and filmmaking, working behind the scenes.

What was Tom Holland’s first acting role?

Tom’s first professional acting role was in the stage production of “Billy Elliot the Musical” at the age of nine.

Have the brothers worked together on any projects?

Yes! They’ve appeared together in films like “The Impossible” and “Cherry,” with Harry making cameo appearances in some of Tom’s Spider-Man movies. Sam also choreographed music videos featuring Tom, and Paddy served as a camera assistant on his film “Uncharted.”

What are the brothers’ individual passions outside of acting?

Sam is a talented dancer and choreographer.
Harry is passionate about filmmaking and photography.
Paddy has a strong interest in technology and video game development.

How do the brothers support each other?

They frequently attend events together, Tom speaks proudly of their achievements, and they generally seem to have a close and supportive bond.

What are the brothers’ current projects?

Sam continues to act and explore dance and choreography opportunities.
Harry is working on new filmmaking and photography projects.
Paddy remains involved in the video game development world and may pursue further behind-the-scenes film work.