Vanessa Feltz First Husband: the Mystery of Her & Mr. Kurer


Vanessa Feltz First Husband

Vanessa Feltz, a British radio and television personality with a captivating voice as distinctive as hers, has held audiences spellbound for decades. While her career achievements are well-documented, her personal life remains mysterious, particularly her first marriage. Today, we investigate Michael Kurer as Vanessa Feltz’s first husband and explore their enigmatic union.

Vanessa Feltz First Husband

A Match Made in the Medical World

In 1983, an ambitious journalist, Vanessa Feltz, met Michael Kurer, a successful surgeon. Instantaneously drawn to Vanessa by his “tall, dark, and handsome” looks and quiet charm, Michael Kurer found himself entranced by Vanessa’s bubbly personality. Soon after, the couple found themselves involved in an explosive romance.

Though their professions were quite disparate, Feltz and Kurer found common ground. Feltz’s outspoken nature attracted her to Kurer’s more sedate personality; in turn, Kurer respected Feltz for her intelligence and drive. They tied the knot in 1983 in a quiet ceremony, starting what seems to have been an idyllic married life together.

Behind Closed Doors: A Marriage Shrouded in Secrecy

Soon enough, however, whispers of discord began surfacing. Details regarding Kurer’s life and career remained sparse, leading Feltz to rarely speak publicly about him or post pictures with their partnership. This left much room for speculation: some suggested Kurer may prefer an anonymous life, while others speculated there could be trouble within their marriage dynamic.

In 2000, after 17 years of marriage, Feltz and Kurer announced their divorce for unknown reasons; these were never officially disclosed by either party involved. Reports suggested it might have been amicable, while other theories hinted at irreconcilable differences; regardless of what it may have been like for them, their marriage and its dissolution only increased public curiosity.

The Man Behind the Curtain: Unraveling the Enigma

Michael Kurer remains mysterious to most members of the public. Although briefly discussed, his medical career remains obscure, and information on his interests, hobbies, and current whereabouts is not readily available to the general public – all further adding to the air of mystery surrounding him and his relationship with Feltz.

One brief glimpse into Kurer’s life came in 2006 when Feltz mentioned him as “a wonderful man,” noting her appreciation for all the happy years spent together. Although this statement revealed no new details, it suggests some respect between former partners remains.

Moving On and Finding Happiness

After his divorce, Feltz again found love with singer Ben Ofoedu, although he was not married yet. Since 2000, they have been in an extended commitment and appear content. Feltz has spoken openly of Ofoedu’s supportive nature and shared interests in music and travel.

Although memories of her first marriage remain, Feltz has made the most of her present. Her career is flourishing, and her voice is heard on radio waves and television screens across the UK. While her life may occasionally attract curiosity, it remains relatively private – a testament to her ability to set limits and prioritize well-being.

The Enduring Enigma: A Legacy of Secrecy

Vanessa Feltz and Michael Kurer’s story is mysterious and fascinating, marked by secrecy and speculation. While details regarding their marriage and subsequent separation will likely remain hazy for years, their union undoubtedly influenced Vanessa Feltz’s life. It contributed significantly to creating her unique persona over time.

Fans of Vanessa Feltz find the unanswered questions surrounding her first husband, Michael Kurer, alluring and add another layer to her riveting story. The appeal lies not in finding definitive answers but acknowledging privacy’s rightful place within daily life and accepting certain aspects as personal matters. Whatever occurs in time regarding Kurer, one thing remains certain – Vanessa Feltz’s unforgettable voice and captivating spirit will continue captivating audiences for years.


Vanessa Feltz’s first marriage to Michael Kurer remains an intriguing chapter of her life, fraught with secrecy and speculation. While the details remain hazy, its impact can not be denied, and as Vanessa continues her professional success and personal happiness, she will undoubtedly bear witness to its effect.

When did Vanessa Feltz and Michael Kurer get married and divorced?

They were married in 1983 and divorced in 2000, after 17 years of marriage.

Why is there so little information about Michael Kurer?

Kurer has deliberately kept his life private, and Feltz has rarely spoken about him publicly. This has fueled speculation and intrigue surrounding their relationship.

Has Vanessa Feltz spoken about Michael Kurer since their divorce?

In a rare instance, Feltz referred to him as “a wonderful man” in a 2006 interview, suggesting a level of respect and affection remains between them.

Is Vanessa Feltz currently in a relationship?

Yes, she has been in a committed relationship with singer Ben Ofoedu for over a decade.