The 11 Shocking Victor Salva Movie Lists


Victor Salva Movie Lists

Victor Salva is an iconic figure in filmmaking. Born March 29th 1958 in Martinez California, his cinematic journey would become marked with both praise and controversy.

Victor Salva first discovered his passion for filmmaking as an early child when his father gave him his Super 8 camera as inspiration. Though faced with challenges as he aged, Victor persevered and eventually attended Loyola Marymount University’s film school for further training in this art form.

Victor Salva Movie Lists
Movie TitleRelease DateDurationBudgetBox OfficeWhere to Watch
Jeepers CreepersAug 31, 20011hr 30min$10 million$59.2 millionAmazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube Movies
Peaceful WarriorJun 2, 20062hr 1min$10 million$4.4 millionAmazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube Movies
PowderOct 27, 19951hr 51min$25 million$30.8 millionAmazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube Movies
Jeepers Creepers 2Aug 29, 20031hr 44min$17 million$63.1 millionAmazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube Movies
Rosewood LaneSep 2, 20111hr 37minInformation NAInformation NAAmazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube Movies
Jeepers Creepers 3Sep 26, 20171hr 41minInformation NAInformation NAAmazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube Movies
ClownhouseJul 14, 19891hr 21minInformation NAInformation NAAmazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube Movies
Dark HouseMar 14, 20141hr 42minInformation NAInformation NAAmazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube Movies
Rites of PassageMar 19, 19991hr 39minInformation NAInformation NAAmazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube Movies
Something in the BasementSep 198621minInformation NAInformation NAAmazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube Movies
Victor Salva Movie lists

Description on Victor Salva Movie Lists-

Jeepers Creepers (2001)

Jeepers Creepers” is a spine-chilling horror flick that follows Trish and Darry as they encounter the unnerving pursuit of “The Creeper,” an ancient and flesh-eating creature, on their road trip. When Trish witness this encounter she and Darry become terrified as “The Creeper” pursues them relentlessly until Trish finally escapes only to discover more secrets about this monstrosity – leaving viewers breathless throughout. Known for its intense atmosphere, frightening encounters and relentless pursuit by this terrifying creature this film keeps viewers on edge throughout.

Peaceful Warrior (2006)

Peaceful Warrior” is an inspirational movie that takes viewers on an inspiring journey with Dan Millman, a college gymnast. Socrates becomes his mentor after meeting Socrates at a gas station attendant service station. Socrates guides Dan through life and sports challenges with lessons about finding inner peace, purpose and balance – helping him discover inner peace as part of an overall quest for meaningful fulfilment in life and sports. This heartwarming tale explores self-discovery, personal growth and the search for meaningful, purposeful life goals with drama, spirituality, and sports. It all comes together beautifully to inspire viewers to embrace resilience, mindfulness and the strength of the human spirit!

Powder (1995)

Powder” is an emotionally charged drama that tells the tale of Jeremy (known as Powder), a young man with albinism who exhibits incredible abilities. Jeremy is extraordinarily intelligent and gifted in electromagnetism – two things society had isolated him from. However, after enrolling at public school, he bravely faces prejudice and discrimination head-on and changes people’s perspectives while encouraging empathy and understanding among his classmates. This movie explores acceptance, diversity and transformation through human connections – while touching us deeply on all three topics! It leaves us inspired and connected.

Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003)

Jeepers Creepers 2” is an intense horror film and sequel to its chilling original. Set in a small town, its plot follows high school students threatened by “The Creeper.” Awakened every 23 years for 23 days to feast upon human flesh, The Creeper is pursued relentlessly as students try desperately to escape its grasp on a school bus; fear and panic grip them as they fight desperately against The Creeper and confront their deepest fears to survive this fearsome monster – giving audiences an adrenaline-pumping experience!

Rosewood Lane (2011)

Rosewood Lane” is an incredible psychological thriller that will keep audiences on the edge. Dr. Sonny Blake, a radio talk show therapist, moves to an idyllic suburban neighborhood looking forward to a fresh start but instead uncovers unnerving secrets and strange behavior among her new neighbors that jeopardize her life and sanity from mysterious forces that threaten it all. This film provides a fascinating examination of fear, paranoia, and reality behind seemingly calm communities that lurk within.

Jeepers Creepers 3 (2017)

Jeepers Creepers 3” is an intense horror film that continues its terrifying series. The plot centers around “The Creeper,” an unsettling entity that appears every 23 years to feed for 23 days before disappearing again. A team of individuals come together to face this fearsome creature head-on and put an end to its reign of terror – creating an intense, nerve-racking struggle against this terrifying creature as they strive for survival against it – keeping viewers on edge as you experience this riveting thriller with its relentless battle between The Creeper and its unnerving fear!

Clownhouse (1989)

Clownhouse” is an exciting horror film that taps into our primal fear of clowns. The plot centers around three young brothers eagerly anticipating Halloween at their local circus; however, their excitement turns into terror when three escaped people with a mental health conditions disguised as clowns start terrorizing them instead. This horror classic plumbs the depths of childhood nightmares by making clown phobia visceral for viewers, keeping us on edge throughout.

Dark House (2014)

Dark House” is an immersive horror thriller introducing Nick Di Santo, an unconventional young man with the unique gift of sensing people’s fears through touch. His journey begins after inheriting an enigmatic house from his estranged father; once inside, however, terrifying supernatural entities and shocking truths await him within its walls – keeping audiences on edge throughout. The film delves deep into fearful relationships among family and supernatural beings, keeping viewers riveted to its gripping and suspenseful narrative.

Rites of Passage (1999)

Rites of Passage” is an engaging drama that follows a group of college students as they journey to a desert community for a research project on Native American rituals. Once there, however, strange events ensue. The film explores generational conflicts and beliefs while portraying how difficult it can be to respect different cultures without intruding upon sacred practices, prompting viewers to reflect upon cultural sensitivity and appreciation.

Something in the Basement (1986)

Something in the Basement” is a chilling horror short film directed by Bob Dahlin and focuses on a young boy who senses there may be something truly terrifying hiding in his family home’s basement. Fear and curiosity lead him to confront it head-on, unleashing an unpredictable series of events that reveal an alarming secret. The film captures that timeless fear associated with living alone for so long in unfamiliar territory, sending chills down viewers’ spines!

The Nature of the Beast (1995)

The Nature of the Beast” is an immersive thriller that follows Christine as her life takes a terrifying turn when her husband is murdered. Devastated and searching for answers, Christine embarks on a journey to uncover what caused his death but instead discovers shocking secrets about both her husband and those she thought she trusted. The film explores themes such as deception, betrayal and humanity, with its suspenseful narrative that keeps audiences riveted.

Victor Salva’s controversy

Victor Salva has long been embroiled in controversy. In 1988, he was charged and convicted of criminal charges that significantly dented both his public image and career progression.

Victor Salva Has Left an Impression On Cinema

Victor Salva’s movies have had an indelible mark on cinema. His skill at creating captivating stories with thought-provoking narratives has left a profound impact on audiences and up-and-coming filmmakers alike.


Victor Salva’s movies are an impressive testament to his craft. Despite any controversy that might exist around his works, his contributions remain key parts of the horror and thriller genres. At the end of the day, it is ultimately audiences that decide an artist’s legacy; his films continue to stir emotions while keeping us on the edge of our seats.

Can I enjoy Victor Salva’s movies with friends?

Absolutely! Grab some popcorn, turn off the lights, and get ready for a thrilling movie night.

Which Victor Salva movie is perfect for a rainy day?

“Powder” is an emotionally rich movie that suits a cozy movie day indoors.

How has Victor Salva’s personal life impacted his work?

Salva’s personal life controversy has had a noticeable effect on how his work is perceived and discussed.

What’s the best way to appreciate Victor Salva’s filmography?

Watch his movies with an open mind, appreciating the artistry involved in each one.