Watch See You On Venus (2023): Self-Discovery and Love


Watch See You On Venus

See You on Venus is a 2023 American coming-of-age romantic drama film directed by Joaquin Llamas and starring Virginia Gardner, Alex Aiono, Rob Estes, and Eowyn Nyby Krieger. The plot revolves around Mia, an 18-year-old orphaned girl, embarking on a journey to Spain in search of her biological mother; along her travels, she meets Kyle, who’s struggling with guilt over a fatal car accident, and they form an unexpected bond which leads them on their voyage of self-discovery and love!

  • Release date: July 21, 2023
  • Director: Joaquin Llamas
  • Producer: Brian Pitt
  • Writer: Victoria Vinuesa
  • Cast: Virginia Gardner, Alex Aiono, Rob Estes, and Eowyn Nyby Krieger


  • Mia: An 18-year-old orphaned girl who sets out on a journey to Spain to find her birth mother.
  • Kyle: A kind-hearted young man who is struggling with the guilt of a fatal accident.
  • Eowyn Nyby Krieger: Mia’s birth mother.
  • Rob Estes: Kyle’s father.
Watch See You On Venus


Mia has always felt alone and left with something missing in her life. When she learns of her birth mother still living in Spain, Mia decides to take a leap of faith and travel across continents in search of her.

Kyle is an outgoing and charismatic young man who seems to have everything under control. Yet behind it all lies guilt for a fatal car accident he caused, which continues to haunt him. After meeting Mia, Kyle finds comfort in her honesty and strength, seeing in her something of himself. Slowly but surely, he opens up about his pain to Mia.

As Mia and Kyle travel across Spain, they learn that life’s most significant lesson lies not with who gave you life but with what you choose to do with it. By accepting themselves for who they are without judgment or criticism, Mia and Kyle embrace their imperfections while living life fully.


Virginia Gardner shines as Mia with her raw honesty and vulnerability; that’s heartbreaking. Alex Aiono delivers Kyle with ease; his portrayal is credible and sympathetic. Rob Estes and Eowyn Nyby Krieger also stand out amongst their supporting cast.


See You on Venus is graced by truly magnificent cinematography. Shot on location throughout Spain, its picturesque beauty makes for breathtaking scenes. Furthermore, the masterful use of light and color adds to its dreamlike quality and leaves an impressionistic, lasting impression that captures audiences while remaining hauntingly alluring.


See You on Venus features music composed by George Kallis that is both beautiful and emotionally moving, as well as several original songs by Alex Aiono, which are catchy and vibrant.


See You on Venus is a delightful and engaging coming-of-age tale that will stay with you long after the credits roll. This film explores themes of self-discovery, love, and living life fully.

See You on Venus is an essential film for anyone who has ever felt out of place in society, inspiring laughter, tears, and reflection about oneself and life.

Is See You on Venus the next big blockbuster?

Though too soon to say with certainty, the movie has all the makings of a blockbuster: an engaging story, a talented cast, and stunning visuals. Additionally, critics have been quite positive, so it would be worth seeing for yourself!

Will See You on Venus be the next great space romance?

This film is a love story and a tale about self-discovery; Mia and Kyle find themselves alone when they meet, yet eventually find each other and help them along their paths to discovery. With heartwarming scenes that you are sure to love watching unfold before your very own eyes! You will surely fall deeply in love with Mia and Kyle from beginning to end!

Is See You on Venus too good to be true?

This movie is entertaining and thought-provoking; its themes of loss, grief, and forgiveness, as well as its message of hope and optimism, make for a compelling watch that will linger with audiences long after watching it.

What is the secret to See You on Venus’s success?

See You on Venus is an enormously successful movie because of its ability to resonate deeply with audiences on an intimate level. The plot follows two young adults who struggle with life issues that anyone can identify while featuring stunning scenery and heartwarming moments – guaranteeing viewers will fall head over heels for this film!