Will Arnett Movies and TV Shows: A Comprehensive Guide


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Will Arnett Movies and TV Shows

Will Arnett is an internationally acclaimed actor and comedian from Toronto, Canada. He has showcased his exceptional talent across genres from comedy to drama, becoming an indispensable face in the entertainment industry.

Early Career and Breakthrough

Arnett began his acting career in the late 1990s, appearing on several television programs and minor movie roles before breaking out as an established comedic actor with Gob Bluth on “Arrested Development.” That role earned widespread acclaim and established him as an accomplished comic actor.

Will Arnett Movies and TV Shows
Will Arnett Movies and TV Shows

Will Arnett in Movies

Comedy Roles

Will Arnett has brought his comic skills seamlessly to film, appearing in several comedy flicks that have delighted audiences with his memorable performances. These movies include:

  • “Blades of Glory” (2007)- Arnett took on the role of an arrogant figure skater, showing his incredible comedic timing alongside co-star Jon Heder.
  • “Hot Rod”(2007)- In “Hot Rod”, Arnett played the stepfather of the main character bringing his signature humour and unique sense of comedy to the film.
  • “The Brothers Solomon” (2007)- Arnett demonstrated his comedic versatility as one of the titular brothers, providing laughs through hilarious and awkward antics.

Animated Films

Arnett Has Lent His Voice To Multiple Animated Films. In addition to his live-action roles, Arnett has contributed his unique voice and comedic flair to numerous animated movies featuring Arnett as their protagonist, such as:

  • “The LEGO Movie” (2014): Arnett voiced Batman, imbuing him with his trademark humour and wit.
  • In 2010 to 2017 “Despicable Me” series, he provided his voice for Mr Perkins as the leader of Bank of Evil – another popular animated franchise.
  • “Ratatouille” (2007): Arnett provided his voice as Horst, an under chef, in this heartwarming Pixar film.

Dramatic Performances

Arnett has also proven his range as an actor through his dramatic roles, most notably through several memorable dramatic performances showcasing his versatility. Although better known for his comedic roles, Arnett has demonstrated an ability to depict complex characters with depth and emotion in dramatic performances such as these:

  • “The Fighter” (2010): Arnett took on an outstanding and critical-acclaimed role as Charlene (Amy Adams)’s boyfriend, showing his range by taking on more serious and dramatic parts.
  • “Flaked” (2016-207): Arnett was not only the lead actor on “Flaked”, but he also co-created and executive produced it on Netflix, playing an iconic self-help guru who struggles with his demons.

Will Arnett on TV

Sitcom Success

In addition to his breakthrough role on “Arrested Development,” Arnett has found great success as an actor-comedian on television shows such as:

  • “30 Rock” (2007-2010): Arnett played Devon Banks, an opposing network executive, lending his comedic chops to this celebrated show.
  • “Up All Night” (2011-202): Arnett made his television debut alongside Christina Applegate as a stay-at-home dad navigating parenting challenges.

Voice Acting in Animation

Arnett has become an in-demand voice actor for animated TV shows thanks to his distinctively deep and distinctive voice, lending personality and charm to various characters with his deep voice. Some of his notable voice roles in animation include:

  • “BoJack Horseman” (2014-2020): Arnett provided his voice for BoJack Horseman in this critically acclaimed animated series known for its dark humour and insightful themes.
  • “Teen Titans Go!” (2013-present): Arnett played Slade, an intimidating supervillain from DC Comics superhero team Teen Titans, on this popular animated show based on them.

Hosting and Guest Appearances

Arnett has also become known for his charismatic presence, leading him to host various television shows and make memorable guest appearances. He has shown his ability to engage audiences through humour and charm – these appearances include hosting: “30 Rock,” hosting The Walking Dead”, and guest starring:

  • “Saturday Night Live” (multiple episodes): Arnett has made an impressive mark as host of “Saturday Night Live”, entertaining audiences with his humorous sketches and memorable characters.
  • Arnett hosted, and executive produced “The Gong Show” (2017-2018), adding his unique style and charm to this classic talent competition show remake.

Most Popular Movies and TV Shows With Will Arnett

Here is a selection of Will Arnett-starring movies and TV shows:

  • “Arrested Development” (2003-2009): This highly acclaimed TV show follows the eccentric Bluth family and their misadventures, with Will Arnett becoming known for playing Gob Bluth, one of his signature roles.
  • “The LEGO Movie” (2014): Arnett voices Batman in this animated comedy film and brings his signature blend of comedy to his portrayal of this iconic superhero. This animated comedy received widespread acclaim for its hilarious script and inventive animation techniques.
  • “BoJack Horseman” (2014-2020): Arnett stars as BoJack Horseman in this darkly comedic animated series that follows his life after becoming an ex-sitcom star while facing personal struggles and existential crises.
  • “Despicable Me” (2010) and its sequels: Arnett voices Mr Perkins of the Bank of Evil in this popular animated franchise. These movies follow Gru, an ex-supervillain turned hero, and his adorable minions through various adventures.
  • “Blades of Glory” (2007): Arnett stars as Stranz Van Waldenberg in this sports comedy film about two figure skaters forced into teaming up together as partners and the hilarious rivalries between them.
  • “The LEGO Batman Movie” (2017): Arnett returns as Batman in this standalone spin-off, exploring his lonely life before understanding he needs others in an entertaining, humorous fashion.
  • “30 Rock” (2007-2013): Arnett has become an invaluable member of this beloved sitcom thanks to his recurring role as Devon Banks, an opposing network executive. His comedic timing and rapport with fellow cast members contributed significantly to its success.
  • “Flaked” (2016-2017): Arnett co-created, produced, and starred in this Netflix series set in Venice, California, that follows a self-help guru as they face personal and ethical obstacles in his practice.

Will Arnett has appeared in various movies and TV shows over his career. His exceptional comedic talent and versatile performances have become fan favourites among audiences worldwide.


Will Arnett is widely renowned as a talented actor thanks to his impressive work in movies and TV shows. From his groundbreaking role in “Arrested Development” to voice acting for animated movies and series, his performances continue to entertain and charm audiences – leaving an indelible mark in the entertainment industry with comedic brilliance and range as an actor.


What is Will Arnett best known for?

Will Arnett is best known for his portrayal of Gob Bluth in the television series “Arrested Development.”

Has Will Arnett won any awards for his performances?

Yes, Will Arnett has received multiple accolades, including the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series for “Arrested Development” and the Annie Award for Outstanding Achievement, Voice Acting in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production for “BoJack Horseman.”

What other animated series has Will Arnett been a part of?

In addition to “BoJack Horseman,” Will Arnett has supplied the voice for a number of other animated series, including “Sit Down, Shut Up,” “The Simpsons,” and “Big Mouth.”

Has Will Arnett directed any movies or TV shows?

Yes, Will Arnett has directed episodes of multiple television series, such as “Arrested Development” and “Flaked.”