Aquaman 2 and The Lost Kingdom (2023)


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Aquaman 2 and The Lost Kingdom

James Wan returns after the massive success of 2018’s Aquaman to direct its sequel, Aquaman 2 and the Lost Kingdom. Fans eager to witness Aquaman’s epic journey are excitedly anticipating its December 2023 release date.

Release Date: December 22, 2023 (United States)

Director: James Wan


  • Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry / Aquaman
  • Amber Heard as Mera
  • Patrick Wilson as Orm Marius / Ocean Master
  • Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as David Kane / Black Manta
  • Dolph Lundgren as King Nereus
  • Willem Dafoe as Nuidis Vulko
  • Temuera Morrison as Thomas Curry
  • Nicole Kidman as Atlanna
  • Randall Park as Dr. Stephen Shin
  • Vincent Regan as Karathen
  • Indya Moore as Karshon
  • Jani Zhao as Stingray


  • Arthur Curry / Aquaman: The half-Atlantean, half-human hero who must unite the seven seas to save the world.
  • Mera: Aquaman’s fierce and loyal ally, a skilled warrior from Atlantis.
  • Orm Marius / Ocean Master: Aquaman’s estranged brother, a power-hungry ruler who seeks to conquer the surface world.
  • David Kane / Black Manta: A ruthless pirate and scientist seeking revenge on Aquaman for the death of his father.
  • King Nereus: The wise and benevolent ruler of Xebel, an underwater kingdom allied with Atlantis.
  • Nuidis Vulko: Aquaman’s mentor and advisor, a scholar of Atlantean history.
  • Thomas Curry: Aquaman’s human father, a lighthouse keeper who raised him on land.
  • Atlanna: Aquaman’s Atlantean mother, the former queen of Atlantis.
  • Dr. Stephen Shin: A marine biologist and ally of Aquaman, working to bridge the gap between Atlantis and the surface world.
  • Karathen: A legendary warrior from Atlantis, said to possess great power.
  • Stingray: A young Atlantean warrior with the ability to control electricity.
Aquaman 2 and The Lost Kingdom

A Throne Divided

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom continues where its predecessor left off, with Aquaman as King of Atlantis facing new obstacles and threats to his reign. Black Manta returns, seeking revenge for Aquaman killing his father; simultaneously, an unknown force threatens to disrupt the equilibrium between Atlantis and Earth.

Unlikely Allies

With these formidable opponents, Aquaman must forge an unlikely alliance with Orm Marius – his estranged brother and former Atlantean King. However, once bitter rivals, Orm has seen the wisdom in uniting against one familiar foe. Together, they embark on an impossible mission to discover the legendary Lost Kingdom, which holds tremendous power hidden underwater.

A Realm of Wonders and Perils

The Lost Kingdom may hold the key to saving Atlantis and Earth from imminent doom, yet reaching this hidden realm may prove difficult for Aquaman and Orm. They must navigate dangerous waters, face formidable guardians, and uncover ancient secrets before reaching their goal.

A Clash of Titans

Black Manta emerges as an implacable foe. Fuelled by his relentless quest for revenge, he poses a grave danger to Aquaman and Atlantis; their collision will ultimately determine both worlds’ fates.

A Visual Spectacle

James Wan, known for his visual effects mastery, promises an exciting cinematic experience in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. From stunning underwater landscapes to epic battles, Aquaman promises an extraordinary cinematic journey for audiences everywhere.

A Journey of Self-Discovery

Aquaman struggles with internal conflicts as well. He must confront his identity as protector and ruler while balancing Atlantis’ needs with his desires. This film explores themes of family, loyalty, and leadership challenges.

A Legacy in the Making

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom promises to expand upon Atlantis’ rich mythology by introducing new characters and exploring more deeply its history. Not only will it provide thrilling action and visual spectacle, but Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is set to become an instant classic thanks to its engaging story, stunning visuals, and powerful message – surefire signs it will become an all-time cinematic classic!

What is the plot of Aquaman 2?

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom remains under wraps, but speculation suggests it involves Aquaman on a quest to uncover Atlantis’ legendary Lost Kingdom – likely encountering both his estranged brother Orm Marius as well as Black Manta along his path to finding it.

What is the budget of Aquaman 2?

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is estimated to have an approximate budget of $205 Million.