Culprits Tv Series (2023): A Thrilling Heist Thriller


Culprits Tv Series

Culprits is an exciting British heist thriller series that debuted on Star via Disney+ on November 8, 2023. Created by J Blakeson, the series follows an elite group of criminals as an assassin targets them after an elaborate high-stakes heist scheme goes wrong. Boasting an exciting plot, compelling characters, and stunning visuals – Fans of crime dramas should not miss culprits!

  • Number of seasons: 1
  • Number of episodes: 6
  • Running time: 45 minutes per episode
  • Genre: Heist thriller
  • Creator: J Blakeson
  • Director: J Blakeson
  • Producer: Morenike Williams
  • Production company: Character 7
  • Distributor: Disney+
  • Release date: November 8, 2023

Main Cast

  • Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Diane
  • Nathan Stewart-Jarrett as Jake
  • Gemma Arterton as Chloe
  • Eddie Izzard as Vincent Hawkes
  • Niamh Algar as Officer Rachel
  • Kevin Vidal as Jules

Recurring Cast

  • Ned Dennehy as Devil
  • Maria Nash as Frankie
  • Baeyen Hoffman as Bud
  • Juliet Cowan as Marian / The Intermediary
  • Morgan Kelly as Kyle Bedrosian
  • Uriel Emil as Malek Mizouni
  • Nathan Welsh as Colin Burnham

Other Characters

  • Azar – Malek Mizouni’s daughter
  • Joe Petrus / Joe Patrus – Muscle
  • Officer Kirby – Police officer
Culprits Tv Series


Following a disastrous but successful heist, a team of skilled criminals splits up, hoping to put their past behind them and start over fresh. Unfortunately, their hopes are dashed when an unknown assassin begins targeting each member individually; as more bodies start turning up, the remaining members must quickly learn who the killer is before it’s too late to defend themselves from his attacks.


The series stars an engaging cast of characters, each with their motivations and secrets. Kirby Howell-Baptiste stars as Diane, an ex-hacker determined to right her wrongs; Nathan Stewart-Jarrett plays Jake (an engaging con artist who’s trying to stay one step ahead of the law); Gemma Arterton portrays Chloe (a cunning and resourceful criminal determined to outwit authority); while Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Diane also appears; Kirby Howell-Baptiste stars as Chloe.


Production on Culprits was shot in Europe and Ontario, Canada, by Character 7, with J Blakeson serving as writer/director and Morenike Williams serving as executive producer.

Critical Acclaim

Critics have given Culprits high marks for its thrilling plot, developed characters, and eye-catching visuals. Critics particularly enjoyed Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, and Gemma Arterton’s performances.

Where to Watch Culprits

Culprits is streaming via Star via Disney+ in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and select international markets.

Overall, Culprits is an exciting heist thriller that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Boasting an engaging plot, well-drawn characters, and stunning visuals – Culprits should not be missed by fans of crime dramas!

What Is Culprits 2023?

Culprits 2023 is the latest installment of the popular puzzle game series and features an all-new story, characters, and puzzles for you to solve.

What is the story behind Culprits 2023?

A young woman is found murdered in her apartment with no signs of forced entry or witnesses present; as they investigate further they uncover a web of secrets and lies which leads them to suspect everyone in her life of being involved with her death.

Who are the Suspects in Culprits 2023?

There are six suspects in Culprits 2023:

The victim’s husband
The victim’s best friend
The victim’s boss
The victim’s neighbor
The victim’s landlord
The victim’s ex-boyfriend

What kind of puzzles does Culprits 2023 present?

The puzzles in Culprits 2023 are challenging but fair. They require players to think critically and use their logic skills to solve.

Is Culprits 2023 worth playing?

For fans of puzzle games, Culprits 2023 should definitely be added to your to-play list. Featuring a compelling narrative and complex puzzles, it offers hours of entertainment!

I’m not a fan of puzzle games. Will I still enjoy Culprits 2023?

Even if puzzle games aren’t your cup of tea, Culprits 2023 might still prove enjoyable; its story and characters are thoughtfully-developed and engaging.

What is the age rating of Culprits 2023?

Culprits 2023 has been designated Teen, or T, according to its CECR rating system.