Berlin Tv Series 2023: A Heist of Epic Proportions


Berlin Tv Series 2023

Berlin, the much-awaited spin-off of the global phenomenon Money Heist, has finally arrived on Netflix. This series delves into Berlin’s captivating backstory as the mastermind behind renowned heists in Money Heist; set before the events of Money Heist itself, Berlin takes viewers on an action-packed journey across Europe as he gathers his team of professional thieves for one final heist attempt.

Release Date: December 2023

Director: Álex Pina

Producers: Álex Pina, Esther Martínez Lobato

Writer: Esther Martínez Lobato


  • Pedro Alonso as Andrés de Fonollosa
  • Michelle Jenner as Keila
  • Tristán Ulloa as Damián
  • Julio Peña as Roi
  • Joel Bosqued as Bruce
  • Adam Jezierski as Cameron


  • Andrés de Fonollosa: The enigmatic and eccentric mastermind behind the heists in Money Heist.
  • Keila: A skilled thief and Berlin’s confidante.
  • Damián: A master of disguise and Berlin’s trusted accomplice.
  • Roi: A computer hacker and the brains behind the heist’s technology.
  • Bruce: A skilled getaway driver and a loyal member of Berlin’s team.
  • Cameron: A mysterious and cunning thief with a hidden agenda.

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Berlin Tv Series 2023

A Dive into Berlin’s Past

Pedro Alonso’s charismatic performance as Berlin has won hearts worldwide, and audiences have fallen under his spell, captivating viewers with his complicated personality and unbridled charm. Now we get to explore his formative years more deeply, his rise through criminal underworld ranks, and the relationships that helped form him into who we know from Money Heist.

A Masterful Heist in Paris

Berlin centres its plot on the planning and executing an intricate heist in Paris. Utilizing his keen attention to detail and strategic brilliance, Berlin formulates an audacious scheme that tests his team’s skills while pushing back against established criminal norms.

A Gang of Skilled Thieves

Keila, Cameron, Damien, Roi and Bruce form an extraordinary ensemble to support Berlin in his ambitious heists.

A Gripping Narrative

Berlin is a riveting narrative, weaving together action, suspense and intrigue that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats throughout. The history masterfully explores character dynamics and heist planning processes – keeping viewers riveted to every episode!

A Visual Spectacle

Berlin is an eye-catching visual spectacle, showcasing Europe’s vibrant cities as the setting of its story. Its production design captures Paris and other locations with striking accuracy.

A Must-Watch for Money Heist Fans

Money Heist fans should make Berlin an essential addition to their viewing repertoire, as it provides deeper insight into Berlin and his world, giving us more of an understanding of who he truly is.

A Standalone Masterpiece

Even for those unfamiliar with Money Heist, Berlin is an engaging and enjoyable series in its own right. The story is captivating, the characters compelling, and its execution flawless – making Berlin an essential watch for fans of heist dramas and anyone searching for an exhilarating television experience.


Berlin is a marvel of storytelling, weaving together captivating narratives, captivating characters, and breathtaking visuals into an engaging viewing experience. Berlin should be on your list if you love Money Heist films or just want to watch a thrilling heist drama series.

What is the Berlin TV series about?

The Berlin TV series is an adaptation of Money Heist, the popular Spanish crime drama. It presents the backstory behind Berlin, who led several heists seen in its predecessor series. Here he gathers an elite team of thieves for one final massive scheme.

What is the critical reception of the Berlin TV series?

The Berlin TV series has received generally favorable reviews from critics. Many have lauded its captivating storyline, compelling characters and stunning visuals as hallmarks of excellence in this highly successful series.

Is the Berlin TV series worth watching?

Yes, Berlin TV series is an essential watch for fans of Money Heist and other heist dramas in general. Not only is the series well-acted and written; visually stunning as well – making this surefire way of keeping viewers on edge until its finale!

What is the tone of the Berlin TV series?

The Berlin TV series offers an addictive blend of action, suspense, and intrigue for an incredible viewing experience with a darkly gritty edge.

Is the Berlin TV series violent?

The Berlin TV series is a crime drama, so violence plays an integral part of its plot. Any scenes with violent content serve to further develop its narrative arc and never appear gratuitously.

Is the Berlin TV series appropriate for all ages?

The Berlin TV series has been classified as TV-MA, which indicates it is suitable for mature audiences only and contains some violence, adult themes, and strong language.