Baghead Movie 2024: Supernatural Horror with Saw-Like Twist


Baghead Movie 2024

Baghead” is a 2024 supernatural horror film that follows Kevin, an ordinary person, as he encounters Baghead – an unusual figure who can bring dead souls back from beyond for short intervals and temporarily bring them into this life. Kevin finds comfort and answers from his recently deceased relatives through Baghead; as their relationship deepens, he discovers their powers and any sinister costs associated with them.

Baghead is scheduled to be released in the United States on February 3, 2024, by Saban Films. It will also be released in Canada and the United Kingdom on February 4, 2024.

  • Director: Alberto Corredor
  • Producers: Alberto Corredor, Sean Melvin, John Polito, John Suits
  • Cast: William Hope as Baghead, Michelle Argyris as Sarah, Ashley Mason as Jennifer, Robert Longstreet as Kevin


  • Kevin: A man tormented by grief and consumed by unanswered questions about his recently deceased loved ones. He seeks out Baghead, an enigmatic figure rumored to possess the ability to commune with the spirits of the departed.
  • Baghead: An enigmatic figure rumored to possess the ability to commune with the spirits of the departed. Despite warnings of the potential consequences, Kevin becomes drawn deeper into Baghead’s enigmatic world, hoping to find the answers he desperately craves.
  • Sarah: A woman who is helping Kevin through his grief. She is skeptical of Baghead’s abilities, but she supports Kevin in his quest for closure.
  • Jennifer: A spirit who appears to Kevin. She is one of Kevin’s recently deceased loved ones, and she is trying to communicate with him from the afterlife.
  • The Entity: A terrifying creature that appears to Kevin. It is a physical manifestation of Kevin’s deepest fears and insecurities.

Additional Points of Interest:

  • The film’s title, Baghead, refers to the enigmatic figure’s distinctive appearance, a feature that adds to the character’s mystique and aura of fear.
  • The film’s exploration of themes surrounding grief, loss, and the desire to commune with the deceased taps into universal human emotions, making the film’s narrative relatable and emotionally resonant.
  • The film’s Saw-like twist promises to deliver a heightened level of suspense and gore, appealing to fans of horror films that push the boundaries of the genre.
Baghead Movie 2024


Kevin is devastated by the sudden and tragic loss of his wife, Sarah. Overcome with grief, Kevin becomes emotionally distant from society until one day; he is approached by a stranger claiming they can help Kevin reconnect with Sarah via someone named Baghead. Eager to get some closure over their loss, Kevin agrees to meet up with Baghead and contact his former lover again.

Baghead is an enigmatic character shrouded in mystery. His wrinkled face lies hidden by a paper bag, and his true identity remains unknown. However, Baghead possesses an extraordinary power: it can channel the spirits of the dead back into our world for brief periods.

Kevin initially seems sceptical, but after seeing Sarah’s spirit before him, he is overcome with emotion. Kevin spends several days speaking to Sarah’s heart and revisiting their memories together but soon learns that Baghead’s powers come with their costs.

Kevin finds that spending more time with Baghead causes him to experience strange visions and nightmares, becoming paranoid and distrustful, leading to tenuous relationships with others. Kevin also realizes that Baghead’s powers may be greater than initially anticipated; Baghead can manifest and control dead individuals.

Kevin knows he is in danger, yet remains addicted to Baghead’s power. Despite knowing it could harm him further, Kevin continues seeing Sarah even though it means risking his own life to do so. Kevin remains determined to hold onto Sarah even if it jeopardizes his safety.

Kevin must face down Baghead and its true intentions while also considering whether he can part ways with Sarah and move forward with his life.


Baghead” is a film about grief, loss, and the importance of memory. It explores what lengths people will go to reconnect with loved ones who have passed away while warning against holding onto memories from before. Finally, this film emphasizes letting go.

Supernatural Encounters and Psychological Terror

At the core of Baghead lies an unsettling examination of life and death. Kevin delves deeper into Baghead’s supernatural powers, encountering manifestations of the deceased that blur the lines between reality and fantasy – frightening psychological horror encounters that probe Kevin’s most sensitive fears and insecurities and intensify his search for answers.

A Saw-Like Twist

Baghead Takes a Saw-Like Turn As the narrative progresses, Baghead takes an unexpectedly grisly and frightening turn. His tagline, “Death Is Just the Beginning,” alludes to his sinister powers and the dangerous results that follow those who attempt to outwit mortality.

Directorial Debut

Alberto Corredor makes his feature-length directorial debut with Baghead. Corredor brings his eye for storytelling and understanding of horror’s psychological undercurrents to this feature-length adaptation, promising an engaging experience that is both terrifying and thought-provoking.

Anticipation and Release

Baghead has received widespread anticipation within the horror community, with fans anticipating its unique blend of supernatural scares and psychological terror. Set for release in February 2024, with its promising premise and skilled director at its helm, Baghead promises to make an indelible mark on horror film history.

Critical Reception

“Baghead” has earned positive reviews from critics. Many have lauded its atmosphere, suspense, and performances.

BOx office

Baghead is expected to be a box-office success. The film is receiving immense buzz and should appeal to horror movie enthusiasts.


“Baghead” is a thrilling new horror flick sure to thrill audiences. Expertly made and boasting an excellent cast and crew, “Baghead” should not be missed by genre enthusiasts.

Is “Baghead” the next Saw?”

Baghead will keep viewers riveted with its gripping story and Saw-esque twist, promising an elevated level of suspense and gore that should appeal to fans of horror flicks that push genre boundaries.

What is the truth behind Baghead’s powers?

Kevin becomes intrigued with Baghead, an enigmatic figure believed to have the ability to communicate with deceased spirits. But as Kevin uncovers more and more secrets related to Baghead’s world, terrifying secrets emerge that threaten Kevin forever.

Can Kevin escape the clutches of Baghead?

Kevin’s search for answers leads him down an uncertain and potentially perilous path, one that will challenge both his sanity and perception of reality. Will he find closure or remain trapped in an endless nightmare.

What is the Entity?

Kevin encounters an alluring yet terrifying creature known as The Entity which represents all his deepest fears and insecurities. Its aim is to consume him entirely.

Will “Baghead” be a box office success?

“Baghead” boasts an engaging story, talented cast, and veteran director – making for the perfect recipe of horror success! Sure to create buzz among genre fans while leaving a lasting impactful legacy.