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blind side like movies

Cinema has long been fascinated with stories that show individuals triumphant over life’s challenges, particularly “blind side-like movies”, which depict such stories with characters who show courage, determination, and resilience to overcome unexpected hurdles and emerge victorious. Blind side-like movies entertain audiences and teach viewers about the resilience and power of the human spirit. Here, we explore some heartwarming movies which tug at our heartstrings while leaving an impactful legacy behind.

MovieRelease DateDurationBudgetBox OfficeRating
The Blind Side2009-11-20124 min$50 million$309.2 million7.8/10
The Way Back2020-03-06137 min$25 million$28.3 million7.1/10
Forrest Gump1994-06-07142 min$55 million$677.9 million8.8/10
Trouble With the Curve2012-09-28119 min$50 million$53.1 million6.3/10
Good Will Hunting1997-12-02123 min$10 million$225.9 million8.8/10
Facing the Giants2006-09-08110 min$1 million$80.4 million7.3/10
The Pursuit of Happyness2006-12-15117 min$55 million$306.4 million7.8/10
23 Blast2014-09-1997 min$1 million$2.3 million6.2/10
Rocky1976-11-21119 min$930,000$200 million8.2/10
Coach Carter2005-01-14133 min$35 million$137.1 million7.3/10
A Beautiful Mind2001-12-21135 min$58 million$313.7 million8.4/10
Erin Brockovich2000-03-16127 min$50 million$254.6 million7.8/10
Wild2014-12-03134 min$15 million$53.3 million7.2/10
Rudy1993-12-03108 min$18 million$136.5 million7.5/10
The Lucky One2012-04-20116 min$25 million$105.3 million6.7/10
Life of Pi2012-12-19127 min$120 million$608.6 million7.8/10
The Pursuit of Love2021-04-01107 min$15 million$12.6 million6.2/10
The Imitation Game2014-11-14114 min$14 million$137.8 million7.9/10
The King’s Speech2010-11-02118 min$15 million$414.2 million8.2/10
October Sky1999-10-01128 min$25 million$81.9 million7.7/10
Hidden Figures2016-01-25127 min$25 million$236.3 million7.9/10
Soul2020-12-25107 min$150 million$232.1 million8.3/10
Remember The Titans2000-09-29113 min$30 million$136.8 million7.8/10
We Are Marshall2006-12-15123 min$50 million$85.1 million7.5/10
blind side like movies

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blind side like movies

in detail about All the 25 blind side like movies

The Blind Side (2009)

Based on Michael Oher, “The Blind Side,” tells his true life story of being taken in by an extended family in Philadelphia that provides love, support and encouragement, in turn transforming his life and leading him into football as an NFL star player.

The Way Back (2020)

“The Way Back” is an action-packed and emotionally intense sports drama released in 2020. The movie centres around Jack Cunningham (Ben Affleck), an ex-high school basketball star now struggling with alcoholism and feeling lost and aimless in life.

Jack finds solace and redemption through basketball – the sport which once defined him. Although initially reluctant, Jack accepts this position with open arms. Through it all, he discovers solace and peace of mind.

As Jack mentors the young players on his basketball team, he faces his inner turmoil head-on and begins an unexpected journey of self-discovery and healing. Through the game of basketball, he not only becomes a mentor to them but also finds the strength to address both his past and any addiction issues.

“The Way Back” is an unflinching and authentic depiction of addiction, redemption and finding hope despite adversity. Ben Affleck’s compelling performance as Jack Cunningham makes for a moving and relatable viewing experience, ultimately leaving audiences with the message of resilience that they never forget that finding their path back home can happen at any age.

Forrest Gump (1994)

“Forrest Gump” depicts the extraordinary life of Forrest, an ordinary man with low intelligence but an extraordinary heart. Despite being labelled different by society and facing many hardships along his journey, Forrest eventually rises above all limitations to become an accomplished college football star, war hero, and successful businessman while remaining pure-hearted and innocent.

Trouble With The Curve (2012)

“Trouble with the Curve,” released in 2012, is an engaging sports drama film about baseball scout Gus Lobel (Clint Eastwood), who works for the Atlanta Braves baseball team. Although an expert at evaluating players, Gus now struggles with early signs of ageing, such as declining eyesight.

As Gus’s eyesight worsens, his job and future are threatened, prompting doubt within the organization about his ability to keep pace with modern football demands. In a last-ditch effort to prove himself worthy, Mickey (Amy Adams), Gus’s daughter, decides to accompany her father on a scouting trip in North Carolina.

This film delves into their complex father-daughter relationship as they navigate the baseball world, unearthing old wounds and rediscovering their bond. Along the way, they encounter Johnny Flanagan (Justin Timberlake), an exceptional young pitcher aspiring to become a broadcaster.

“Trouble with the Curve” explores talent scouting and baseball and tackles themes of family, forgiveness, and second chances. Clint Eastwood’s portrayal of Gus adds depth and authenticity, creating an emotional journey of self-discovery and healing that is beautifully depicted onscreen. With heartwarming moments interwoven throughout and thrilling action sequences, this film should not be missed by either sports enthusiasts or lovers of poignant dramas alike.

Good Will Hunting (1997)

This film centres around Will Hunting, an unlikely hero working as a janitor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology who possesses extraordinary mathematical talent. With assistance from a psychologist, Will confronts his troubled past and learns to overcome emotional barriers before realizing his full potential.

Facing the Giants (2006)

“Facing the Giants” is an inspiring sports drama movie released in 2006 that follows an underdog high school football team and their coach during their challenging journey through victory and defeat. Shiloh Christian Academy Eagles are at its centre and have experienced defeat after defeat.

Grant Taylor (Alex Kendrick) is facing not only on-field struggles but also personal and professional setbacks. As his team struggles, Coach Taylor faces increased scrutiny from parents and school officials who question his leadership ability in leading them towards victory.

Coach Taylor finds hope and renewal through faith. He embraces it by adopting a coaching philosophy centred on trust, perseverance and faith in God – challenging his players to give their all in any situation and believe in themselves no matter the result.

The film takes viewers on an emotional roller coaster as the Eagles face formidable opponents and internal conflicts. However, through perseverance and unwavering faith, they begin to see improvements and believe in themselves and their ability to achieve greatness.

“Facing the Giants” is more than just a sports movie; it is an inspiring tale of perseverance, faith, and the strength of belief. This moving film serves as an inspirational message about overcoming obstacles while finding strength from within adversity, realizing success does not only come through wins and losses on a field. Furthermore, “Facing the Giants” is an inspirational reminder that individuals and teams alike can achieve extraordinary things through faith and determination.

The Pursuit of Happiness (2006)

“The Pursuit of Happiness,” inspired by true events, follows Chris Gardner, a single father determined to provide his son with the best life possible. Though struggling through homelessness and hardships, Chris perseveres and eventually becomes an accomplished stockbroker.

23 Blast (2014)

“23 Blast,” released in 2014, is an inspiring sports drama film that follows Travis Freeman, played by Mark Hapka – an exceptional high school football player with great promise ahead of him. The movie chronicles Travis’s life from high school graduation to his professional football career.

Travis is an athlete known for his football prowess and close relationship with teammate Jerry Baker (Bram Hoover). However, tragedy strikes when Travis suddenly loses sight due to an infection from an accidental brush with bacteria, leaving him completely blind.

Travis finds adjusting to his new reality hard and struggles with coping. With support from family, friends, and Coach Farris (Stephen Lang), however, Travis finds the strength to persevere and continue playing football.

With his loved ones and community rallying behind him, Travis adapts to blindness with ease and makes a triumphant return to the football field despite seemingly impossible obstacles. This story shows that dedication, courage and teamwork can overcome insurmountable hurdles.

“23 Blast” is an engaging and inspiring tale of resilience, friendship, and the human spirit. The film showcases the tight bonds among teammates and the importance of believing in yourself even in adversity. When fueled by courage and determination, the film leaves audiences with lasting reminders of our hearts’ potential.

Rocky (1976)

This iconic film follows Rocky Balboa, an underdog boxer who earns the chance to fight against heavyweight champion Apollo Creed. Through sheer determination and resilience, Rocky proves that hard work and persistence can fulfil even improbable dreams.

Coach Carter (2005)

“Coach Carter,” released in 2005, is an entertaining and thought-provoking sports drama film that follows Ken Carter (Samuel L. Jackson). The story centres around Coach Carter’s tenure as basketball head coach at Richmond High School in California, when it became widely known for its success under him.

Carter established high expectations for his players on and off the court when he assumed coaching duties, emphasizing discipline, academic excellence, and personal accountability. To their amazement and that of their community members alike, he instituted a contract which required each player to maintain a certain grade point average to remain eligible to play.

As the team struggles to adjust to a new regime, tensions and conflicts arise. Yet, Coach Carter remains dedicated to pushing his players towards reaching their full potential as athletes and as responsible and successful individuals.

The film chronicles the social and economic struggles experienced by players from underprivileged backgrounds. Through perseverance and tireless determination, Coach Carter instils in his players an optimistic belief that they can break free from poverty to achieve greatness.

“Coach Carter” is an outstanding portrayal of leadership, mentorship and the transformative power of sports. Samuel L. Jackson’s powerful performance as Coach Carter provides depth and authenticity to this compelling character study, making the movie an engaging tale of triumph against all odds that is an important reminder that education, discipline and self-belief are indispensable tools in overcoming hardship and creating a brighter future.

A Beautiful Mind (2001)

“A Beautiful Mind” is a biographical drama depicting John Nash, an exceptional mathematician renowned for his struggle against schizophrenia and how it led him on an incredible path of achievement in his field. The movie explores this extraordinary individual as they overcome hurdles to success despite suffering through his illness.

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

“The Pursuit of Happiness” is an inspiring biographical drama movie released in 2006 based on Chris Gardner, played by Will Smith. This moving tale documents Chris’ journey as an upstart salesman determined to provide better conditions for himself and his young son.

Chris finds himself facing many hardships during the early 1980s in San Francisco. These include financial issues, homelessness and being a single parent despite all odds against him. Yet regardless of these hardships, Chris remains committed to building a better future for himself and his family.

Chris succeeds through hard work and determination to secure an unpaid internship at a top stock brokerage firm, facing immense personal and professional obstacles and ultimately attaining full-time employment that will help lift himself and his son out of poverty.

“The Pursuit of Happiness” is an inspiring film depicting human resilience and fatherly love through Will Smith’s portrayal of Chris Gardner in his pursuit of happiness and success. Will’s exceptional performance brings to life Chris Gardner’s emotions as he faces hardship in pursuit of joy and success.

“The Pursuit of Happiness” offers an inspirational reminder that perseverance, hard work and unwavering determination can overcome life’s obstacles to reach one’s goals. It has resonated with audiences worldwide who continue to find strength from it in pursuit of their paths to happiness and fulfilment.

Erin Brockovich (2000)

Based on a true story, Erin Brockovich is a legal drama that chronicles the efforts of an unemployed single mother who fights a powerful corporation polluting a small town’s water source with tireless determination and pursuit of justice to win an unprecedented legal victory for their cause.

Wild (2014)

“Wild” is an engaging and emotionally intense biographical adventure drama film released in 2014. Based on Cheryl Strayed’s memoir of her experiences on her solo hike along the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) to heal and rediscover herself.

Cheryl (Reese Witherspoon), after experiencing numerous personal tragedies and engaging in self-destructive behaviour, embarks on a gruelling 1,100-mile hike from the Mojave Desert to Washington state with no experience in long-distance hiking. Along her journey, she encounters many challenging physical and emotional obstacles.

Cheryl experiences an inner transformation as she navigates her rugged terrain and faces her inner demons, forcing her to face her past, accept her grief and embrace the strength in vulnerability.

Cheryl embarks on her trek through nature with fellow hikers and kind strangers as her support network, using its natural splendour as an avenue for self-discovery and healing.

“Wild” is an exquisite and powerful film that explores human resilience and nature’s healing power, featuring Reese Witherspoon as Cheryl Strayed, who recounts her life-altering journey. Reese’s powerful performance captures all the raw emotions and complexity associated with Cheryl’s experience as told through Reese Witherspoon’s authentic portrayal.

“Wild” leaves audiences inspired and upbeat with its powerful message of accepting our vulnerabilities, confronting our pasts and finding peace within nature. It offers hope to those looking for their path towards healing and self-discovery through inspiring storytelling that resonates deeply.

Rudy (1993)

Rudy is a sports drama centred on Rudy Ruettiger, an undersized and academically challenged teenager aspiring to play football for Notre Dame Fighting Irish despite all odds. With perseverance and dedication as his driving forces, he ultimately earned himself a spot on their roster and inspired everyone around him.

The Lucky One (2012)

“The Lucky One,” released in 2012 and based on Nicholas Sparks’ novel, is an exquisite romantic drama film that captures audiences with its compelling narrative and heartwarming romance. Zac Efron plays Logan Thibault (Luke Evans in real life), an Iraq War Veteran U.S. Marine portrayed by Zac Efron.

After experiencing a potentially life-altering event during his deployment, Logan believes an image he found of a woman saved his life. Determined to show his gratitude, Logan begins to locate this unknown individual pictured in the photograph.

He travels to Louisiana, where he meets Taylor Schilling as Beth Green. Unaware of its significance, Beth and Logan form an unexpected friendship which blossoms into a deep romance.

As their romance deepens, Logan must eventually confront the truth about the photograph and decide if revealing his secret could alter their lives forever.

“The Lucky One” is an intimate and emotionally impactful film that explores themes of fate, destiny and the power of love to mend wounds. Zac Efron’s stirring portrayal as a soldier seeking redemption contrasted with Taylor Schilling’s nuanced performance as an individual attempting to cope with her past creates an unforgettable and realistic on-screen bond that resonates with viewers across multiple viewings.

“The Lucky One”‘s picturesque setting and moving storyline immerse viewers in an emotionally stirring tale of love, forgiveness, and second chances. At its conclusion, viewers gain a profound appreciation for serendipitous encounters that bring people together and for love’s transformative power to heal hearts and offer hope.

Life of Pi (2012)

“Life of Pi” is an exquisite adventure drama which follows Pi Patel, a young man who survives a shipwreck only to be stranded on an isolated lifeboat with Richard Parker, an Asian Bengal Tiger. The film shows Pi’s incredible resilience and ability to find hope and beauty even in difficult circumstances.

The Pursuit of Love (2021)

This period drama miniseries follows Linda Radlett, an adventurous young woman searching for love and happiness after World War II. Over time she encounters love, loss, and self-discovery and makes decisions which impact her destiny in profound ways.

The Imitation Game (2014)

“The Imitation Game” (2014) will explore Alan Turing, an extraordinary mathematician and codebreaker during World War II. It also sheds light on his struggles as an out gay man living in an environment which does not readily accept or understand him.

The King’s Speech (2010)

“The King’s Speech” depicts King George VI as he works to overcome a severe stammer with help from speech therapy, leading him down a journey towards finding his voice and inspiring his nation. Set against an uncertain political backdrop, “The King’s Speech” follows this epic adventure.

October Sky (1999)

Homer Hickam, son of a coal miner and passionate about rocketry, dreams of becoming one. But his dreams may face opposition from his father and being challenged by small-town life; still, Homer remains committed to his desire.

Hidden Figures (2016)

“Hidden Figures” illuminates the untold story of three African-American female mathematicians who played key roles in NASA’s early space missions yet faced discrimination and prejudice as part of their jobs. The film celebrates their intellect, determination and resilience despite harassment and prejudice.

Soul (2020)

“Soul” is an animated feature film which follows Joe Gardner, a middle school band teacher and jazz musician aspiring to a successful musical career. After an accident separates his soul from his body, Joe embarks on an adventurous journey into the afterlife, where he discovers life’s true purpose and finds passion through pursuit.

Remember The Titans (2000)

“Remember the Titans,” released in 2000, is an engaging and inspirational sports drama film. Set during the early 1970s in Alexandria, Virginia’s T.C. Williams Titans football team’s transition into integration, as players, coaches and community members grapple with desegregation challenges together.

Coach Herman Boone (Denzel Washington), appointed by the Titans football club amid their racial divisions as head coach, strives to build teamwork among his racially diverse squad and lead them toward victory on the football field.

The film chronicles the Titans players’ struggles, growth and friendships as they work to put aside differences and work as one team. Through hard work and mutual respect, these dedicated individuals eventually overcome all odds to become unstoppable forces within the sport and an example of unity for a divided community.

“Remember the Titans” is an engaging sports film and heartwarming tale about friendship, leadership and the ability to come together towards common goals. The movie’s powerful message emphasizes breaking down barriers and welcoming diversity for a better, more harmonious world.

We Are Marshall (2006)

“We Are Marshall” was released as a sports drama film in 2006 and is based on true events which unfolded after an unfortunate tragedy struck the Marshall University football team in Huntington, West Virginia.

In 1970, an unfortunate plane crash claimed the lives of Marshall University’s entire football team, coaching staff, and many supporters – leaving an entire community with grief. This film chronicles their aftermath as the university and the town deal with such immense grief.

David Strathairn stars as Donald Dedmon, who must choose between continuing the football program or disbanding it altogether. Determined to honour their memory by hiring Jack Lengyel (Matthew McConaughey). Together they set about rebuilding it from scratch.

As Coach Lengyel takes on the seemingly impossible task of creating a new team, he faces numerous hurdles on and off the field. The film beautifully portrays the resilience of the human spirit as both team members and the community come together to heal, unify, and honour those they’ve lost.

“We Are Marshall” is an emotional tribute to the strength of community in times of hardship and to sports’ ability to bring people together. Through captivating performances by its cast, the film captures the emotional journey of rebuilding hope after unimaginable tragedy – an upbeat tale about determination, courage, and unbreakable bonds formed through sport.


“Blind Side-like movies” provide us with more than entertainment; they serve as powerful reminders of the strength and resilience of the human spirit. These films capture the essence of human struggle, determination and resilience – leaving us inspired and moved. These stories show that anything is achievable with courage and persistence, from personal obstacles to social barriers or even cosmic mysteries.

Are these movies suitable for all age groups?

While most of these movies have a broad audience appeal, some may contain themes or content more suitable for mature viewers. Parents should exercise discretion based on the movie’s ratings and content warnings.

Do these movies always have a happy ending?

While many of these films have uplifting and triumphant conclusions, some may have bittersweet or open-ended resolutions that offer valuable life lessons.

Are “blind side like movies” only limited to sports-themed stories?

No, while some of these movies revolve around sports, the genre encompasses various life aspects, such as personal growth, relationships, and overcoming adversities in diverse settings.

Can I watch these movies with my family?

Absolutely! Many of these movies are family-friendly and can be enjoyed together with loved ones.

Are there any recent releases in the “blind side like movies” genre?

Yes, “The Pursuit of Love” (2021) and “Soul” (2020) are relatively recent films that fit the “blind side like” category, showcasing inspiring stories of resilience and self-discovery.