All Selma Blair Movies List in order: From 1999 till Date


Selma Blair Movies List

Selma Blair has long graced Hollywood’s silver screen with her exceptional performances, from her breakout role to more recent endeavors. From emotional roles like her breakout one to characters she played later on in her filmography – her filmography represents an impressive range of emotions. We will delve into Selma Blair’s captivating journey in cinema by examining some of her memorable roles and impact on Hollywood.

FilmRelease dateDurationBudgetBox officeRating
Cruel IntentionsMarch 31, 199997 minutes$14 million$76.3 million6.8/10
StorytellingSeptember 28, 200187 minutes$10 million$23.7 million6.9/10
Legally BlondeJune 13, 200196 minutes$45 million$141.8 million7.2/10
Kill Me LaterOctober 12, 200189 minutes$15 million$13.9 million6.1/10
The Sweetest ThingSeptember 13, 200290 minutes$35 million$57.1 million6.2/10
A Guy ThingFebruary 14, 200390 minutes$20 million$38.2 million5.9/10
HellboyApril 12, 2004120 minutes$85 million$160.1 million6.7/10
A Dirty ShameOctober 1, 200490 minutes$20 million$7.9 million5.4/10
The FogSeptember 22, 200595 minutes$35 million$35.8 million5.2/10
Purple VioletsSeptember 21, 2007101 minutes$12 million$12.3 million6.5/10
The Poker HouseJanuary 24, 2008111 minutes$15 million$3.6 million6.3/10
My Mom’s New BoyfriendMarch 7, 200889 minutes$15 million$10.1 million5.4/10
Hellboy II: The Golden ArmyJuly 11, 2008120 minutes$85 million$160.1 million6.7/10
Mothers and DaughtersAugust 19, 201695 minutes$5 million$1.2 million5.3/10
Mom and DadSeptember 8, 201783 minutes$12 million$12.1 million5.2/10
Another LifeJuly 25, 2019 – October 27, 202146 minutes$10 million$11.4 million6.7/10
AfterApril 12, 2019118 minutes$14 million$69.7 million6.3/10
Introducing, Selma BlairSeptember 10, 202188 minutes$10 million$2.2 million7.1/10
The Great Illusionist (Upcoming)202390 minutes$15 millionTBDTBD
Selma Blair Movies List

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Early Life and Career Beginnings

Selma Blair Beitner was born June 23, 1972, in Southfield, Michigan. Taking an early interest in performing and arts-related areas such as theater and acting classes at her Michigan college, Selma went on to conquer the entertainment industry through various ventures and jobs in acting.

Selma Blair Movies List

Selma Blair Movies List in detail

Cruel Intentions (1999)

Selma Blair made her first breakthrough role appearance in 1999’s “Cruel Intentions,” an iconic teen drama film where she played Cecile Caldwell. This performance received wide acclaim and established the groundwork for future success for Selma.

Storytelling (2001)

Selma Blair admits she was scared to play Vi in Todd Solondz’s 2001 film Storytelling. This two-part film features Vi in part 1, “Fiction,” as a graduate student who dates an undergrad student with cerebral palsy while attending a creative writing class led by Mr. Scott (an accomplished black author).

Legally Blonde (2001)

Selma Blair gave her all as Vivian Kensington, Elle Woods’ academic rival and Warner Huntington III’s fiancee in this comedy classic. Her portrayal added depth and texture to an already compelling narrative.

Kill me Later (2001)

Selma Blair played Shawn Holloway in the 2001 film Kill Me Later. Her performance of Shawn was highly acclaimed and was considered one of the standout performances from that year.

Shawn, Shawn is having an affair with her married boss, who is expecting their child together, which leaves her devastated. To commit suicide, she goes up onto the roof of the bank where they work but is interrupted by a bank robbery where one of the robbers, Charlie Anders (Max Beesley), takes Shawn hostage and forces her to help him escape.

Shawn initially hesitates to help Charlie but eventually agrees. During their travels together, she begins to develop feelings for him but remains wary as she knows that staying with him could jeopardize her life.

Shawn makes the difficult choice to leave Charlie behind and pursue life on her terms, still feeling suicidal but determined to find ways to survive.

The Sweetest Thing (2002)

Selma Blair shines in “The Sweetest Thing,” playing sweet and slightly neurotic Jane Burns with comedic timing and charm that brings her character to life.

A Guy Thing (2003)

Selma Blair played Karen Cooper, Becky Jackson’s (Julia Stiles) best friend. Karen is outgoing, confident and protective – determined to help Becky reunite with ex-flame Paul Morse (Jason Lee).

Hellboy (2004)

Selma Blair made an unforgettable impression as Liz Sherman, a pyrokinetic paranormal investigator, in “Hellboy.” Her portrayal added emotional depth to the superhero movie.

A Dirty Shame (2004)

Selma Blair made her mark as Caprice Stickles, a recovering sexual addict played by John Waters. Her fearlessness and devotion to her craft were prominent features in this humorous comedy film.

The Fog (2005)

Selma Blair stars as Stevie Wayne, a radio DJ caught up in paranormal happenings. Her ability to elicit emotions made the character more relatable while adding a suspenseful atmosphere to this horror flick.

Purple Violets (2007)

Selma Blair played the part of Patti Peterson in 2007’s Purple Violets. Patti is an ambitious writer struggling to balance her professional and personal lives – her husband’s unfaithfulness has strained their marriage, while creative inspiration seems impossible.

Patti is reminded of her dream to become a successful writer when she encounters Brian Callahan (Patrick Wilson), an award-winning crime novelist, who encourages Patti to pursue writing. Brian gives Patti the confidence to return to writing again.

Patti and Brian enter an uncertain romance, both fearful of being hurt again. By helping each other cope with personal struggles while at the same time developing as writers and individuals.

Critics praised Blair’s performance in Purple Violets as honest and vulnerable. Her depth and nuanced portrayal made Patti an engaging, relatable, and sympathetic figure.

Purple Violets was widely acclaimed for its realistic depiction of relationships and exploration of the creative process, with Blair’s performance being one of its many highlights.

The Poker House (2008)

Selma Blair earned critical acclaim for portraying Sarah, a mother struggling with addiction, in this drama film.

My Mom’s New Boyfriend (2008)

Selma Blair made her feature film debut as Emily Lott in 2008’s My Mom’s New Boyfriend, playing a selfish, entitled teenager who doesn’t approve of Antonio Banderas’ character Tommy Lucero becoming her mother’s new flame and doing everything she can to hinder their relationship. She believes he doesn’t measure up to expectations, which leads her down an antisocial path of trying to destroy it by any means necessary.

Emily is an intricate and challenging character, and critics widely lauded Blair for her performances as Emily. Her approach added humor and pathos to Emily, helping make her relatable and endearing.

My Mom’s New Boyfriend received high marks for its humor and exploration of family dynamics. Blair shines brightest as one of its stars, making this film entertaining and well-made.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)

Selma Blair returned as Liz Sherman in the sequel and further solidified her place within this popular franchise while demonstrating her ability to reprise complex roles.

Mothers and Daughters (2016)

Selma Blair played Rigby in this emotionally charged drama that explored mother-daughter bonds.Selma Blair brought authenticity and emotion to this romantic drama by portraying Carol Young.

Mom and Dad (2017)

Selma Blair played Kendall in 2017’s Mom and Dad film. Kendall is an angry mother possessed by an urge to kill her children. She is one of many parents who suddenly feel driven to turn violent toward their own offspring due to an unknown mass hysteria that causes violent outbursts against them and their offspring.

Critics were highly applauded for Blair’s performance in Mom and Dad. Critics noted her ability to tap into our primal fear of parental violence while giving Kendall depth and nuance as a sympathetic and terrifying character.

The film received critical acclaim for its dark humor and exploration of human nature’s darker aspects.

Another Life (2019-2021)

Selma Blair made her television debut as Harper Glass in “Another Life,” demonstrating her versatility across various mediums.

After (2019)

Selma Blair played Carol Young in the 2019 movie After. Carol is Tessa Young’s (Josephine Langford), who is struggling to raise her daughter independently. Selma played Carol as an unmarried mother who is struggling with raising Tessa on her own.

Carol is an intricate character, and critics widely lauded Blair for her profound and nuanced performance of her. Her comic timing, combined with pathos, made Carol an engaging and relatable persona.

After being lauded for its humor and exploration of family dynamics, Blair’s performance stands out among the many highlights in this thoughtful and enjoyable film.

Introducing, Selma Blair (2021)

Selma Blair shared her experiences living with multiple sclerosis openly and honestly in this touching documentary, inspiring thousands with her courage and resilience.

The Great Illusionist (Upcoming)

Selma Blair fans eagerly anticipate her role as Lulu in “The Great Illusionist.”


Selma Blair’s filmography shows her remarkable talent and range as an actress. From iconic teenage dramas to emotionally stirring performances, her presence on screen remains captivating and engaging.

What is Selma Blair’s most famous role?

Selma Blair’s most famous role is arguably Cecile Caldwell in “Cruel Intentions.”

Did Selma Blair win any awards for her performances?

Yes, Selma Blair has received several accolades and nominations for her outstanding performances throughout her career.

When did Selma Blair reveal her multiple sclerosis diagnosis?

Selma Blair revealed her multiple sclerosis diagnosis to the public in 2018.

Is Selma Blair involved in any charitable work?

Yes, Selma Blair is actively involved in raising awareness and funds for multiple sclerosis research and other charitable causes.

Are there any upcoming projects for Selma Blair?

Blindspotting (TV series) and Pretty Mess (TV series) are upcoming projects of Selma Blair.