Bradley Cooper insulted a director at a party


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Bradley Cooper insulted a Holywood director by saying ” Go f… yourself” because the director was commenting that he didn’t deserve his number of Oscars.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper has said that a well-known filmmaker previously made fun of him for receiving seven nominations for the Academy Awards. Becoming an actor or actress is a challenging profession. It is not easy to get to a point where so many others have succeeded getting there. One goes through a lot of different things throughout their life, some of which include rejections, criticism, trolls, and scandals.

That is not at all unusual for Cooper, who is divulging secrets from his past involving a negative encounter he had with a Hollywood director. For those who are unaware, Bradley is a gifted actor who has been in many critically praised films, including “A Star Is Born,” “Silver Linings Playbook,” “Licorice Pizza,” and a number of other films.

During his appearance on the podcast SmartLess, which is hosted by actors Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett, the actor recalled an event that occurred during the awards season campaign for A Star is Born that included a prominent director. At that time, Bradley Cooper had seven nominations for the Academy Awards, but his friend and a fellow actress, who was joining him at the celebration, had just three nominations.

Bradley Cooper was asked by an unidentified director the following question: “What universe are we living in when you get seven nominations, and she’s only got three?” “Dude, why are you such an a-hole?” I’m like saying to him. The actor from The Hangover retold the story. “I will never in the name of f…king hell forget it. “Go f yourself,” he instructed after that. The fact that this is not the first time Cooper has been criticized for his Oscar nominations was disclosed by Cooper.

He detailed yet another occasion in which a Hollywood star confronted him about his nominations around the time when his film Silver Lining Playbook was made available to the public. Cooper has shown that he is a good actor, producer, and writer, in spite of what others have to say about him.

The year 2021 marked Bradley Cooper’s last appearance in the Nightmare Alley series. Currently, he is scheduled to make appearances as Rocket in the next films Thor: Love and Thunder and Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Carey Mulligan, the actor will also play a prominent role in the upcoming Netflix film “Maestro.”

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