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Daniel Breland

Daniel Breland was born and raised in New Jersey. Growing up in a musically inclined family and being exposed to different genres of music from an early age, Breland began showing great promise in singing, songwriting, and playing various instruments, setting him on his path to future success in the music industry.

Musical Influences

Breland was inspired by an eclectic range of genres while growing up, such as country, hip-hop, R&B, gospel rock and beyond. These different influences allowed him to combine styles into his signature sound – creating something fresh and innovative that resonated with listeners of all backgrounds.

Full NameDaniel Gerard Breland
Date of Birth18 July 1995
Age27 years old
Occupationsinger, song writer, record producer
Place of BirthBurlington Township, New Jersey, United States
ParentsGerard Breland and Tonya
SiblingsAbigail Breslin, Spencer Breslin and Ryan Breslin
Relationship StatusSingle
EducationGeorgetown University
GenresCountry Rap, R&B, Gospel, Soul
Record LabelAtlantic Records
Net Worth$3.5 Million
Breland Biography

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Daniel Breland
Daniel Breland

Breakthrough with “My Truck”

Breland made his mark with his debut single, “My Truck,” released in 2019. The song quickly found favour across social media channels. It quickly went viral, showcasing Breland’s ability to fuse traditional country melodies with modern hip-hop beats for maximum audience appeal worldwide. It’s infectious energy and catchy lyrics propelled Breland into prominence and cemented him as an industry pioneer.

Exploring Breland’s Songs

Breland has released many memorable tracks over his career, so let’s take a closer look at a selection of his best-known tunes:

  • “My Truck” by Breland remains one of her best-known songs, becoming an anthem that effortlessly blends country storytelling with contemporary production elements. The song’s popularity proves her ability to bridge genre gaps and reach country music fans and hip-hop listeners alike.
  • “Cross Country” by Breland stands out among his discography as an unforgettable track, showcasing his vocal prowess and songwriting ability. Boasting infectious melodies and passionate lyrics, “Cross Country” cemented Breland’s reputation as an all-around artist with wide-ranging talents.
  • “Horserider” by Breland is an engaging blend of country, hip-hop, and trap influences that showcases his ability to experiment with sound design while challenging boundaries – creating an unforgettable listening experience for his listeners.
  • “In the Woulds” is a collaborative song created by Breland, Blanco Brown, and Lauren Alaina that seamlessly fuses elements from country, rap, and pop music genres – highlighting his collaborative spirit and talent for crafting genre-bending compositions.
  • “Throw It Back” by Breland showcases his ability to infuse energy and charisma into his music, with infectious hooks and dynamic production making it a standout addition to his discography, cementing him as one of the industry’s rising stars.

Notable Albums

Breland has released several notable albums that showcase his artistic development and versatility. Let’s examine one of them now.

  • “Cross Country”, released by Breland in 2017, is another remarkable album to showcase his versatility as an innovative force in music. Boasting captivating lyrics and infectious melodies, “Cross Country” solidifies Breland as one of the music industry’s leading voices.

Musical Style and Innovation

Breland’s music stands out for its diverse fusion of genres. He seamlessly fuses country, hip-hop, and R&B without breaking tradition or defying genre norms. Breland’s ability to craft infectious melodies, passionate lyrics, and engaging performances showcases his talent while setting him apart from his contemporaries.

Collaborations and Achievements

Breland has collaborated with esteemed artists over his career and reached significant milestones. These collaborations span various genres and genres, demonstrating his adaptability as an artist. Furthermore, his unique approach to music has garnered him critical acclaim and multiple award nominations.

Impact and Future Prospects

Breland has left an indelible mark on the music industry. By creating an accessible bridge between country and hip-hop music genres, he has attracted an expansive fan base while giving genre-blending artists space to thrive. As his career develops, Breland looks set to leave an ever-stronger imprint on music history. His prospects look promising, as his influence on musical trends may increase further.

17 facts about breland

  1. Breland is an American singer-songwriter with extensive knowledge in hip hop and country music genres.
  2. Daniel Breland was born on July 18, 1995 in New Jersey (United States).
  3. Breland shot to prominence with the release of “My Truck”, his groundbreaking single from 2020 that combined hip-hop and country influences.
  4. Early on, he discovered his love of music and began performing vocal and piano performances at church services.
  5. Breland completed his degree in Theology from Georgetown University.
  6. In 2020, he signed a record contract with Bad Realm Records (an imprint of Atlantic Records).
  7. Breland’s music deftly blends country, hip-hop and R&B into an accessible sound that goes beyond genre conventions.
  8. His extraordinary vocal range and skill in seamlessly merging musical genres have won him widespread adoration from fans.
  9. Breland has an exquisite voice, and has demonstrated her skillful songwriting through writing for other artists.
  10. Breland’s musical tastes have been heavily shaped by Lil Wayne, Drake, Sam Hunt, and Tim McGraw.
  11. He has worked with numerous acclaimed artists, such as Keith Urban on “Out the Cage” and Nelly on “My Truck”.
  12. Breland explores identity, race and cultural fusion through his music – reflecting his experiences as a biracial musician.
  13. TikTok users have given him high praise for his innovative musical mashups, garnering wide acclaim on this platform.
  14. Breland released her debut EP “Blessed & Free” in 2021, boasting country and hip-hop-influenced songs.
  15. He has played at multiple music festivals throughout the US, such as CMA Fest and Stagecoach Festival.
  16. Breland’s music has earned her much praise from critics, with her ability to combine genres seamlessly.
  17. His fans stay informed of his musical journey, upcoming projects and social media activity via periodic email or social media updates from him.


Breland’s journey from New Jersey to becoming a rising star in the music industry is a testament to his talent, determination and ability to push boundaries. Through his unique blend of country, hip-hop, and R&B music, he has earned worldwide appreciation from listeners worldwide and is making waves within his genre-defying music. With continued innovation – as he creates cutting-edge genre-defying tracks – his influence on this industry will remain for years.