Cast of The Killer 2023: Who’s in This Must-Watch Thriller


Cast of The Killer 2023

The Killer,” David Fincher’s highly anticipated thriller, will engage audiences with its compelling narrative, gorgeous visuals, and robust cast. The story centers around an assassin who decides to quit his profession after an unfortunate near miss with one of his targets. However, when his former employers locate him and track him down again, he must return on the run, unleashing his lethal skills again.

Release Date: November 10, 2023 (USA)

Director: David Fincher


  • Michael Fassbender as The Killer
  • Tilda Swinton as The Expert
  • Charles Parnell as The Lawyer
  • Kerry O’Malley as Dolores
  • Gabriel Polanco as Leo
  • Emiliano Pernía as Marcus
  • Endre Hules as The Target
  • Monique Ganderton as The Dominatrix
  • Jack Kesy as The Salesman


  • The Killer: A professional assassin who is determined to walk away from his deadly profession.
  • The Expert: A fellow assassin known for her skills and ruthlessness.
  • The Lawyer: The killer’s handler, posing as a lawyer.
  • Dolores: An office administrator working for the lawyer.
  • Leo: A taxi driver.
  • Marcus: Magdala’s brother.
  • The Target: The killer’s next target.
  • The Dominatrix: A woman who runs a dominatrix club.
  • The Salesman: A man who sells weapons to the killer.
Cast of The Killer 2023

Michael Fassbender: An Expert in Transformation

Academy Award nominee Michael Fassbender leads the cast who delivers an electrifying performance as the titular assassin. Fassbender excels at portraying complex and conflicted characters – he captures both his killer’s cruelty and their inner struggles with guilt and remorse with remarkable depth and nuance.

Tilda Swinton Is an Unstoppable Force

Tilda Swinton brings her trademark mix of intelligence, intensity, and charisma to the role of The Expert as she makes their relationship both captivating and lethal on-screen. Their chemistry together is undeniable – adding extra intrigue and tension!

Charles Parnell: An Experienced Veteran

Charles Parnell brings immense gravitas and menace to his role of Hodges, the killer’s handler posing as a lawyer. Parnell’s presence gives Hodges an aura of authority and danger, making him a formidable reality in his life and that of Hodges himself. Parnell’s performance adds depth and complexity to this film’s power dynamics and loyalty exploration.

Kerry O’Malley: An Emerging Star

Kerry O’Malley excels as Dolores, an office administrator working for Hodges. O’Malley brings vulnerability and humanity to her role, creating a sympathetic and likable character amidst the film’s grimy world. Her performance adds emotional depth to the tale.

An Ensemble Cast of Talented Performers

The supporting cast of “The Killer” includes an outstanding ensemble, led by Gabriel Polanco’s Leo, a taxi driver; Emiliano Pernia as Marcus (Magdala’s brother); Endre Hules as The Target; Monique Ganderton as The Dominatrix and Jack Kesy as The Salesman – each contributing exceptional performances to create an immersive and compelling narrative.

A Cast that Delivers

“The Killer” features an ensemble cast, each member contributing their talents and creating a stunning world filled with assassins, spies, and moral dilemmas. Their performances elevate this film into something truly unforgettable – creating a thrilling cinematic experience for its audiences.

Will The Killer finally escape his deadly past?

According to the film, his past actions have left a lasting mark on his life, and former employers are unlikely to release him from them readily. As The Killer sets off on his journey towards freedom from his past, expect it to be fraught with danger and self-examination.

Will The Expert prove to be a worthy adversary for The Killer?

The Expert presents The Killer with a formidable skill and experience challenge, which she will need to overcome to be victorious in this battle. As one of the world’s premier assassins, The Expert should not be taken lightly; her ruthless killing style means she won’t be an easy opponent. To outwit The Expert and emerge victorious from their battle.

Will The Lawyer’s true motives be revealed?

The Lawyer is shrouded in mystery, adding an air of intrigue to the narrative. His actions suggest he has ulterior motives beyond simply serving The Killer, thus allowing audiences to explore his character and the reasons behind his actions in greater depth.